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She foon forgot she was another's wife,
And granted with me to desert the plain.
Are such ensamples emong women rife?

If so, my Columbel I pe'er shall gain,
But hunt around the world, and find my labours vain.

My lips I'gan to royne in fell despite,
And forth I rushed from her false embrace,
Thro' the thick wood I wander'd day and night,
Ne met I living creature face to face :
At length a rising city far I trace ;
Thither in hopes my hafty fteps I bend.
Perchaunce, thought I, true Virtue may embrace

The courtly dome, and from the country wend.
Thus, where we least expect, we often find a friend.

At e'en the town I reach'd and eke a hall,
Which waxen tapers made as light as day;
Pair jovifaunce sat on the face of all,
And to the daunce the sprightly minstrels play,
Each seem'd as sportive as the wanton jay.
The dame, who own'd the house, was passing old,
And had, it seems that morning dealt away

To her kind grandson many bags of gold,
Who took a bonnibel to haven and to hold.

XV. The

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The bride was named Viola the fair,
The loaded rofiere is not half fo sweet.
Aye, aye, quoth I, ensamples are but rare
To find so many charms in one discreet ;

fair lass, I mean not now to treat.
The springal was in wholesom luftihed,
And him by name of Pamphilus they greet;

He was to doughty chevisance ybred,
Yet oft in courtly halls the a&tive measure led.

The auncient dame they do Avara call,
And much she hobled as she trod. the ground;
Yet many angels in her crumenal,
If fair report speaks true, were always found.
Where riches Alow there virtues too abound.
Her pannikel was as a badger grey,
And, as she walk'd the company around,

It nodded with such force, that, by my fay,
I thought it meant to fly from her old crag away..

The lofty roof was fretied o'er with gold,
And all around, the walls depeinten were
With many hiftories of times of old,
Which brought not muchel credit to the fair.


There Leda held her swan, with shoulders bare,
And here the dame of Ephefus was found,
Lick other dames, whom my kind tongue thall spare,

And here ftood Helen for her charms renown'a, Who soon her lord forfook, when she a leman found.

And many a beauteous 'dame and courtly knight
Came there the nuptials to celebrate :
Some vers’d to wing from bow the nimble Alight,
Some the near foe with brondir'n to amate;
Me too they welcome to the hall of state ;
With bel accoil they wished me to take
A round or two, and chuse me out a mate:

But my fond love which nothing could affake,
Caus’d me to fight them all, for Columbella's fake.

And now to artful steps the floor rebounds,
In graceful ease the shining beavys move,
The noice like thunder at a distance sounds.
Mean time I fat beneath a proud alcove,
And told Avara gentle tales of love.
Thought I, in eld the paflions are more tame,
And here by craft I may successful prove;

For the perforce must now be void of blame
As wife Ulyfles' wife, Penelope by Eame.

Ne wants she gelt, which oft the mind misleads
To actions which it otherwise would shun.
The courtier lythe, if right report areeds,
Will unawhap'd to seize his vantage run ;
And so will most men underneath the sun,
Or be they patriot call'd, or bard, or knight;
But when they once the gilded prize have won,

They seek to clear their name, with fame bedight: Befits to scour the steel, when rust offends the fight.

At ev'ry word I said she look'd alkaunce,
Then said, in unfoot whispers, Fye! Sir, fye!
And turn'd as tho' Me seem'd to mind the daunce,
Nathless on me she cast a languid eye:
Blist by thy form, my liefeft life, quoth I,
Cast your belgards upon an humble flave:
From love, alass! in vain my heart would fly;

Then with a word thy quailing leman fave,
For if you frown, perdie, you doom me to the grave.

It hap'd by chaunce the saw a golden heart
With flaming diamonds around beset ;
This, the whole guerdon of my tedious smart,
!, on a time, from Columbel did get.



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As fimple birds are caught in fowler's net,
And 'cause they see no danger none they fear,
Ev'n fo Avara her eyen here did set,

And turned round and whisper'd in mine ear,
Give me that di'mond heart, and be mine leman dear.

I started from the couch where I was pight,
And thus I her bespake with muchel rage,
Avaunt, thou faytor false, thou imp of night!
I hate myself, that I should thus engage,
On any terms, to treat with wrizled age.
So, forth I flung, and left the frowy witch
To share her bed with coachman, groom or page ;

The castle too I quit, mine ire was sich,
And out I set again, tho' night was dark as pitch

But did I here relate, Sir Satyranie,
The many weary miles I've travelled,
What dangers I've asfoild, yet all in vain,
(For, by my truth, but ill my days I've fped)
Your hair would stand upright upon your head.
Three hundred virtuous females side by side,
By me to Columbella must be led :
Can you

direct me where for such to ride?
cannot, in good footh, the courteous knight reply'd.

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