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Copyright, 1903, by

Frank Leslie Publishing House.

All Rights Reserved.

Few Real Boys, A.

Being the chronicle of the doings of Plupy and his friends.

The School | 239

The Fight > Judge Henry A. Shute 345

The Fishing Trip J 453

With drawings by F. R. Gruger.
First Ascent of Mt. Bryce, The fames Outram 75

Illustrated from photographs.
Girl and the Editor, The Margaret Westrup 223

With drawings by John Wolcott Adams.
Give Them a Chance Maud Ballington Booth 559

Illustrated from photographs.-
Great American Lobby, The The Editors 382

Illustrated from photographs and with a cartoon reproduced from the

the St. Louis Globe-Democrat.
Great Park Strike, The Ellis Parker Butler 603

With drawings by F. Y Cory.
Gymkhana at Milkville, The Ellis Parker Butler 127

With drawings by Fanny Y. Cory.
Heart of a Man, The Ellis Parker Butler 417

With drawings by Emilie Benson Knipe.

Harned, Virginia Adolph Klauber 510

How Cordial Relations were strained Marion Hill 550

A Story of the Pettison Twins.

With drawings by Emilie Benson Knipe.
How Dark Patrick Saved the Bank of Ireland.Seumas MacManus 332

With drawings by B. Cory Kilvert.
Isam's Strategy Harry Stillwell Edwards 355

With drawings by Florence Scovel Shinn.
Kingdom of Exile, The Justus Miles Forman 492

With drawings by Wladyslaw Benda.
King of the Northern Slope, The Edwin Carlile Litsey 425

With drawings by Charles Livingston Bull.
Laborer's Hire, The Bayard Veiller 521

The Art of Knowing How.

Illustrated from photographs.
Links in a Chain Anne Story Allen 152

With drawings by Theona Peck.
Loaded Gun, The John Luther Long 362

With drawings by John Wolcott Adams.
Marmaduke Dulcimer, Codicil Forger Henry H. Hering 287

With drawings by F. R. Gruger.
Marriage of Lit-Lit, The Jack London 461

With drawings by Cal San Ora.
Ma's Husban* Eva Williams Malone 248

With drawings by B. Cory Kilvert.
Misses Maingay, The. A Memory of Moulin. .M. A. Ballard 506

With a drawing by R. Emmett Owen.
Miss Primrose Roy Rolfe Gilson 313

With drawings by Anna Whelan Betts.


"Friends and Counsellors," May Harris; "The Monarch of Speign;" "Pound
Losers and Pound Keepers," W. H. Osborne; "Why I Went to the Foot,''
Ellis Parker Butler 95

"The Capture of Cochise Jake," N. H. Crowell; "The Cynic—and His Neigh-
bors," Eliot Kays Stone; "Boarding School Cryptography," The President of a
Young Ladies' Seminary; "An Old-Fashioned Garden," Ellis Parker Butler... 199

"The Artifice of Pap Hoggin," Harry Irving Greene; "The Ballad of the Res-
cued Princess." Alden Charles Noble; "Independence Day;" "Getting Even,"
Charles Grey Grey 303

"Kindness of Johnny Mud-Lip," Richard Barker Shelton; "The Leopard Man's
Story," Jack London; "The Raving," /. C. Dimly 408

"The Cut at Summitcut." Wightman Fletcher Melton; "The Jester;" "Argumen-
tum ad Hominem," Ada Bell IVilson; "Such Stuff as Dreams are Made of,"
May Ellis Nichols ,,,,, 512

"The Spelling Match," Norman N. Crowell; "The Climbers," Alden Charles
Noble; "Uncle Abram's Sermon," John Marshall Kelly; "My Fuhginia Gal,"
Ella Middleton Tybout 616

"Book Notes;" "The Romance Trust," Ellis Parker Butler; "Feeding Intellect's

Fires," L. C. Tulloch 101

"Book Notes;" "A Literary Intelligence Office," Carolyn Wells; "Beware of

Imitations," Jeannie Pendleton Ewing 200

"Book Notes; "Literary Changelings," Philip Loring Allen 308

"Book Notes;" "Alice in Book Land," Ellis Parker Butler; "Pervasive," Alice

Corbin 411

"Literary Notes;" "Scribblings in Old-Time School-Books," Clifton Johnson... 517
"Book Notes." 622

New Head of the Steel Trust, The Earl Mayo 486

With a portrait of William E. Corey.
New Stories by Eben Holden Irving Bachellcr 341

With a drawing by Martin Justice.
Occupation for the Unemployed. An H. G. Rhodes 576

With drawings by Will Grefe.
Off the Banks Patrick McGrath 468

Illustrated by drawings by M. J. Burns, and from photographs.
On a Cholera Ship IV. J. Lamplough 133

With a full-page drawing by F. E. Schoonover.
Our Farmer Presidents Milton E. Ailes 140

Illustrated from photographs.
Parasite. The John J. Ward 189

Illustrated from photographs.
Parson's Horse, The.. .• Mary Grout Golder 270

With a full-page drawing by Peter Newell.
Pass Creek Pastoral. A Kennett Harris 488

With drawings by R. Farrington Elwell.


Allen, Viola, as Roma, in "The Eternal City" Frontispiece for July

Andre, Eugene 209, 210, 222

Bacheller, Irving 308

Banks, Nancy Huston 412

Barrymore, Ethel, as Carrots Frontispiece for May

Bates,'Blanche, as Princess Yo San. in "The Darling of the Gods"

Frontispice for August

Barbour, Mrs. A. M 520

Booth, Maud Ballington 561

Barbour, R. H '. 101

Bellew, Kyrle Frontispiece for October and page 585

Brown, William G. H 623

Castle, Egerton 309

Castle, Agnes 309

Corey, William E 486

Farris, Frank 387

Flower, Elliott 101

Gibbs, George 208

Greaves, Richard 413

Harben. Will N 101

Hapgood, Hutchins 413

Harned, Virginia Frontispiece for September

Keller. Helen 205

Lee, John A 389

London, Jack 520

Morton, John F 386

Makin, Richard I 624

Mendes, W. H. Pereira 622

Manning, Marie 624

Overton, Gwendolen 412

Peary, Marie Ahnighito 412

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