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'Twas not the moon in glory streaming 136 When we our weary limbs to rest..., 208
'Twas on the border of a stream ......

65 When with a serious musing I behold 63
'Twas twilight, for the sunless day 229 Wherefore do the heathen wage...... 206
Twice has the sun commenced his annual 120 Where now the vital energy that inov'd 47
Two of far nobler shape, erect and tall 117 Where seas of glass with gay reflection 55
Types of eternal rest, fair buds of bliss 263 Where southern suns and winds prevail 80

Which is the bappiest death to die? .. 267
UNPADING hope, when life's last ....

175 While wits thro' fiction's regions ramble 288
Unhappy White, while life was in its 254 Whoe'er like me with trembling anguish 255
Upon a rock's extremest verge

95 Who is my mother or my brelbren?.. 143
Upon the hill the Prophet stood...... 199 Whom call we gay? that honour long 168

Wbose imp art thou with dimpled cheek 119
Wanton drole whose harmless play.. 77 Whose is that sword, that voice? 212
Weep not my mother, weep not

Who shall avenge the slave ?

What hid'st thou in thy treasure caves 94 Why wakes that moan of deep distress ? 207
What is it that gives thee mild queen 111 Winter' bas a joy for me ............

What is life? a rapid stream

266 Wisdom is humble, says the voice.... 295
What is the world ? a wildering maze 129 With drooping bells of clearest blue.. 63
What suns have shone, what storms .. 292 With him his noblest gons might not.. 117
When all thy mercies, O my God.... 32 With him went Doubt, staggering

When beechen buds begin to swell 58 Within this awful volume lies... 129
Whene'er we climb the mountain's head 12 Wo and wailing sball be o'er tben.... 279
When forced to part from those we love 239
When I have seen thy snowy wing .. 80 Ye flaming powers and winged warriors 141
When I consider how my light is spent 235 Ye humble souls that seek the Lord.. 159
When I remeinber Christ our burden 156 Ye nympbs of Solyma begin the song 132
When Jordan hush'd his waters still .. 140 Ye subjects of the Lord proclain 164
When life is forgot and night hath power 195 Yes! there are real mourners ........ 250
When marshall'd on the nightly plain 141 Ye stars! bright legions that before .. 113
When my breast labours with oppressive 35 Yet let me in some odorous shade.... 54
When on Sinai's top I see

150 Yet once more and once more awake. 137
When spring unlocks the flowers 185 Ye viewless minstrels of the sky 103
When the first day-beam bless'd the sky 104 Youth is the vision of a inorn........

When thro' the torn sail the wild tempest 146



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His Being and Perfections

CREATION described

Beauties and Glories of

Mysterious, kind, and universal

The Seasons of the Year
Trees, Flowers, and Insects
Birdy and Beasts
Amphibious Animals and Fishes
Local Scenery
Rivers, Seas, and Mountains
Winds, Clouds, &c.

Heavenly Bodies

Adam and Eve
Childhood, Youth, and Manhood

Evil Passions, &c.

The value and truth of the Scriptures
The scheme and wonders of Redemption
Jesus Christ

The Holy Spirit

Christian Life, graces and privilege

Pestilence and Earthquake
War and Shipwreck
Solitude and Blindness
Melancholy and Madness
Sickness and Domnestic Bereavements

Elegies and Epitaphs

Nature and Influence of Time
Morning and Evening
Death and Judgment


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Page 91_" Treasures of the Deep,” first line,--dele and.

121-second column, thirty-first line,-for your, read their.

[blocks in formation]

He moulded in his palm the world, Thy captious reasonings can destroy
And hung it in the sky.

The truth that fills my heart with joy?

Vain sophist : see what forms arise Let us make man !--With beauty clad, Enrob’d in light before thine eyes ; And health in ev'ry vein;

Mark how the vivid planets roll, And reason thron'd upon his brow,

In order fix'd from pole to pole; Stepp'd forth majestic man.

Led by the moon, whose silver beam,

Trembles in beauty o'er the stream.
Around he turns his wand'ring eyes,
All nature's works surveys !

The sun, refulgent orb of day,
Admires the earth, the skies, bimself! His golden glories does display,
And tries his tongue in praise.

When he reveals the fields, the wood,

Or flames across the ocean flood; Ye hills and vales, ye meads and woods, But when he sinks behind the hills, Bright sun, and glittring stars,

And chaos-gloom creation fills, Fair creatures, tell me, if you can,

Whose voice shall bid the monarch rise, From whence, and what I am ?

And rule again these azure skies?

His that awakes the ruddy morn, What parent power, all great and good, Unveils the light, and worlds are born.

Do these around me own? Tell me, creation, tell me how

Great Source of light, and life, and love, T'adore the vast unknown.

For me Thou bid'st the seasons move;
For me the trees and flowers unfold
Their rainbow-tints, and fruits of gold;
The bearded corn adorns tbe field,
The streams their limpid waters yield;

The morning light, the evening shade, FROM THE FRENCH OF ASSELIN.

For me alternate rise and fade:
Great God! whose essence pure, divine, Thou didst iny soul o'erflow with joy ;-
Doth comprehend immensity!

O let thy praise my lips employ.
Past, present, future, all combine,
To form Thy vast eternity !

My spirit would thy wonders trace
Thy works, magnificent and grand, Thro' yonder ether-realms of space;
Bear the bright impress of thy hand : Would fly on some bright cherub's wings
The earth, in all its rich attire;

Beyond these transitory things.
The heavens, with all their globes of fire; Earth is too limited a sphere
All things that live, and breathe, and move, For the immortal mind's career:
Declare Thy wisdom, power, and love. I pant, I long to soar away,

To vaster worlds, to brighter day!
Nature, with one consenting tongue, O let me burst this frail abode,
Bursts into harmony and song;

And see thy face, Creator, God !
To thee her cheerful pæans rise,
Great Former of the earth and skies! All things in nature's wide domain,
But impious men refuse to hear,

The crystal vault-the verdant plainTo feel, to love, tho' Thou art near- The sea--the storm's tempestuous rage, Madly reject the evidence,

My wond'ring, raptur'd soul engage : Of thine eternal providence;

But chiefly man-majestic man! And strive to hurl the Almighty one, Her noblest work! her master-plan! From off His high and holy throne. Who gave him birth? who fram'd his soul?

What does the universe control? What dost thou, Infidel, propose ?

Fate? chance? caprice?-away with these, What is thy aim ? dost thou suppose And give the Omnipotent the praise !

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