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To his behefts, and act what you disdain,
Yet nourish in your hearts the gen'rous love
Of piety and truth, no more restrain
The manly zeal ; but all


sinews move The present to reclaim, the future race improve !

Eftfoons by your joint efforts shall be quelld
Yon haughty GIANT, who fo proudly sways
A sceptre by repute alone upheld;
Who where he cannot dictate strait obeys.
Accuftom'd to conform his flattering phrase
To numbers and high-plac'd authority,
Your party he will join, your maxims praise,

And drawing after all his menial fry,
Soon teach the general voice your act to ratify.

Ne for th' atchievement of this great emprize
The want of means or counsel may ye

dread. From


TWIN-DAUGHTERS' fruitful wombs Mall rise A race of letter'd sages, deeply read In Learning's various writ: by whom y.led Through each well cultur'd plot, each beauteous grove, Where antique Wisdom whilom wont to tread,

With mingled glee and profit may ye rove, And cull each virtuous plant, each tree of knowledge prove.

LXXXVI. YourBy you

Yourselves with virtue thus and knowledge fraughi
Of what, in ancient days of good or great
Hiftorians, bards, philosophers have taught;
Join'd with whatever else of modern date
Maturer judgment, search more accurate
Discover'd have of Nature, Man, and God,
May by new laws reform the time-worn state

Of cell-bred discipline, and smoothe the road Thatleads through Learning's valeto Wisdom's bright abode.

invited to her secret bow'rs
Then shall PÆDîa reascend her throne
With vivid laurels girt and fragrant flow'rs ;
While from their forked mount descending down
Yon supercilious pedant train shall own
Her empire paramount, ere long by Her
Y-taught a lesson in their schools unknown,

“ To Learning's richest treasures to prefer “ The knowledge of the world, and man's great business there.

On this prime science, as the final end
Of all her discipline, and nurturing care,
Her eye PÆDîa fixing aye shall bend
Her every thought and effort to prepare


Her tender pupils for the various war,
Which Vice and Folly shall upon them wage,
As on the perilous march of life they fare

With prudent lore fore-arming every age 'Gainst Pleasure's treacherousjoys,and Pain'sembattled rage

Then shall my youthful fons, to Wisdom led
By fair example and ingenuous praise,
With willing feet the paths of Duty tread;
Through the world's intricate or rugged ways
Conducted by Religion's sacred rays;
Whose soul-invigorating influence
Shall purge their minds from all impure allays

Of fordid selfishness and brutal sense,
And swell th' ennobled heart with bleft benevolence.

Then also shall this emblematick pile,
By magick whilom fram'd to sympathize
With all the fortunes of this changeful isle,
Still, as my sons in fame and virtue rise,
Grow with their growth, and to th' applaudiag kies
It's radiant cross up lift; the while, to grace
The multiplying niches, fresh supplies

Of worthies shall succeed, with equal pace
Aye following their fires in virtue's glorious race.

XCI. Fir'd

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Fir'd with th' idea of her future fame
She rose majestick from her lowly sted;
While from her vivid eyes a sparkling flame
Oat-beaming, with anwonted light o'erspread
That monumental pile ; and as her head
To every front she turn'd, discover'd round
The venerable forms of heroes dead;

Who for their various merit erst renown'd,
In this bright fane of glory shrines of honour found.

On these that royal dame her ravish'd eyes
Would often feast; and ever as the spy'd
Forth from the ground the length ning firu&ure rise
With new-plac'd fiatues deck'd on every side,
Her parent-breast would swell with gen'rous pride.
And now with her in that sequeter'd plain,
The Knight awhile conftraining to abide,

She to the Fairy Youth with pleasure fain
Those sculptur’dchiefs did thew,and their great lives explain".

r Great lives explain.] I cannot forbear taking occasion from these words to make my acknowledgements to the writers of Biographia Britannica, for the pleasure and profit I have lately received from perzusing the two firfi volumes of that useful and entertaining work, of which the monumental structure above- nentioned, decorated with the fatues of great and good men, is 120 improper emblem. This work, which contains the lives of the most eminent persons, who have flourished in Great Britain and Ireland, from the earliest ages, down to the present time, appears to me, as far as


bas hitherto gone, to be executed with great fpirit, acCuracy, and judgment; and deferrves, in my opinion, to be encouraged by all, who have at heart the honour of their Country, and that of their particular families and friends ; and who can any ways afin the ingenious and laborious authors, to render as perfect as posible, a defign fo apparently calculated to serve the publick, by setting in the trueft and fullest light the characters of persons already generally, though perhaps too indiftinatly known ; and retrieving from obfcurity and oblivion, examplest of private and retired merit, which, though less glaring and oftentatious than the former, are not, however, of a less extenfirde or less beneficial influence. To those, who may happen not to have seen this repository of British glory, I cannot give a better idea of it, than in the following lines of Virgil:

Hic manus ob patriam pugnande vulnera passi;
Quique facerdotes cafti, dum vita manebat;
Quique pii rates & Phæba digna docuti;
Inventas aut qui vilam excoluere per artes ;

Quique fui memórés alios feceré merendo. to strai dona to sins

Virg. Æn. L. 6. suivat mci bogos The End of the First CANTO.

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