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Boston Mirror Company.

Boston Pharmacy Company.

Boston Traveller Company.

Boston Warehouse and Leasing Company.

Boston Workingmen's Co-operative Association.

Brown & Simonds Company.

Burleigh Rock Drill Company.

Caloric Transfer Company.

Cambridge Baking Company.
Cambridge Lumber Company.
Campello Leather Company.
Cape Poge Ferry Company.
Century Light Company of America.
Chapin-Crane Coal Company.

Chelmsford Foundry Company.

Chelmsford Gas Light Company.

Chelsea Express Despatch Company.

Chestnut Hill Real Estate Association.

Citizens Loan Association.

Cold Spring Grocery Company.
Coldwell-Gildard Company.

Combination Manufacturing Company.
Consolidated Box Machine Company.

Consolidated Clothing Company.

Conway Water Company.

Craig & Craig Company.

Crocker Drug Company.

Cunningham Lumber Company.

Daily Mail Publishing Company.

Daniel Russell Boiler Works, Incorporated.

Danvers Centre Building Association.

Dickerman & Company.

Dillon Machine Company.

Doctor Heighman Medicine Company.

E. A. Hall Publishing Company.

E. Gerry Emmons Corporation.

Eastern Sandstone Company.

Everett Gas Company.

F. A. Bassette Company.

Farmers Mutual Telephone Company.

Florence Manufacturing Company.

Franklin Park Land and Improvement Company.

G. H. Cutting Granite Company.

Gazette Publishing Company.

Gilman Snow Guard Company.

Glasgow Company.

Golden Manufacturing Company.

Graham Shoe Company.

Greenfield Recorder Company.
Greenwich Bleachery.
Grosvenor Woolen Company.
Grueby-Faience Company.
Guyer Hat Company.
H. F. Ross Company.
H. M. Kinports Company.
Hadley Water Company.

Hampden Photo Engineering Company..
Harrington Press.

Henry Woods Sons Company.

Hogg Carpet Company.

Holyoke Provision and Cold Storage Company.

Home Soap Company.

Horse Neck Beach Street Railway Company.

Howland Piano Company.

Hubley Manufacturing and Supply Company.

Huguenot Mills Company.

Hutchins Narrow Fabric Company.

J. W. Hobart Company.

Jackson Advertising Agency.

James H. Jacobs Company.

Kennedy & Sullivan Manufacturing Company.

Lewis J. Bird Company.

Lynch Brothers Leather Company.

Lynn Aqueduct Company.

Lyons & Alexander Company.

M. Crowne Company.

Malden Mail Company.

Marblehead Building Association.
Massachusetts Contracting Company.
McBarron Iron and Steel Company.
McCaul Brass Foundry Company.
Mechanical Improvement Company.

Mechanics Iron Foundry Company.

Milford Steam Heat Power and Refrigeration Company.

National Finance Company.

Nantucket Electric Company.

National Pharmacy Company.

New Can Company.

New England Bedding Company.

New England Electric Railroad Construction Company.

New England Shirt Company.

Norcross Brown Stone Company.

Norton & Taunton Street Railway Company.

Osceola Manufacturing Company.

P. P. Emory Manufacturing Company.
Peabody Granite Company.

Peoples Coal, Ice and Lumber Company.
Persons Manufacturing Company.

Pittsfield Co-operative Store.

Plymouth Stove Foundry Company.

Preferred Mercantile Company of Boston.

Prentice Brothers Company.

Puritan Cloak and Clothing Company.

Purity Ice Company.

R. Gustavino Company.

Railway Track Sander Company.

Robinson Luce Company.

Rockland Factory Building Association.

Rounds & Dennison Manufacturing Company.

S. A. Freeman Company.

Savings and Trust Publishing Company.

Sawyer Drug Company.

Sarranilla Transportation Company.

Shady Hill Nursery Company.

Shepley & Smith Contracting Company.

South Bay Improvement Company.

Springfield Co-operative Union Laundry Company.

Staple Heeling Company.

Star Credit Clothing Company.

State Manufacturing Company.

Sterling Slipper Company.

Suffolk Co-Press.

Suffolk Lumber Company.

Taunton Evening News.

Telegram Publishing Company.
Times Publishing Company.

Transcontinental Refrigerator Company.

Union Express Company.

Union Glass Company.

Union Hall Association.

United States Credit Company.

Vacuum Cleaner Company.

Vienna Baking Company.

Wachusett Mills.

Wakefield Real Estate and Building Company.

Walpole Emery Mills.

Warren & Monks Company.

Warren Lumber and Fuel Company.
West Chop Steamboat Company.
Weymouth Light and Power Company.
Weymouth Water Power Company.
William A. Clark Coal Company.
Worcester Fire Appliance Company.
Worcester Umbrella Company.

The following corporations, reported to this department by the Commissioner of Corporations for delinquency in filing the certificate of condition for 1904, required by St. 1903, c. 437, §§ 45, 66, have been compelled, without the necessity of suit, to comply with the statute:

A. H. Demond Company.

A. O. Speare Company.

Albert Culver Company.

Altamonte Springs Company.

American and Sun Publishing Company.

American Bank Note Company.

American Camera Manufacturing Company.
American Mason Safety Tread Company.

American Stave and Cooperage Company.

Ashland Emery and Corundum Company.

Associated Wool Growers Company.

Atlantic Gasoline Engine Company.

Atlantic Telegraph Company of Massachusetts.

Atlas Shoe Company.

B. F. Sturtevant Company.

Bailey & Blendinger Manufacturing Company.

Baker Hunnewell Company.

Ball Bearing Company.

Bay State Construction Company.

Bay State Co-operative Bench Show Association.

Bay State Distilling Company.

Beacon Shoe Company.

Bemis Mills.

Boston Baking Powder Company.
Boston Blower Company.

Boston Bread and Bread Crumb Company.
Boston Credit Company.

Boston Dairy Company.

Boston Excursion Steamboat Company.

Boston Fire Despatch Company.

Boyd & Corey Boot and Shoe Manufacturing Company.
Bridgewater Water Company.

Brockton Industrial Corporation.
Burnett Paint Company.

Burnetts Information Company.

C. S. Benner Corporation.

C. W. Russell Company.

Chartered Company of Lower California.
Chelsea Express Despatch Company.

Clark Bobbin Company.

Colman Co-operative Company.

Commonwealth Optical Company.
Commonwealth Securities Company.

Courier-Independent Publishing Company.

Credit Clearing House.

Denison Brothers Company.

Dillon Machine Company.

Dunbar Driftwood Blaze Company.

Duparquet, Huot & Monense Company.

E. R. Brown Beer Pump Company.

Eastern Egg Company.

F. W. Dunnell Composite Leather Company.
Fisher-Churchill Company.

Fitchburg Hardware Company.
Flagg Manufacturing Company.
Fore River Company.
Fowles Arlington Mills.

Frank H. Hall Company.

Franklin Telegraph Company.

G. H. Cutting Granite Company.

George F. Quigley Company.

George W. Stafford Company.

Globe Dyeing and Bleaching Company.

Graustein & Company.

Greenwich Bleachery.

H. A. Hanscom Company.

Hadley Mills.

Hanover Printing Company.

Hatch Accumulator Company.

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