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Ye spirits of the just and good,
That, eager for the blest abode,

To heav'nly mansions foar;
O! let your songs his praise display,
"Till heav'n itself shall melt away,
And time shall be no more.

Praise him, ye meek and humble train,
Ye saints, whom his decrees ordain

The boundless bliss to share ;
O! praise him, 'till ye take your way
To regions of eternal day,
And reign for ever there.

Let us, who now impaflive stand,
Aw'd by the tyrant's ftern command,

Amid the fiery blaze;
While thus we triumph in the flame,
Rise, and our Maker's love proclaim,

In hymns of endless praise.

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An 6 D E to FANCY.


By the Same.

FANCY, whose delufions vain

Sport themselves with human brain;
Rival thou of Nature's pow'r,
Can'ft, from thy exhauftlefs store,
Bid a tide of sorrow flow,
And whelm the soul in deepest woe :
Or in the twinkling of an eye,
Raise it to mirth and jollity.
Dreams and shadows by thee fand,
Taught to run at thy command,
And along the wanton air,
Flit like empty Goffimer. .
Thee, black Melancholy of yore
To the swift-wing'd Hermes bore :
From the mixture of thy line,
Different natures in thee join,
Which thou chuseft to express
By the variance of thy dress.
M 3


Now like thy fire thou lov'st to seem
Light and gay with pinions trim,
Dipt in all the dyes that glow
In the bend of Iris' bow:
Now like thy mother drear and fad,
(All in mournful vestments clad,
Cypress weeds and fable stole,)
Thou rusheft on th' affrighted foul.
Oft I feel thee coming on,
When the night hath reach'd her noon,
And darkness, partner of her reign,
Round the world hath bound her chain,

Then with measur'd step and flow,
In the church-yard path I go,
And while my outward fenfes sleep,
Loft in contemplation deep,
Sudden I ftop, and turn my ear,
And lift'ning hear, or think I hear.
First a dead and fullen found
Walks along the holy ground;
Then thro' the gloom alternate break
Groans, and the shrill screech-owl's shriek,
Lo! the moon hath hid her head,
And the graves give up their dead :
By me pass the ghaftly crowds,
Wrapt in visionary shrouds;
Maids, who died with love forlorn,
Youths, who fell by maidens' scorn,


Helpless fires and matrons old
Slain for fordid thirst of gold,
And babes who owe their shorten'd date
To cruel step-dames rathless hate;
Each their sev'ral errands go,
To haunt the wretch that wrought their woe:
From their fight the caitiff Aies,
And his heart within him dies;
While a horror damp and chill
Thro' his frozen blood doth thrill,
And his hair for


Bears itself upon his head.
When the early breath of day
Hath made the fhadows flee away ;
Still poffefs'd by thee I rove
Bofom'd in the shelt'ring grove,
There, with heart and lyre new ftrung,
Meditate the lofty song.
And if thou my voice infpire,
And with wonted frenzy fire,
Aided by thee I build the rhyme
Such, as nor the flight of time,
Nor wasting flame, nor eating show'r,
Nor lightning's blast can e'er devour,
Or if chance fome moral page
My attentive thoughts engage,
On I walk, with filent tread,
Under the think woven shade,



While the thrush, unheeded by,
Tunes her artless minstrelsy.
Lift'ning to their facred lore,
I think on ages long past o'er,
When Truth and Virtue hand in hand
Walk'd upon the smiling land.
Thence my eyes on Britain glance,
And, awaken'd from my trance,
While my busy thoughts I rear,
Oft I wipe the falling tear.
When the night again descends
And her shadowy cone extends,
O'er the fields I walk alone,
By the filence of the moon.

left I hear
Wild mufick wand'ring in the air ;
Led by the found I onward creep,
And thro' the neighb'ring hedge I peep;
There I spy the Fairy band
Dancing on the level land,
Now with step alternate bound,
Join'd in one continu'd round,
Now their plighted hands onbind,
And such tangled mazes wind
As the quick eye can scarce pursue,
And wou'd have puzzled that fam'd clue,
Which led th' Athenian's unskili'd feet
Thro’the Labyrinth of Crete.

Hark! upon my


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