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HÉ fun had chas'd the mountain snow,

And kindly loos'd the frozen soil,
The melting streams began to flow,

And plowmen urg'd their annual toil.
'Twas then, amid the vocal throng

Whom nature wakes to mirth and love,
A blackbird rais!d his am'rous fong,

And thus it echo'd thro' che grove.
O faireft of the fearher'd train!

For whom I fing, for whom I burn,
Attend with pity to my Arain,

And grant my love a kind return.
for see the wintry storms are flown,
i And gentle Zephyrs fan the air ;
Let us the genial influence own,

Let us thé vernal pastime share.
The raven plames his jetty wing

To please his croaking paramour ;
The larks responsive ditries "fing,

And tell their paflion as they foar,


Bat trast me, love, the raven's wing

Is not to be compar'd with mine ; Nor can the lark fo sweetly fing

As I, who strength with sweetness join,

O! let me all thy steps attend !

I'll point new treasures to thy fight; Whether the grove thy wish befriend,

Or hedge-rows green, or meadows bright,

J'll shew my love the clearest rill

Whose streams among the pebbles ftray, These will we fip, and fip our fill,

Or on the flow'ry margin play,

I'll lead her to the thickest brake,

Impervious to the school-boy's eye; For her the plaister'd nest I'll make,

And on her downy pinions lie.

When prompted by a mother's care,

Her warmth shall form th' imprison'd young; The pleasing task I'll gladly share,

Or cheer her labours with my fang.

To bring her food I'll range the fields,

And cult the best of ev'ry kind; Whatever nature's bounty yields,

And love's afliduous care can find,

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And when my lovely mate would fray

To taste the summer sweets at large, I'll wait at home the live-long day,

And tend with care our little charge...

Then prove

with me the sweets of love, With me divide the cares of life; No bulh shall boast in all the grove

So fond a mate, so bleft a wife.


He ceas'd his song. The melting dame

With soft indulgence heard the strain SH folt, the own'd a mutual flame,

And hásted to relieve his pain.

He led her to the nuptial bow'r,

And nestled clofely to her side; The fondest bridegroom of that hour,

And the, the most delighted bride.

Next morn he wak'd her with a song,

“ Behold, he faid, the new-born day! 6 The lark his matin peal has rung,

“ Arise, my love, and come away."

Together thro' the fields they ftray'd,

And to the murm'ring riv'let's side 3 Renew'd their vows, and hopp'd and play'd, With honeft joy, and decent pride.


When oh! with grief the Musé relates

The mournful sequel of my tale ; lent by an order from the fates A gunner met them in the vale.

Alarm 'd the lover cried, My dear,

Halte, hafte away, from danger fly i Here, gunner, point thy thunder here ;

O spare my love, and let me die.

At him the gunner took his aim ;

His aiin alas was all too true :
O! had he chose some other game!

Or shot- as he was wont to do!

Divided pair! forgive the wrong,

While I with tears your fate rehearse ;
I'll join the widow's plaintive fong;
And save the lover in




The R A KE.
By a Lady in New ENGLAND.

-Video meliora proboque,
Deteriora fequor.



N open heart, a generous mind,
But palton's llars, and wild as wind :

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In theory, a judge of right;
Tho' banith'd from its practice quite;
So loose, fo prostitute of soul,
His nobler wit becomes the tool
of every importuning fool:
A thousand virtues misapply'd ;
While reason floats on pallion's tide :
The ruin of the chaste and fair ;
The parent's curse, the virgin's snare:
Whose false example leads astray
The young, the thoughtless, and the gay:
Yet, left alone to cooler thought,
He knows, he sees, he feels his fault;
He knows his fault, he feels, he views
Detesting what he most pursues :
His judgment tells him, all his gains
For fleeting joys, are lasting pains :
Reason with appetite contending,
Repenting ftill, and still offending:
Abuser of the gifts of nature,
A wretched, felf-condemning creature
He passes o'er life's ill-trod stage ;
And dies, in youth, the prey of age !
The scorn, the pity of the wise,
Who love, lament bim- and defpife !

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