The Twin Sisters; Or, The Advantages of Religion

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J. Harris, 1807 - 208 страници

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Страница 14 - And lively cheer, of vigour born, The thoughtless day, the easy night, The spirits pure, the slumbers light That fly th
Страница 177 - True happiness is of a retired nature, and an enemy to pomp and noise; it arises, in the first place, from the enjoyment of one's self; and, in the next, from the friendship and conversation of a few select companions; it loves shade and solitude, and naturally haunts groves and fountains, fields and meadows; in short, it feels...
Страница 128 - And ev'ry action prove my thanks sincere ! Grant me, great God, a heart to Thee inclin'd: Increase my faith, and rectify my mind : Teach me betimes to tread thy sacred ways, And to thy service consecrate my days. Still as thro' life's perplexing maze I stray, Be Thou the guiding star to mark my way. Conduct the steps of my unguarded youth, And point their motions to the paths of Truth. Protect me by thy providential care, And warn my soul to shun the Tempter's snare. Thro...
Страница 208 - Who flourish'd long in tender bliss, and rear'd A numerous offspring, lovely like themselves, And good, the grace of all the country round.
Страница 170 - But if there's an hereafter— And that there is, Conscience, uninfluenc'd And suffer'd to speak out, tells every man— Then must it be an awful thing to die ; More horrid yet to die by one's own hand ! Self-murder!
Страница 147 - Go then, my Friend, nor let thy candid breast Condemn me, if I check the plausive string ; Go to the wayward world ; complete the rest ; Be, what the purest Muse would wish to sing. Be still thyself; that open path of Truth, Which led thee here, let Manhood firm pursue; Retain the sweet simplicity of Youth, And, all thy Virtue dictates, dare to do. Still scorn, with conscious pride, the mask of Art; On Vice's front let fearful Caution lour, And teach the diffident, discreeter part Of knaves that...
Страница 28 - Hail Universal Goodness ! in full stream For ever flowing Through earth, air, sea, to all things that have life; From all that live on earth, in air, and sea, The great community of nature's sons, To Thee, first Father, ceaseless praise ascend, And in the general hymn my grateful voice Be duly heard, among thy works, not least Nor lowest; with intelligence informed, To know thee and adore: with freedom crowned, Where virtue leads, to follow and be blest. Oh, whether by thy prime decree...