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Lord Glencore was not better known living who remembered as many as in that secluded spot, since even in two hundred labourers being daily emEngland his name was scarcely heard ployed on the grounds and gardens of of. His fortune was very limited, and the castle; and the most fabulous he had no political influence whatever, stories were told of fortunes accumulatnot possessing a seat in the upper ed by those who were lucky enough to house; so that, as he spent his life have saved the rich earnings of that abroad, he was almost totally forgotten golden period. in his own country.

Coloured as such speculations were All that Debrett could tell of him was with all the imaginative warmth of the comprised in a few lines, recording west, it was a terrible shock to such simply that he was sixth Viscount sanguine fancies, when they beheld a Glencore and Loughdooner ; born in middle-aged, sad-looking man arrive the month of February, 1802, and in a simple post-chaise, accompanied married in August, 1824, to Clarissa by his son, à child of six or seven Isabella, second daughter of Sir Guy years of age, and a single servant - a Clifford, of Wytchley, Baronet; by grim-looking old dragoon corporal, who whom he had issue, Charles Conyng neither invited intimacy nor rewarded ham Massey, born 6th June, 1828. it. It was not, indeed, for a long time There closed the notice.

that they could believe that this was Strange and quaint things are these “my lord,” and that this solitary atshort biographies, with little beyond tendant was the whole of that great the barren fact that she had lived " retinue they had so long been expectand he had died ;” and yet with all ing; nor, indeed, could any evidence the changes of this work-a-day world, less strong than Mrs. Mulcahy's, of the with its din, and turmoil, and gold- Post-office, completely satisfy them on seeking, and progress,” men cannot the subject. The address of certain letdivest themselves of reverence for ters and newspapers to the Lord Visbirth and blood, and the veneration count Glencore was, however, a testifor high descent remains an instinct of mony beyond dispute ; so that nothing humanity. Sneer, as men will, at remained but to revenge themselves “ heaven-born legislators," laugh as on the unconscious author of their selfyou may at the tenth transmitter of deception for the disappointment he a foolish face," there is something emi. gave them. This, it is true, required nently impressive in the fact of a posi- some ingenuity, for they scarcely ever tion acquired by deeds that date back saw him, nor could they ascertain a to centuries, and preserved inviolate single fact of his habits or mode of to the successor of him who fought at life. Agincourt or at Cressy. If ever this He never crossed the lough, as the religion shall be impaired, the fault be inlet of the sea, about three miles in on those who have derogated from their width, was called. He as rigidly exgreat prerogative, and forgotten to cluded the peasantry from the grounds make illustrious by example what they of the Castle; and, save an old fisherhave inherited illustrious by descent. man, who carried his letter-bag to and

When the news first reached the fro, and a few labourers in the spring neighbourhood that a lord was about and autumn, none ever invaded the to take up his residence in the Castle, forbidden precincts. the most extravagant expectations were Of course, such privacy paid its acconceived of the benefits to arise from customed penalty; and many an ex. such a source. The very humblest al. planation, of a kind little flattering, ready speculated on the advantages was circulated to account for so unhis wealth was to diffuse, and the genial an existence. Some alleged thousand little channels into which that he had committed some heavy his affluence would be directed. The crime against the State, and was perancient traditions of the place spoke of mitted to pass his life there, on the a time of boundless profusion, when condition of perpetual imprisonment; troops of mounted followers used to others, that his wife had deserted him, accompany the old barons, and when and that in his forlorn condition he had the lough itself used to be covered sought out a spot to live and die in, with boats, with the armorial bearings unnoticed and unknown; a few ascribed of Glencore floating proudly from their bis solitude to debt'; while others were mastheads. There were old men then divided in opinion between charges of misanthropy and avarice_to either of contradictions were very rapidly exwhich accusations his lonely and simple changed, and already the debate was life fully exposed him.“

waxing warm, when Mr. Craggs' auIn time, however, people grew tired thoritative voice interposed withof repeating stories to which no new “Billy Moore be blowed! I want evidence added any features of inte. to know if I can have a car and rest. They lost the zest for a scandal horse ?" which ceased to astonish, and “


“ To be sure ! why not? - who lord" was as much forgotten, and his says you can't?" chimed in a chorus. existence as unspoken of, as though “ If you go to Clifden under five the old towers had once again become hours, my name isn't Terry Lynch,” the home of the owl and the jackdaw. said an old man in rabbitskin breeches.

It was now about eight years since “ I'll engage, if Barny will give me " the lord” had taken up his abode at the blind mare, to drive him there the Castle, when one evening, a raw under four." and gusty night of December, the little “Bother !" said the rabbitskin, in skiff of the fisherman was seen standing a tone of contempt. in for shore-a sight somewhat uncom- “But where's the horse ?" cried the mon, since she always crossed the loch corporal. in time for the morning's mail.

* Ay, that's it,” said another, “ There's another man aboard, too,” « where's the horse ?" said a by-stander from the little group "Is there none to be found in the that watched the boat, as she neared village ?" asked Craggs, eagerly. the harbour; “I think it's Mr. " Divil a horse barrin' an ass. Craggs."

Barny's mare has the staggers the last “ You're right enough, Sam - it's fortnight, and Mrs. Kyle's pony broke the corporal; I know his cap, and the his two knees on Tuesday, carrying short tail of hair he wears under it. sea-weed up the rocks." What can bring him at this time o' “But I must go to Clifden; I must night ?"

be there to-night," said Craggs. " He's going to bespeak a quarter “It's on foot, then, you'll have to do of Tim Healey's beef, maybe," said it,” said the rabbitskin. one, with a grin of malicious drollery. “Lord Glencore's dangerously ill,

“Mayhap it's askin' us all to spend and needs a doctor," said the Corporal, the Christmas he'd be," said another. bursting out with a piece of most un.

“ Whisht! or he'll hear you," mut- common communicativeness. “ Is there tered a third ; and at the same instant none of you will give his horse for the sail came clattering down, and the such an errand ?" boat glided swiftly past, and entered “Arrah, musha l—it's a pity !" and a little natural creek close beneath such-like expressions of passionate imwhere they stood,

port, were muttered on all sides; but “Who has got a horse and a jaunt- no more active movement seemed to ing-car ?" cried the Corporal, as he flow from the condolence, while in a jumped on shore. “I want one for lower tone were added such expresClifden directly."

« Sorra mend him if he “It's fifteen miles - divil a less," wasn't a naygar, wouldn't be have a cried one.

horse of his own ? It's a droll lord be “ Fifteen I no, but eighteen! Kiely's is, to be begging the loan of a baste !" bridge is bruck down, and you'll have Something like a malediction arose to go by Gortnamuck."

to the Corporal's lips ; but restraining * Well, and if he has, can't he take it, and with a voice thick from passion, the cut?"

he said “ He can't.”

“ I'm ready to pay you-to pay you “ Why not? Didn't I go that way ten times over the worth of your last week ?"

“ You needn't curse the horse, any“ Well, and if you did, didn't you how," interposed Rabbitskin, while, lame your baste ?"

with a significant glance at his friends - "I wasn't the cut did it."

around him, he slyly intimated that it “It was—sure I know better-Billy would be as well to adjourn the debate Moore tould me."

-a motion as quickly obeyed as it was “ Billy's a liar !"

mooted; for in less than five minutes Such and such like comments and Craggs was standing beside the quay,

sions as,

with no other companion than a blind the ould school of physic, the humoral beggarwoman, who, perfectly regard- diagnostic, who can beat me ?" less of his distress, continued energeti- “Will you come with me across the cally to draw attention to her own. lough, and see my lord, then ?" said

"A little fippenny bit, my lord- Craggs, who was glad even of such aid the laste trifle your bonour's glory has

in his emergency. in the corner of your pocket, that “ And why not, when I lave the you'll never miss, but that'll sweeten bags?" said Billy, touching the leather ould Molly's tay to-night? There, sack as he spoke. acusbla, have pity on the dark, and If the Corporal was not without his that you may see glory."

misgivings as to the skill and compeBut Craggs did not wait for the re- tence of his companion, there was mainder, but, deep in his own thoughts, something in the fluent volubility of sauntered down towards the village. the little fellow that overawed and imAlready had the others retreated within pressed him, while his words were their homes; and now all was dark and uttered in a rich mellow voice, that cheerless along the little straggling gave them a sort of solemn persuasivestreet.

ness. “ And this is a Christian country! “Were you always on the road ?" this a land that people tell you abounds asked the Corporal, curious to learn in kindness and good-nature !" said he, some particulars of his history in an accent of sarcastic bitterness. “No sir; I was twenty things be“And who'll say the reverse ?" an.

fore I took to the bags. I was a poor swered a voice from behind; and turn. scholar for four years ; I kept school ing, he beheld the little hunch-backed in Erris; I was on' the ferry in Dublin fellow who carried the mail on foot with my fiddle for eighteen months ; from Oughterard, distance of six- and I was a bear in Liverpool for part teen miles, over a mountain, and who of a winter." was popularly known as “ Billy the “ A bear!" exclaimed Craggs. Bag," from the little leather sack, “Yes, sir. It was an Italian-one Pi. which seemed to form part of his at- po Chiassi by name—that lost his beast tire. “Who'll stand up and tell me at Manchester, and persuaded me, as I it's not a fine country in every sinse- was about the same stature, to don the for natural beauties, for antiquities, for sable, and perform in his place. After elegant men and lovely females, for quar- that I took to writin' for the papersries of marble and mines of gould?” The Skibbereen Celt- and supported

Craggs looked contemptuously at myself very well till it broke. But the figure who thus declaimed of Ire- here we are at the office, so I'll step in, land's wealth and grandeur, and, in a and get my fiddle, too, if you've no sneering tone, said

objection.” “And with such riches on every The Corporal's meditations scarcely side, why do you go bare-foot - why were of a kind to reassure him, as he are you in rags, my old fellow ?" thought over the versatile character of

“Isn't there poor everywhere? If his new friend; but the case offered the world was all gould and silver, no alternative_it was Billy or nothing what would be the precious metals -since to reach Clifden on foot would tell me that? Is it because there's a be the labour of many hours, and in little cripple like myself here, that the interval his master should be left them mountains yonder isn't of cop- utterly alone. While he was thus per, and iron, and cobalt? Come over musing, Billy reappeared, with a viowith me after I lave the bags at the lin under one arm, and a much-worn office, and I'll show you bits of every quarto under the other. one I speak of.”

“ This," said he, touching the vo“I'd rather you'd show me a doc- lume, is the Whole Art and Mystery tor, my worthy fellow," said Craggs, of Physic,' by one Falrecein, of Aquasighing

pendante; and if we don't find a cure “ I'm the nearest thing to that same for the case down here, take my word going,” replied Billy. “I can breathe for it, it's among the morba ignota, as a vein against any man in the barony.

Paracelsas says.' I can't say, that for an articular con- “Well, come along,” said Craggs, gestion of the æortic valves, or for a impatiently; and set off at a speed that, sero-pulmonic diathesis d'ye mind?- notwithstanding Billy's habits of footthat there isn't as good as me; but for travel, kept him at a sharp trot. A few minutes more saw them, with “ And smuggling, too !" added canvas spread, skimming across the Craggs." lough, towards Glencore.

Yes, sir ; brandy, and tay, and " Glencore - Glencore !” muttered pigtail, for Mister Sheares, in OughBilly once or twice to himself, as the terard." swift boat bounded through the hissing “ What became of him?" asked surf. “Did you ever hear Lady Lucy's Craggs. Lament?” And he struck a few chords “ He made a fortune and died, and with his fingers as he spoke

his son married a lady !"

“Here comes another; throw her "I care not for yon trelliced vine ; head up in the wind,” cried Craggs.

I love the dark woods on the shore, This time the order came too late ; Nor all the towers along the Rhine

for the squall struck her with the sudAre dear to me as old Glencore.

denness of a shot, and she canted over The rugged cliff, Ben-Creggan high, Re-echoing the Atlantic roar,

till her keel lay out of water, and, And mingling with the seagull's cry

when she righted, it was with the My welcome back to old Glencore." white surf boiling over her.

“She's a good boat, then, to stand “ And then there's a chorus." that,” said Billy, as he struck a light

• That's a signal to us to make for his pipe, with all the coolness of haste,” said the Corporal, pointing to a one perfectly at his ease; and Craggs, bright flame, which suddenly shot up from that very moment conceived a on the shore of the lough. Put out

favourable opinion of the little hunchan oar to leeward there, and keep her back. up to the wind.”

Now we're in the smooth water, And Billy, perceiving his minstrelsy Corporal,” cried Billy ; “ let her go a unattended to, consoled himself by little free.” humming over, for his own amuse- And, obedient to the advice, he ran ment, the remainder of his ballad.

the boat swiftly along till she entered The wind freshened as the night a small creek, so sheltered by the high grew darker, and heavy seas repeatedly lands that the water within was still broke on the bow, and swept over the as a mountain lake. boat in sprayey showers.

" You never made the passage on a “ It's that confounded song of yours worse night, I'll be bound, said has got the wind up,” said Craggs, Craggs, as he sprang on shore. angrily ; “stand by that sheet, and "Indeed and I did, then,” replied stop your croning!”

Billy. “I remember it was two days - That's an error vulgaris, attribut- before Christmas we were blown out in' to music marine disasters,” said to say in a small boat, not more than Billy, calmly; "it arose out of a mis- the half of this, and we only made the take about one Orpheus.”

west side of Arran Island after thirty“Slack off there !" cried Craggs, as six hours' beating and tacking. I a squall struck the boat, and laid her wrote an account of it for The Tyrawly almost over.

Regenerator, commencing with Billy, however, had obeyed the man- «The elemential conflict that with date promptly, and she soon righted, tremendious violence raged, ravaged, and held on her course.

and ruined the adamantine founda“I wish they'd show the light again tions of our western coast, on Tueson shore," muttered the Corporal; day, the 23rd of December “the night is black as pitch.

« Come along, come along,” said "Keep the top of the mountain a Craggs; “We've something else to little to windward, and you're all think of." right,” said Billy. “I know the lough And with this admonition, very well; I used to come here all hours, curtly bestowed, he stepped out briskly day and night, once, spearing salmon.” on the path towards Glencore.

[blocks in formation]

When the Corporal, followed by Billy, conversing in a low but eager voice entered the gloomy hall of the castle, together, who speedily turned towards they found two or three country people them, to learn if the doctor had come. “ Here's all I could get in the way turning as he went to look back towards of a doctor," said Craggs, pushing the bed, and evidently going with reBilly towards them as he spoke. luctance. “Faix, and ye might have got

6 Is it fever ?” asked the sick man, worse," muttered a very old man ; in a faint but unfaltering accent. “Billy Traynor has the lucky hand.'" " It's a kind of cerebral congestion

“How is my lord, now, Nelly?” -a matter of them membranes that's asked the Corporal of a woman who, over the brain, with, of course, febrilis with bare feet, and dressed in the generalis.” humblest fashion of the peasantry, The accentuation of these words, now appeared.

marked as it was by the strongest proHe's getting weaker and weaker, vincialism of the peasant, attracted the sir ; I believe he's sinking. I'm glad sick man's attention, and he bent upon it's Billy is come; I'd rather see him him a look at once searching and severe. than all the doctors in the country. “What are you - who are you?”

“ Follow me,” said Craggs, giving cried he, angrily. a signal to step lightly. And he led • What I am isn't so aisy to say ; the way up a narrow stone stair, with but who I am is clean beyond me." a wall on either hand. Traversing a Are you a doctor?" asked the long, low corridor, they reached a door, sick man, fiercely. at which having waited for a second or " I'm afeared I'm not, in the sense two to listen, Craggs turned the handle of a gradum universatalisa diplomia ; and entered. The room was very large but sure maybe Paracelsus himself just and lofty, and, seen in the dim light of took to it, like me, having a vocation, a small lamp upon the hearthstone, as one might say." seemed even more spacious than it was. Ring that bell,” said the other, The oaken floor was uncarpeted, and peremptorily. a very few articles of furniture occu- And Billy obeyed without speaking. pied the walls. In one corner stood “What do you mean by this Craggs?” a large bed, the heavy curtains of said the Viscount, trembling with paswhich had been gathered up on the sion ? “ Who have you brought me ? roof, the better to admit air to the sick What beggar have you picked off the

highway? Or is he the travelling fool As Billy drew nigh with cautious steps of the district ?" he perceived that, although worn and But the anger that supplied strength wasted by long illness, the patient was hitherto now

failed to impart energy, still a man in the very prime of life. and he sunk back, wasted and exhaustHis dark hair and beard, which he wore ed. The Corporal bent over him, and long, were untinged with grey, and his spoke something in a low whisper, but forehead showed no touch of age. His whether the words were heard or not, dark eyes were wide open, and his the sick man now lay still, breathing lips slightly parted, his whole features heavily. exhibiting an expression of energetic Can you do nothing for him?" action, even to wildness. Still he was asked Craggs, peevishly — “Nothing sleeping; and, as Craggs whispered, but anger him?" he seldom slept otherwise, even when "To be sure I can if you let me," in health. With all the quietness of a said Billy, producing a very ancient trained practitioner, Billy took down lancet-case of box-wood tipped with the watch that was pinned to the cur- ivory. “I'll just take a dash of blood tain and proceeded to count the pulse. from the temporial artery, to releave

“ A hundred and thirty-eight," mut- the cerebrum, and then we'll put cowld tered he, as he finished ; and then on his head, and keep him quiet.” gently displacing the bedclothes, laid And with a promptitude that showed his hand upon the heart.

at least self-confidence, he

proceeded With a long-drawn sigh, like that of to accomplish the operation, every step utter weariness, the sick man moved of which he effected skilfully and well. his head round and fixed his eyes upon “ There now," said he, feeling the him.

pulse, as the blood continued to flow “ The doctor!" said he, in a deep- freely. The circulation is relieved toned but feeble voice.

already; it's the same as opening a Craggs_leave me alone with him.” sluice in a mill-dam. He's better

And the Corporal slowly retired, already."


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