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The rose was in rich bloom on Sharon's Drawing clear water for his rosy lips, plains,

And softly parting clusters of jet curls When a young mother, with her First-born, To bathe his brow.

thence Went up to Zion; for the boy was vow'd

At last the Fane was reach', Unto the Temple service. By the hand The carth's One Sanctuary; and rapture She led him, and her silent soul, the while, hush'd Oft as the dewy laughter of his eye

Her bosom, as before her, thro' the day Met her sweet serious glance, rejoiced to It rose, a mountain of white marble, steep'd think

In ligbt like floating gold. But when that That aught so pure, so beautiful was hers,

hour To bring before her God.

Waned to the farewell moment, when the

boy So pass'd they on, Lifted, through rainbow-gleaming tears, his O'er Judah's hills; and wheresoe'er the eye leaves

Beseechingly to hers, and, balf in fear, of the broad sycamore made sounds at noon, Turned from the white-robed priest, and Like lulling rain-drops, or the olive-boughs, round her arm With their cool dimness, cross'd the sultry Clung even as ivy clings ; the deep-springblue

tide Of Syria's heaven, she paused, that he might of nature then swelled high; and v'er her rest;

child Yet from her own meek eyelids chased the Bending, her soul brake forth, in mingled sleep

sounds That weighed their dark fringe down, to sit Of weeping and sad song.--" Alas!" she and watch

cried, The crimson deepening o'er his cheek's repose,

Alas, my boy! thy gentle grasp is on me, As at a red flower's heart: and where a fount The briglit tears quiver in thy pleading eyes, Lay, like a twilight star,'midst palmy shades, And now fond thoughts arise,

fail me,

And silver chords again to earth have won I give thee to thy God !--the God that me,

gave thee, And like a vine thou claspest my full heart- A well-spring of deep gladness to my heart ! How shall I hence depart ?

And precious as thou art,

And pure as dew of Hermon, He shall have “How the lone paths retrace, where thou thee, wert playing

My own, my beautiful, my undefiled! So late along the mountains at my side ; And thou shalt be His child.

And I, in joyous pride, By every place of flowers my course delay- “ Therefore, farewell ! I go; my soul may

ing, Wove, e'en as pearls, the lilies round thy As the stag panteth for the water-brooks, hair,

Yearning for thy sweet looks! Beholding thee so fair!

But thou, my First-born! droop not, por

bewail me, “And, oh! the home whence thy bright smile Thou in the shadow of the Rock shalt dwell, hath parted!

The Rock of Strength-farewell !” Will it not seem as if the sunny day

Turn'd from its door away? While, through its chambers wandering, weary-hearted,

THE FIRST GRIEF. I languish for thy voice, which past me still,

HEMANS. Went like a singing rill!

“Ou! call my brother back to me, “ Under the palm-trees, thou no more shalt I cannot play alone; meet me,

The summer comes with flower and bee,When from the fount at evening I return, Where is my brother gone ?

With the full-water urn!
Nor will thy sleep's low, dove-like murmurs The butterfly is glancing bright
greet me,

Across the sun-beam's track ;
As 'midst the silence of the stars I wake, I care not now to chase its flight,-
And watch for thy dear sake!

Oh! call my brother back!

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“ And thou, will slumber's dewy cloud fall The flowers run wild-the flowers we sowed round thee,

Around our garden-tree; Without thy Mother's hand to smooth thy Our vine is drooping with its loadbed?

Oh! call him back to me!" Wilt thou not vainly spread Thine arins, when darkness as a veil bath “ He would not hear my voice, fair child ! wound thee,

He may not come to thee; To fold my neck, and lift up, in thy fear, The face that once like spring-time smiled A cry which none shall bear?

On earth no more thou'lt see,

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Nor will affection let me
Believe thou canst forget me.

Now thy kind caresses pain me,
Morn advances--let me go.

Then,-thou in heaven and I on earth,
May this one hope delight us,
That thou wilt hail my second birth,
When death shall re-unite us,
Where worlds no moré can sever
Parent and child for ever.

“See yon orient streak appearing!
Harbinger of endless day;
Hark! a voice, the darkness cheering,
Calls my new-born soul away!

Lately launch'd, a trembling stranger, On the world's wild boist'rous flood; Pierc'd with sorrows, toss'd with danger, Gladly I return to God.


“ Now my cries shall cease to grieve thee, I did but see him, and he disappeared,

Now my trembling heart find rest : I did but pluck the rose-bud, and it fell,

Kinder arms than thine receive me, A sorrow unforeseen, and scarcely fear'd,

Softer pillow than thy breast. For ill can mortals their afflictions spell.

“Weep not o'er these eyes that languish, And now, sweet babe, what can my tremb- Upward turning toward their home; ling heart

Raptur'd they'll forget all anguish,
Snggest to right my doleful fate or thee?

While they wait to see thee come.
Tears are my muse, and sorrow all my art,
So piercing groans must be thy elegy.

“ There, my mother, pleasures centre

Weeping, parting, care or wo,
Thus while no eye is witness of my moan,

Ne'er our Father's house shall enter-
I grieve thy loss (ah, boy, too dear to live!) | Morn advances—let me go.
And let the unconcerned world alone,
Who neither will, nor can refreshment give.

“ As thro' this calm, this "holy dawning,

Silent glides my parting breath, An offering too for thy sad tomb I have,

To an everlasting morning,
Too just a tribute to thy early hearse,

Gently close my eyes in death.
Receive their gasping numbers to thy grave,
The last of thy unhappy mother's verse.

• Blessings endless, richest blessings,
Pour their streams upon thy heart!

(Though no language yet possessing,)
THE CHILD'S ANSWER. Breathes my spirit ere we part.

“ Yet to leave thee sorrowing rends me, Weep not, my mother, weep not, I am blest; | Though again his voice I hear ; But must leave heaven, if I return to thee ;

Rise! may every grace attend thee; For I am where the weary are at rest,

Rise! and seek to meet me there." The wicked cease from troubling.– Come to


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