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HUS spoke the Goddess of the fearless eye;

And at her voice, renew'd, the Vision rose.
First, in the dawn of time, with eastern swains,
In woods, and tents, and cottages, I liv'd;
While on from plain to plain they led their flocks,
In search of clearer spring, and fresher field.
These, as increasing families disclos’d
The tender state, I taught an equal sway,
Few were offences, properties, and laws.
Beneath the rural portal, palm o'erspread,
The father-senate met. There Justice dealt,
With reason then and equity the same,
Free as the common air, her prompt decree;

yet had stain'd her sword with subject's blood.
The simpler arts were all their fimple wants
Had urg'd to light. But instant, these supply'd,
Another set of fonder wants arose,
And other arts with them of finer aim;
Till, from refining want to want impell’d,
The mind by thinking push'd her latent powers,
And life began to glow, and arts to shine.

At fort, on brutes alone the rustic war





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Launch'd the rude spear; swift, as he glar'd along,
On the grim lion, or the robber-wolf.
For then young sportive life was void of toil,
Demanding little, and with little pleas'd:
But when to manhood grown, and endless joys,
Led on by equal toils, the bcfom fir’d;
Lewd lazy rapine broke primæval peace,
And, hid in caves and idle forests drear,
From the lone pilgrim and the wandering swair,
Seiz'd what he durft nor earn. Then brother's blood
First, horrid, smoak’d on the polluted skies.
Aweful in justice, then the burning youth,
Led by their temper'd fires, on lawless men, 35
The last worst monsters of the shagsy wood,
Turn'd the keen arrow, and the sharpen'd spear.
Then war grew glorious. Ieroes then arose;
Who, scorning coward self, for others liv'd,
Toild for their ease, and for their safety bled. 40
West with the living day to Greece I came :
Earth smil'd beneath my beam : the Muse before
Sonorous flew, that low till then in woods
Had tun'd the reed, and ligh’d the shepherd's pain ;
But now, to sing heroic deeds, she swell'd

45 A nobler note, and bade the banquet burn.

For Greece my sons of Egypt I forsook :
A boafful race, that in the vain abyss
Of fabling ages lov'd to lose their fource,
And with their river trac'd it from the skies.

While there my laws alone despotic reign’d,
And king, as well as people, proud obey'd ;

I taught

I taught them science, virtue, wildom, arts ;
By poets, fages, legislators fought;
The school of polith'd life, and human-kind. 55
But when myfterious Superstition came,
And, with her civil fifter leagu’d, involv'd
In study'd darkness the desponding mind;
Then Tyrant Power the righteous fcourge unloos’d:
For yielded reason speaks the foul a llave,

Instead of useful works, like Nature's, great,
Enormous, cruel wonders cruth'd the land;
And round a tyrant's tomb, who none deferv'd,
For one vile carcass perifh'd countless lives.
Then the great Dragon, couch'd amid his floods, 65
Swellid his fierce heart, and cry'd—“ This flood is
“ 'Tis I that bid it flow."-But, undeceiv'd, [mine,
His phrenzy foon the proud blasphemer felt;
Felt that, without my fertilizing power,
Suns lost their force, and Niles o'erflow'd in vain. 70
Nought could retard me: nor the frugal state
Of rising Perfia, fober in extreme,
Beyond the pitch of man, and thence revers'd
Into luxurious waste: nor yet the ports
Of old Phoenicia ; first for letters fam'd,

75 That paint the voice, and filent speak to fight, Of arts prime source, and guardian ! by fair stars, Firft tempted out into the lonely deep; To whom I first disclos’d mechanic arts, The winds to conquer, to subdue the waves, With all the peaceful power of ruling trade; Earnest of Britain. Nor by these retain'd;


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Nor by the neighbouring land, whose palmy shore.
The silver Jordan laves. Before me lay
The promis'd Land of Arts, and urg'd my flight. 85

Hail Nature's utmost boast! unrival'd Greece!
My faireft reign! where every power benign
Conspir'd to blow the flower of human-kind,
And lavish'd all that genius can inspire.
Clear sunny climates, by the breezy main,
lönian or Ægæan, temper'd kind,
Light, airy soils. A country rich, and gay:
Broke into hills with balmy odours crown’d,
And, bright with purple harvest, joyous vales.
Mountains and streams, where verse spontaneous flow'd;
Whence deem'd by wondering men the seat of gods,
And fill the mountains and the streams of song.
All that boon Nature could luxuriant pour
Of high materials, and My restless Arts
Frame into finish'd life. How many states,
And clustering towns, and monuments of fame,
And scenes of glorious deeds, in little bounds !
From the rough tract of bending mountains, beat
Bv Adria's here, there by Ægæan waves;
To where the deep-adorning Cyclade Ifles
In thining prospect rise, and on the shore
Of farthest Crete resounds the Libyan main.

O’er all two rival cities rear'd the brow,
And balanc'd all. Spread on Eurota’s bank,
Amid a circle of soft-rising hills,
The patient Sparta one : the fober, hard,
And man-subduing city; which no shape





Felt every ardour burn : their great reward
The verdant wreathe, which sounding Pisa gave.

Hence flourish'd Greece ; and hence a race of men,
As gods by conscious future times ador'd :
In whom each virtue wore a smiling air,
Each science shed o'er life a friendly light,
Each art was nature. Spartan valour hence,
At the fam’d pass, firm as an isthmus stood;

180 And the whole eastern ocean, waving far As eye could dart it's vision, nobly check’d. While in extended battle, at the field Of Marathon, my keen Athenians drove Before their ardent band, an host of Naves. 133

Hence through the continent ten thousand Greeks Urg'd a retreat, whose glory not the prime Of victories can reach. Deserts, in vain, Oppos’d their course; and hostile lands, unknown; And dcep rapacious foods, dire-bank'd with death; And mountains, in whose jaws destruction grin'd Hunger, and toil; Armenian snows, and storms; And circling myriads still of barbarous foes. Greece in their view, and glory yet untouch'd, Their steady column pierc'd the scattering herds, 195 Which a whole empire pour’d; and held its way Triumphant, by the Sage-exalted Chief Fir'd and sustain'd. Oh, light and force of mind, Almost almighty in severe extremes ! The sea at lal from Colchian mountains seen, Kind-hearted transport round their captains threw The foldiers fond embrace; o'erflow'd their eyes


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