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• There hath been put in practice in governments, these two several kinds of

policy in uniting and conjoining of states and kingdoms; the one, to retain • the ancient form Atill severed, and only conjoined in fovereignty; the other,

to Superinduce a new form, agreeable and convenient to the entire estate. · The former of these hath been more usual, but the latter is more happy.'

LORD Bacon.

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25.5.1900 KARAFT


SEVERAL Gentlemen who either heard the sub-

stance of the following Discourse when it was
delivered, or have perused it as enlarged and cor
rected for the press, have suggested that it may be
rendered more useful by the addition of an alpha-
betical Index of the principal matters discussed,
or, at least, touched upon and referred to in it.
Such an Index is accordingly subjoined to this
edition, by means whereof it is hoped the
reader will be able to turn with ease to such
particular arguments or facts, as he may wish to
make the peculiar object of his consideration. A
short Table of Contents is also prefixed, in order
to show the general plan and division of the sub-
ject; and some corrections will be found of the
text both of the English and Irish first editions.

Bruton Street,
February 6, 1800.


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