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and balance this precious relic of a “Birmingbam goods, exactly. I primæval world, with the last one we was exported single." secured, upon the back of yonder “ How so?" camel. We must be off ; it's growing “ A fellow made me up as a private bot.”

speculation. I came undone on board; and was near been found out, for I had

been passing for plaster-of-paris, which A gentle undulation—easy, yet un- has no bowels, you know. However, easy_sweeping, swaying, swelling-too my man buttoned me together in an high, too low, yet all soft and hushed, old pea-jacket of his own,

until he got as the heaving of the breast of a deep me ashore, and there the Arabs had sleeper. I lay on my back, pinioned, me bandaged and dated in a twink. of course, but likewise jammed close to

ling." other recumbent things — all rocking * Are there any more of us aboard away along with myself, like the low, now?" dim, wooden ceiling a few feet above “A dozen, or so. Sir Eöthen Flimsy me. Had I possessed eyes in my head, has five or six to his own share. The I could not have turned them round to rest are for the public bodies. There, see anything. As it was, my substituted that poor fellow's sick. Its well he's vision had the freedom of a swivel. I tight, or we might be in a bad way." perceived that we were a family-party " What a glorious thing the past of ancient Egyptians, amongst which I

is!" was some centuries the junior ; but, “What do you call the past ?" more than this, my glance penetrated

“ Why, three thousand years ago.". the yarn next me, and got in through “Bless you, that's my future! I the swathings of thirty centuries to shall not be down there for half a dozen the cold-roast man inside the adjoin. centuries, or so. Read my cover, ‘King ing mummy-case. What were my feel- Menes.' ings at finding that I knew him inti. “ I was his bee-catcher, and had a mately! In fact, he and I had (in the dozen of wives to help me in the flesh) been in the habit of frequent- swarming season." ing the same coffee-house in town,

“ A-chish-o!" and had actually smoked a cigar toge- A sneeze I vow, in the treble clef, ther towards dúsk (not being particu- from yonder mummy. See, a lady is in larly flush in wardrobe) under the the case. Excuse us, madam, if we have Opera Colonnade, not a week previous been a little lax, or so."

what shall I call it? mum. “Oh, dear! they've put me in the mification, I suppose. Here we were draft of this port-hole, and I shall die now (in the pasteboard), side by side of coryza! The impossibility, too, of once more, considerably reduced in getting one's pocket-handkerchief to the flesh, but made up in linen.

one's nose !" “Hallo, neighbour!"

Surely I ought to know that “Hallo, again ; who are you?" voice! Mrs. “ Why, don't you know me?"

“Oh! breath not my name, dear " What ? why – it surely can't sir; I should never survive the disbe

closure. I was pressed, and sent to “Yes, it is though. And how are sea, like an able-bodied seaman ; and you, old fellow ?"

now return, bandaged as if I were bound “Wound up, at last.”.

for Greenwich Hospital for the rest of “ Well, it is trying, this sort of up- my life. Is there no escape from such and-down work. I suppose we are at

a fate?"

“Lady!" exclamed I, in a transport “Yes; I take it, on our way home. of gallantry, “I cannot, as you see, How did you come out?"

lay myself at your feet. Nay, I am un. “I promised not to tell. It was able even to place my hand on my cruelty to animals the way we were heart ; but if devotion the most sincere, packed."

determination the most “ Made up by the gross,


Here a sailor sat down upon my face, pose ?"

and began knocking out the ashes of • Ay, and stowed away in cases, as his pipe on the right wing of Netpé, hardware."

just where the second tier of my hiero

to my

sea ?"


glyphics began, as if there was no such the apartment to reserved seats, to thing as antiquity at all. :

have a nearer view, ayd a black board, To own that I blushed beneath the and a red arm-chair, and a president ignoble pressure of the sailcloth extre- in it; and a secretary, and gentlemen mity of the tar, would be a weakness, of the press, with flimsy paper and Nevertheless, I did feel a sense of infe- stumpy pencils; and science, and auriority; and begun to think that a great thority, and pomp, and vanity, and many thousand years do not add so very the whole parade of antiquarianism much to one's dignity as some people brought to bear imagine ; while the want of a full use

ON ME! of the toe of the right foot, in a case of Yes; there I was, laid along majestiinsult such as this, is scarcely compen- cally in the midst, pretty much like sated for by being cousin-german to the body of Julius Cæsar ; a proKing Shishak, and a lineal descendant fessor, à la Mark Antony, mounted of the sacred Bull. The fellow actually on a rostrum beside me, with a wand began to kick his heels against my ribs, in his hand ; while two acolytes stood to the tune of " Billy Taylor.” I would near, each armed with weapons of have given anything for my fair compa- gleaming significance. I was to be nion's cold, so that I could only have UNROLLED! The professor placed his sneezed. A barrel of gunpowder, I wand upon my nose, and moved it suppose, would not have done the work

down my body to my toes. The whole more effectually, He would have been

was hushed. The short-hand blown up through the quarter-deck; writers booked the evolution. and, had he come down again, would “ Here,” said he, here it is at last ! bave taken care for the future how he Behold the mummy from its Memphian came to an anchor on countenances of bed! That which hath lain silent with my dynasty. As it was, I had to sub- its secret for its cycle of centuries, in mit, and treated the fellow's familiari. the heart of the past, unbosoms itself ties with silent contempt, feeling gra- in your presence, and inakes its contified, at least, since it was to be so fession before the assembled science of (for the honour of our common nation) the nineteenth century !" that it was not my female friend he had An astounding clatter of applause selected for his sedentary attentions. followed this burst, so loud, that my

And so we moved lieavily, dreaming " Hear, hear !" was unheard. on, laid corpse-like in lengths together, You have before you, Mr. Presiheaving together, sinking together- dent, a specimen of mummification, luggage, freight, weighed by the ton, perfect in preservation, and unique in charged for as goods, chalked over, dimensions. Observe the capacity of ticketed, corded, stowed away, creak- chest ! - [Forty-two inches, tailor's ing and groaning as we heaved, and measure, I murmured, but without the straining with the straining timbers, words being caught]. Let no man damaged by bilge - water, nibbled say that there were not giants in those by rats, rubbed and chafed by hard days. If we have grown in wisdom, corners; in a word, left to ourselves, we have certainly not increased in stasave when serving for cushions to ture, since the twentieth dynasty. the sail-cloth sterns of lubberly fore- Observe, sir, how carefully and accumast-men, who evidently had the best rately they set forth the titles of the of it. Thus wedrove on, on, ever move. deceased. Here, in this running band less, though advancing, helpless masses, of hieroglyphics, any newspaper recold, damp, dead

porter (of which class I see such able

representatives in the room) could A lighted ball :—as eager a set of read the name, family, profession, savans as I have seen for a long time! age, and period. To them I appeal The whole room actually alive with to testify to the accuracy of my intercuriosity. Beaks protruding, surmount- pretations.” ed with the flash and flicker of specta- Both young men bent with double cles ; parties on benches, straining zeal over their pencils. I knew they their eyes with desperate eagerness might as well be asked to put the towards one point; nay, in the more thread of the professor's discourse distant corners, pocket-glasses in re. through the eye of Cleopatra's needle. quisition ; grandees ushered up through " The object before you," he con


2 T

tinued, “appears, from his shell, to starting up with a stentorian “Nou, have been huntsman to the high-priest then !" I made full drive at the assem. of Isis, in the reign of King Sheshouk, bly, who, falling back with the most of the twenty-second dynasty. You frantic gestures of horror and dismay, see the several symbols--the dogs and began to tumble over each other in deer—the mitre and paunch—the royal their endeavours to escape from the emblem inclosed in a circle, as much apartment. By the time the túmult as to say, all round my crown-and was at its height, I had released my the sacred ring with wings. Here is right hand; and, catching a glance of Netpè, you see, with a slight burn on my original tormentor-thé Thingher right pinion, caused, no doubt, by amongst the crowd, I rushed upon him, the close proximity of the lamp the and, seizing him by the eår, wrung it emhalıners used in the process. This violently, exclaiming individual, therefore, may have lived- “ Is it possible you've the face." may ?-nay, must have lived [I actually shook with laughter at the em

is What's all this? Why I've had á phasis) at least three thousand years devil of a queer dream! You, my ago, when, considering his profession, dear fellow ?. You, best of friends! éx. he may have helped Herodotus to kill cellent, world-famous JONATHAN FREKE the field-mice at Pelusium; have drawn SLINGSBY? Is it you who have been the cover for King Cambyses, and hunting and haunting me for the last have even whipped the hounds from six hours ?" before the feet of Bucephalus !"

“ Me!" replied that worthy person: A buzz of mingled delight and as- age. “Why, my excellent friend, it tonishment greeted this announcement, is but this instant I have dropped in, followed by cries of_“ Cut him up!" and found you fast asleep in your arm.

“ Unbox him !"_“Unroll him !" chair, with the invitation for last “ Have him out!” In the midst of night's "unrolling 'clasped firmly bewhich, the two myrmidons set to-saw, tween your fingers. You have just hammer, and chisel—and had my paste. made a desperate effort at one of my board off in a jiffey. For a moment I whiskers, which I only avoided by surfelt uncertain what to do, with my rendering an ear to your discretion." linen exposed, in its not very elegant This instant ? "Then a disputed condition, and a strong bouquet de point in the philosophy of dreams is Cleopatre about it, to the gaze of such cleared up for ever! You must know, an assembly; but at last, feeling that Jonathan, a long and intricate series of a few minutes must strip me, not only adventures has been suggested by your of my vesture, but of my honour and presence. This series has, therefore, dignity, and leave me no older than passed through my mind, and impressed the spectators, I made a desperate re- itself through all its successive combi. solve to anticipate the result, and take nations, in a moment of time. Dear the matter into my own hands. I Jonathan, how many questions more waiter till they had got the bandages puzzling are set at rest by simply ena little loosed about my feet, and then; countering a friend I”




We believe it was the philosophic events wbich make localities famous Dr. Samuel Johnson who wrote these in story. We note the deeds of men lines

renowned in war, in the senate, in “Whoe'er has travelled life's dull round,

literature, or in piety, who have graven Where'er his stages may have been, their names in Ireland's history. We Must sigh to think he still has found

sketch such pictures of scenery or His warmest welcome at an inn."

events as make the rivers worthy a And, without meaning to dispute the place in the DUBLIN UNIVÉRSITY MAconclusion which so eminent an authority has arrived at, we yet may venture It has already been our pleasant to doubt the universálity of the rule, es- task to guide the reader of our national pecially in warm-hearted, generous, hos periodical along the course of two of pitable Ireland. True is it the landla- the three “Sister Rivers," baving dy's smiles are ever dimpling her face ; their sources in the same district; the landlord is all urbanity; the waiters and, in Spenser's wordsmost obsequious. Yet, if one was

" All which, long sund'red, do at last accord not forced to encounter their atten.

To join in one-ere to the sea they come, tions, no person, we think, would readi. So flowing all from one, all one at last become.” ly leave the comforts of home for such

We have strayed along the banks of mercenary attentions, to say nothing of dreary coffee-rooms, wearisome bed

"First, the gentle Suire, that, making way

By sweet Clonmel, adorns rich Waterford ; chambers, tired-looking sitting rooms, The next, the stubborn Neure, whose waters grey hard pieces of soap, and tough beef- By faire Kilkenny and Rossponte bord." steaks.

And we now venture to conduct those But man is ever restless, and the

who will favour our pages with atten. stream of life flows onward. Progress tion along marks its path, and, in those days of railroads and electric wires, the pulse * The goodly Barrow, which doth hoard

Great heaps of salmon in his deep bosom ;" of human life throbs with a rapid beat. The physical frame, confined in the wherein, although we may miss some close-pent street - bound, for the of those features which gave peculiar greater portion of the year, within interest to the former rivers-though the precincts of the city-sated, it may no tiara of proud towers, as at Cashel, be, with social commune, longs for a proclaims the sovereignty of olden little rest ; pines, like a caged bird, time, or the lordly castle of the Ormond for the freedom of the country ; loves Butlers denotes the nobility of the preto cast the “quiet of a loving eye” sent—yet we promise the reader the upon the mountains, and to drink, history of the Barrow, when viewed by through ears tired of man's discourse, the mellow light of its ancient splen. the sounds which Nature hoards in all dour, with its ample store of ruined her nooks. This is our own case ; abbeys and chiefless castles, will not and we steal a way, when vacation prove devoid of deep and lasting in. allows us, to revel in our native land, terest. following the course of some historic The recorded events connected with stream, gleaning such tales as we may the history of the Barrow range from

the earliest annals of this kingdom; “ From old wellheads of haunted rille, And the heart of purple hills,

but those which possess most interest And shadowed caves of a sunny shore, for the general reader, date from the The choicest wealth of all the earth"

advent of the Anglo-Norinans, at the If not

time of the invasion. There is no lack " Jewel, or shell, or starty ore,"

of brave deeds claiming response from details of the rise and progress of ci- the martial breast, entwined with the vilisation—the spread of commerce- ivy round each ancient castle, where the mårch of refinement - the great now the battle-cry or mailed tread is

heard no more—where our footsteps The defile in which the river has its seemed multiplied by the echoes, or source is called Glen Barrow, and it our voice alone breaks the spell of flows in a direction nearly parallel to silence which holds the once populous the ridge of Cappard; it forms the courts in its thrall. Sunshine and northern and part of the eastern boudshower find ready access, where less dary of the counties, receiving as triresolute foes than Ireton and Crom. butaries the Blackwater, the Trihogue, well retreated, baffled or defeated. and the Oonass, which are not very There need be no reluctance to inves- considerable streams. It is navigable tigate the pretensions of many a war- for barges from Athy; but, before we worn tower, which now shows the de- get thus far, it may be well to notice crepitude of age ; but, like the veteran its course thither. Emerging from the soldier, plainly exhibits the scars of high society of the mountains, and many a hard-fought fray. No fear flowing by Tinnehinch, it leaves behind need be entertained, lest the charm some objects of interest to the antiquawhich imagination loves to cast round rian-in a hermit's cell near Cappard the stern old walls will be dispelled by House, and the ruins of a small church a scrutiny into its past history. Here at Rerymore. Here, in some fit of the fame of heroic deeds still lingers, caprice, the river appears to have where names famous in story mingled taken a dislike to its ancient bed: in the death-struggle—the Kavanagh and, making a sweep in the direction and De Lacy, the O'More and Fitz- of Lough Duff, as if with the intention gerald, O'Dempsy and Carew, with of paying a visit, left the old channel, others well known in the bead-roll of which is yet discernible. fame. Their deeds are chronicled in Near the borders of the King's our pages; nor are the peaceful and County it is crossed by Ballyelure learned, the good and wise, forgotten. bridge, and is now in a district bearing With the history of castled wall and the romantic name of Rosenallis, which busy town, the mountains high and is said to have derived its name from valleys lowly, the picturesque and Rossa Failgea, eldest son of Cathaoir graceful, find a place. We notice with O'More. This locality is remarkable due reverence both the chieftain's hall

for quarries of soft white sandstone, and anchorite's cell; and we pause to which hardens on exposure to air, and contemplate and note down every spot is capable of bigh polish. It is identified with past greatness. The wrought into chimney-pieces and bones of those who filled a large space hearthstones; a coarser kind used to in public estimation during life are be in much demand for flagging, but mouldering into dust; the plough, it now Carlow flags have preference. may be, has levelled the sanctuary of The village is small, containing a neat their lowly graves ; but, wherever church in good repair, and close by is mind consecrates their home as the spot an enclosed burial-ground, where those their deeds rendered remarkable, we peaceful and industrious people called have loitered on our way to pay our Quakers sleep their last sleep. Some tribute at the shrine of worth.

remains of round towers appear on the In the wild and rugged district bills around, but it is doubtful that they forming the boundary between the are of the veritable type, differing as King's and Queen's Counties, and they do from those circular stuctures rising into the lofty range of Sliabh- our eminent archæologist, Dr. Petrie, bloom Mountains, the Barrow takes has so lucidly treated of in his learned its first start into light. The work. From the neighbouring ridge northern range of these highlands is of Cappard, a portion of which rises remarkable for fertility; while, singu- to the elevation of 1,114 feet over the larly enough, the southern, though level of the sea, an extensive view is sheltered and open to the sun's warmth, obtained, embracing the entire district. is barren, and covered, for the most It commands the wild scenery of the part, with heath or coarse bent.

Sliabhbloom mountains, and long tracts These wild and bold passes occasion- of verdure, with comfortable farm. ally soar to a considerable elevation ; houses, and fine tillage-ground; these and one lofty peak bears the proud are interspersed with patches of bog title of Aso 'er-the Height of Ire- and moor. The towns of Mountland_from the generally-received idea mellick, Maryborough, Portarlington, it is the most elevated spot in the land. Monasterevan, and Mountratb, with

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