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That if any company or corps of minute or militia men shall be called forth into actual service, the officers and men respectively who shall be so called forth, whilst they are in actual service, shall be subject and liable to the rules and regulations established by the continental congress for the government of the continental army, and shall for a month of thirty days, and so pro rata, be entitled to and receive the following pay, to wit: A Colonel, - £20 00 Each Sergeant, £2 10 0 A Lieutenant Colonel, 16 0 0 Each Corporal,

2 5 0 A Major, 12 00 Each Drummer,

2 50 A Quarter-master, n 10 0 Each Fifer,

2 5 0 An Adjutant, 100 Each Private,

1 17 6 Each Captain, 9 0 0 A Surgeon,

15 00 Each Lieutenant, 7 10 0 Every Surgeon Assist. 7 10 0 Each Ensign,

6 0 0 That if a sufficient number of men shall enroll to make up a company of artillery men, they may choose their proper officers, who shall be commissioned as aforesaid, and subject to the same rules as the militia.

And whereas, it is absolutely necessary in this time of imminent danger, that there should be some power existing, which may superintend the execution of the orders and resolutions of the convention, and occasionally, from time to time, promote the prudent and necessary preparations for defence, and in case of necessity, call forth a due proportion, or even the whole of the force of the province, in an orderly and regular manner, whereby the strength of the whole will be greatly increased in the common defence, and the rights and liberties of all better secured.

Resolved, That sixteen persons, eight of whom residing on the western shore, and eight on the eastern shore, shall be chosen by ballot, by this convention, and be styled and denominated the council of safety of Maryland.

That any nine or more of the said council of safety convened, or the major part of them, direct and regulate the operations of the minute men and militia, and may as aforesaid, grant all military commissions, appoint and commission field officers, and appoint and regulate the rank of all military officers. And in the recess of the convention call forth the minute men into action in any place or places in this province or the neighboring colonies, and the militia into action in any place or places in this province, at such time and times, in such proportions, and on such occasions as they may judge necessary; and do all such other matters and things for securing and strengthening this province and providing for the de

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fence thereof, as they shall deem necessary and expedient, and execute such other powers as may be entrusted to them by the convention of this province.

That as at some times a necessity for taking speedy measures, may be so pressing that a delay till the council of safety could as.. semble together, would be highly dangerous, and many things of less moment may well and more conveniently be transacted by a majority of members residing on the respective shores, the members residing on either shore respectively, or the major part of them, or such of them as shall be in this province, may not only grant commissions for court martials when applied for, and hear, determine, and punish high and dangerous offences, according to the resolutions of this convention, but may also in case of instant danger, or pressing necessity, call forth the minute men or militia of their respective shore; yet it is recommended, if time will permit, for the whole council of safety, or nine of them to meet and consult together, that those of either shore do not separately call forth the minute men or militia, and that if time will not permit such meeting and consultation, then, as soon after the separate act done as may be, the whole council of safety shall be summoned, and the orders and resolutions of a majority of any nine or more of them, shall control and govern; it being the intention of this convention that a joint council, when the same can be held on things of mon ment, should have the supreme direction.

That any two or more of the said council of safety call a meeting of the members on their respective shore, or of the whole. That any

officer of the minute men or militia may be supended from the exercise of his commission by the council of safety, or that branch of it residing on the shore whereon such officer resides; or if the council of safety should think proper, they may, upon full hearing, displace any field officer, and appoint and commission another in his stead; and that on the death, resignation or removal of any commissioned office, below the degree of a field officer, from his office, the council of safety may appoint and commission another in his stead.

That the council of safety, or either branch thereof, for expenses incurred on its respective shore, may from time to time, draw orders on the treasurer of their respective shore, for the bills of credit to be issued by virtue of the resolutions of the convention, who shall accordingly pay such orders.

That the council of safety may, in case they shall think it necessary, summon and call the convention to meet before the day to which it may stand adjourned.

That the council of safety continue such until the next convention, and no longer, and that they render an account of their proceedings, and always be subject to the control of the conventin.

Resolved, In order to prevent an abuse of power from a continuance thereof in the same persons, that at each convention, eight members of the preceding council of safety, four residing on the eastern and four on the western shore, shall be ineligible to the succeeding council; and that the said eight persons, immediately before the choice of the new council of safety, be ascertained by ballot.

That for providing for the defence of this province, and for en. couraging and promoting the manufacture of salt-petre, erecting of a powder mill, and the several other purposes directed by this convention, Resolved, That bills of credit of the denomination of dollars and parts of a dollar, to the amount of 266,666 dollars, and two third parts of a dollar, be printed and struck with all convenient speed, under the care and direction of Messrs. Thomas Hyde and Willaim Wilkins, supervisors, in manner and form following, to wit:

"This bill of -shall entitle the bearer hereof, to receive gold and silver, at the rate of four shillings and six pence sterling per dollar, for the said bill, according to a resolve of the provincial convention of Maryland, held at the city of Annapolis, on the 26th day of July, 1775."

That the said bills shall have such devices and marks as the said supervisors shall think proper, and the number of the said bills, as well as the denominations thereof, shall be the following and no other, to wit: seven thousand and ninety-six bills of sixteen dole lars each, seven thousand and ninety-six bills of eight dollars each, seven thousand and ninety-six bills of four dollars each, seven thousand and ninety-six bills of two dollars and two-thirds of a dollar each, ten thousand five hundred and twelve bills of one dollar and two-thirds of a dollar each, ten thousand five hundred and twelve bills of one dollar and one-third of a dollar each, ten thou. sand five hundred and twelve bills of one dollar each, and ten thousand five hundred and twelve bills of two-thirds of a dollar each.

That the supervisors shall use the best of their care and diligence that the said bills, according to their respective denominations aforesaid, and according to the manner and form aforesaid, be forth with printed; and that the number of any of the denominations thereof be not exceeded, or any clandestine or fraudulent practice used by the printer, his apprentices, servants, or others concerned in printing thereof.

That the printer and all his apprentices and servants, which he may employ in the said work, before he or they enter upon the same, take before some justice of the peace, in the presence of one or both of the supervisors, the following oath, to wit: "I, A. B. do swear, that I will truly, faithfully and honestly perform the duty of printer of the bills of credit, directed to be printed by a resolve of the convention of Maryland; and that I will not advisedly print, or stamp, a greater number of blank bills of credit than in that resolve mentioned; or of any other denominations than therein expressed, except such sheets as may be so blotted, unfair or imperfect, in the impressing or printing thereof, that the same shall be unfit for use. So help me God.”

That the printer shall not, by himself, servants, or any other person by him employed, print, stamp, stitch, or bind the said bills, or any of them, but in presence of one or both of the said supervisors; and in every intermission of the work, the supervisor's shall safely and securely lock up the press and stamps, with which the work shall be performed, and the impressions that shall be then made, in the room in which the printing and binding shall be done, and the keys of such room shall keep in their possession; and when all the said bills shall be printed and stamped, the stamps shall be delivered by the printer to the said supervisors, and by them to the convention of this province, or in their recess to the council of safety.

That Charles Wallace, John Davidson, Nathan Hammond, Richard Tootel, James Brice, John Brice, Thomas Brook Hodgkin, John Duckett, Robert Lloyd Nicols, Samuel Sharpe, Richard Tilghman, jr., James Hindman, Peregrine Tilghman, William Perry, Jeremiah Banning, and Joseph Bruff, be signers of the said bills.

That the said supervisors, as soon as the said bills shall be printed, stamped, stitched, and bound, shall deliver three fourth parts thereof in value to the treasurer of the western shore, and the other fourth part thereof in value to the treasurer of the eastern shore; and the said treasurers shall deliver out to the signers, residing on their respective shore, sufficient of the said bills, to be immediately numbered and signed by them, not only for payment of the money immediately demandable from them respectively, but also to the amount of 3000 dollars over and beyond the same; and each of the same bills shall be signed and numbered by some two of the said signers, and returned again to the respective treasurer; and so from time to time, shall the said bills be delivered out, signed, numbered, and returned, either of the said treasurers not keep:

ing by him, at any one time, ready numbered and signed, more than 3000 dollars beyond the said monies now payable.

That recepts of every delivery of the said bills, before and after the numbering and signing the same, be given by the treasurers and signers.

That Thomas Harwood, junior, be treasurer for the western, and William Hindman, treasurer for the eastern shore, who shall, from time to time, out of the said bills of credit, pay off and discharge all such drafts. and orders as shall be made by order of this convention, or the council of safety, or either branch thereof, as aforesaid.

That the treasurer of the western shore, out of the bills of credit, pay to each of the supervisors two dollars and two-thirds of a dollar, for each day's attendance as aforesaid; to the engraver of the said bills, one hundred and ninety-two dollars for his services; and to the printer, four hundred dollars for his services, and the paper, ink, and other materials necessary for the said work. And the said treasurers shall also respectively pay to each signer of every thousand of the said bills, one dollar and one third part of a dollar for his service.

That each of the said treasurers shall retain, for his services, at the rate of one-half per cent. on all monies by him paid and delivered, and no more.

That the said treasurer of the western shore shall give bond in the penalty of twelve thousand pounds sterling, and the treasurer of the eastern shore shall also give bond in the penalty of four thousand pounds sterling; both of which bonds shall be with sufficient securities, to be approved of by any two of the obligees in the said bonds, and payable to the honorable Matthew Tilghman and Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer, Esquires, and Charles Carroll of Carrollton and Edward Lloyd, Esquires, conditioned for such treasurer's faithful discharge of his trust.

That he will keep a just and true account of all bills of credit and monies which he shall receive or pay, and of the names of those to whom the same shall be paid or delivered; and that he will render a true and persect account of all payments by him made, to the convention of Maryland, or the council of safety, or any other persons by a convention of this province appointed to examine his accounts; and that he will be answerable for all bills of credit and monies which he may receive, and pay all orders drawn by the con. vention, or council of safety, or the branch thereof residing on his shore.

That torn and defaced bills shall be exchanged at reasonable and convenient times.

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