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en ist includes only those cases commented 12 14 in full annotated. The abbreviation Ed. nie dotes of Important Decisions; and ann.co

1. Spencer (N.J.) Husband and wife-Mar
Ted Women's Acts-Gift to Husband, R. D. 104.

T. Spencer (N. J.) Fraudulent Conveyances
Deed from Husband to Wite, R. D. 102.
- 1. Alston (lowa) Illegitimacy-Recognition

Pitber, aan. case, 68
Stersca 1. Provident Life & Trust Company

Mah.) Equity-Creditors' Bil-Fraudolent Con
fejubet, ann. case, 170.
itton 5. Marwell (N. Mex.) Loan for Gambling-
Lecovery, 20. Case, 428.
Beton T. Atherton (U.S.. C.) Uniform Federa

gislation on the subject of Divorce, Ed. 21.
SEO 5. Sebafeldt (U. 8. 3. C.) Bankruptcy-All

by Sot & Provable Debt, R. D. 206.
€71. Milligan (Ind.) Constitutionality of Me
Carles' Llen Lans, R. D. 163.

Faireblid (Cal.) Corporations-Officers
ato Compensation, ann. case, 110.
pes, hi re (N. Y.) Criminal Law-Cruel and I
18! hunishmenten

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This list includes only those cases commented upon editorially or in our Notes of Important Decisons, or in full annotated. The abbreviation Ed., indicates editorially--R. D., cases commented upon in our Notes of Important Decisions; and ann.case, annotated case. Adams v. Spencer (N. J.) Husband and Wite-MarClews v. Jamison'(U. 8. $. C.) Contracts for Future ried Women's Acts-Gift to Husband, R. D. 104.

Delivery, R. D. 61. Adobe v. Spencer (N. J.) Fraudulent Conveyanceg | Clifford v. Stewart (Me.) Wills-Precatory Trusts, R. Deed from Husband to Wife, R. D. 102.

D. 204. Alston V, Alston (Iowa) Illegitimacy-Recognition | Coburn v. Rallroad (L.) Carriers of Passengergby Father, ann, case, 68.

Reasonableness of Time Limit Regulations, R. D. Anderson v. Provident Life & Trust Company

302. (Wash.) Equity-Creditors' Bill-Fraudulent Con Cohen V. Cohen (Tex.) Letterg-Mistakes in Delivery veyance, apn, case, 170.

- Damages for Retention, R. D. 323. Appleton y. Maxwell (N. Mex.) Loan for Gambling | Cole v. Edwards (Tenn.) Wilig-Rents and Protite Recovery, ann. case, 428.

Accruing after Testator's Death, R. D. 24. Atherton v. Atherton (U.S.S. C.) Uniform Federal

Commonwealth v. Barner 1(Pa.) Insanity as a De. Legislation on the subject of Divorce, Ed. 21.

tense in Cases of Homicide, R. D. 205. Audubon v. Schufeldt (U. S. S.C.) Bankruptcy-Ali.

I Cooper v. Commonwealth (Ky.) Larceny by Keeping mony Not a Provable Debt, R. D. 206.

What Was Innocently Gotten, R. D. 460. Barrett v. Milligan (Ind.) Constitutionality of Me. Crim v. Crim (Mo.) Judgment-Confession-Power chanics' Lien Laws, R. D. 163.

of Attorney, ann case, 368. Bassett v. Fairchild (Cal.) Corporationg-Officers

DeFalbe, Ward v. Taylor, In re (Canada) Fixtures Right to Compensation, ann. case, 110.

Tapestries Affixed to Wall-Tenant for Life-ReBayard, In re (N. Y.) Criminal Law--Cruel and Un

mainder-man, R. D. 182. usual Punishments, R. D. 461.

Dodd v. Hain (Tex.) Divorce--Right of Wife's AttorBent v. Underdown (Ind.) ; Corporatiopg-Liability

neys to Recover Compensation from the Husband, of Stockholders on Unpaid Subscriptions for

R. D. 103.
Stock, Ed. 181.

Dodge iv. Township!(U. S.C. C. of App.) Taxation Black v. Mutual Life Association (Me.) License-Re. Must be for a Public Purpose, R. D. 363.

covery of Compensation for Services Performed Donaldo v. American Smelting & Refining Co. (N. J.) Without a License, R. D. 203.

Corporations-Issue of Stock for Property, R. D. 2. Board of Railroad Com'rs of State of California v. Market St. Ry. Co. (Cal.) Street Railroads-Defi.

Dougherty y. Connolly (N. J.) Wills-Life Tenantpition-Constitutional Interpretation, ann. case,

Payment of Mortgage-Subrogation against Re.

mainder-man, R.D. 43. Boutten v. Railroad (N. Car.) Release-Considera. ! Dowd v. Dowd (Mich.) Criminal Law - Obtaining tion in Case of Personal Injury, R. D. 481.

Money Under False Pretenseg-Religious Influ. Brinkley v. Brinkley !(N. Car.) Fraudulent Convey.

ence, R. D. 242. ance-Promise in consideration of Marriage, ann. | Duncan Ex parte (Tex.) Criminal Law -Contemptcase, 447.

Attorney-Invalid Order-Failure to Obey, ann, Brown v. Smith (U. S. C.C., D. 8. Car.) Application

case, 189. of Rule of Caveat Emptor where Vendee has Op. Eagle v. Smylie (Mich.) Homestead-Voluntary Con · portunity to Inform Himsell, Ed. 281.

veyance-Rights of Creditors, ann. case, 329. Butte Hardware Co. v. Frank (Mont.) Mines and

Emory Vlg. Co. v. Smelting Works (Mass.) Sales Mining-Judgment Liens-Unpatented Claims, R.

Anticipatory Notice of Breach-Damages, R. D. D. 362.

202. Chamberlain v.' Leland (Tex.) Homestead-Invest. ment of Proceeds of Sale of Homestead, R. D. 222.

Fidelity Mutual Life Association v. Jeffords (U. S. C Citizens': National Bank of Danville v. Forman's As.

c. of App.) Life Insurance - Misstatements and signee (Ky.) National Banks-Penalty for Taking Concealments in the Application, R. D. 23.

Usury-Accrual of Cause of Action, ann. case, 409. First National Bank v. Wisdom's Executorg (Ky.) Clark v. Campbell (Utah) Corporations.-Dividends-, Evidence-Photograph of Signatures as Evidence, Successive Owners of Stock, R. D. 203.

R. D. 322.

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