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me hard occurs only in this Play in Sh. It is taken from horse antiche = carries a

tight rein hence, has a confidence in, distorsts, doubts, and Cf. J. 2, You heas too stubborn and too strange a hand

oor the friend that loves yous." wilt, ad = a creature, anything that stiels, formerly applied to inanimate as well as animated bingo mathon. Wight, a person, and whit, a thing,

the same wood, from richt, a creature,

ro. whit, mought, not. a. whit, naught,

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Tide and Time property

the same thing. Tide is baby another from of Isit, the German word answering to English line. Time again in the Fremad tem,

a croastion of the Latin tempus, (which har aloo in one of it

it senses the part of the head where time is indication the touch by the pulsations of the Here, heen shorgely arrafted, bath in Posnah and Enghuk, into temple disting inished, however, in the for longue foron temple, a chmah, by a differ.

of gender, and also otherwise written terape)

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