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quiry it appearing that the said Bishop had been so aiding and assisting, it is Resolved, That the said Bishop give bond with security, payable to the president, in the sum of two hundred pounds common money, for his appearance at the next convention, and for his good behaviour in the mean time. Convention adjourns till to-morrow morning, 9 o'clock.

THURSDAY, June 27, 1776. Convention met. All members present as on yesterday, except Mr. J. Tilghman, absent on account of the indisposition of one of his children. The proceedings of yesterday were read.

A petition from Robert Long of Baltimore county, and a representation from John Clapham and William Eddis of the city of Annapolis, were read and ordered to lie on the table.

Mr. Hall appeared in the house.

On motion, Resolved, That the proportion of militia to be furnished by this province for the flying camp, be composed of one company from St. Mary's county, two companies from Charles, one from Calvert, three from Prince George's, five from Anne Arundel nine from Frederick, four from Baltimore, two from Harford, two from Cecil, two from Kent, two from Queen Anne's, one from Talbot, and two from Caroline, to consist of one captain, two lieutenants, one ensign, sour sergeants, four corporals, one drummer, one fifer, and seventy-six privates; and one company from Dorchester county, to be composed of one captain, three lieutenants, four sergeants, four corporals, one drummer, one fifer, and ninety-six privates.

The convention proceeded to the election of officers for the militia to be raised for the flying camp.

Mr. Thomas Johnson, jr., was elected brigadier-general to command the said militia.

For the battalion to be raised in Frederick county, Mr. Otho
Holland Williams, colonel, Mr. Charles Greenbury Griffith, lieuten-
ant-colonel, and Mr. Henry Shryock, major.
Adjourned till 3 o'clock.

Convention met, and resumed the election of officers.

For the battalion to be raised on the eastern shore, Mr. James Kent was elected colonel, Mr. Joseph Earle, lieutenant-colonel, and Mr. William Hopewell, major.

For the lower battalion to be raised on the western shore, Mr. John Dent was appointed colonel, Mr. John Addison lieutenantcolonel, and Mr. James Eden, major.

For the upper battalion, Mr. Josiah Carvil Hall, was elected colonel.

Convention adjourns till to-morrow morning, 9 o'clock.

FRIDAY, June 28, 1776. Convention met. All members present as on yesterday. The proceedings of yesterday were read.

On motion, Resolved, That the council of safety be directed to provide a magazine in some convenient place on the eastern shore, for the reception of warlike stores.

On reading a letter from the committee of observation for Somerset county, Ordered, That major Price take command of, and direct so many of the independent companies on the eastern shore to march immediately to the lower part of Somerset county, as he may think proper; and that if necessary, he be assisted with, and command such of the militia as shall be called on by a committee to be appointed by this convention; that he proceed to disarm all such persons in that county as shall from good grounds appear to such committee to be disaffected, and to take into custody all such disaffected persons as shall be ordered by the said committee.

Resolved, That George Plater and John Hall, esqrs., be a committee, and repair as soon as may be to Somerset county, and there take such measures as may unite that county with the other counties of this province; that they direct all persons who shall on good grounds appear to them to be disaffected, to be disarmed, and any disaffected persons to be taken into custody and sent to the council of safety, as they may think proper; that they have powers to make such regulations and orders as may in their judgment best secure obedience to the resolves of the convention, and peace and good order in that county; that major Price, the independent companies, and the militia, be subject to the control and orders of the said committee, and that they report their proceedings to the next convention.

On reading a letter from captain James Hindman, Ordered, That James Dickinson, William Thomas, John Stevens, and Nicholas Martin, appear

before this convention on Tuesday next, to answer for their conduct in carrying live stock on board the Fowey. Adjourned till 3 o'clock.

POST MERIDIEM. Convention met.

A memorial from the council of safety was read and ordered to Jie on the table.

Mr. Gantt has leave of absence till Monday next.

Resolved unanimously, That the instructions given by the convention of December last (and renewed by the convention in May) to the deputies of this colony in congress, be recalled, and the restrictions therein contained removed; that the deputies of this colony attending in congress, or a majority of them, or any three or more of them, be authorised and empowered to concur with the other united colonies, or a majority of them in declaring the united colonies free and independent states, in forming such further compact and confederation between them, in making foreign alliances, and in adopting such other measures as shall be adjudged necessary for securing the liberties of America, and this colony will hold itstelf bound by the resolutions of a majority of the united colonies in the premises: provided, the sole and exclusive right of regulating the internal government and police of this colony be reserved to the people thereof. Mr. Sluby appeared in the house. Convention adjourns till to-morrow morning, 9 o'clock.

SATURDAY, June 29, 1776. Convention met. All members present as on yesterday, except Mr. Gantt. The proceedings of yesterday were read.

On motion, Resolved, That the bills of credit issued by the congress and the conventions of this province, be received by the commissioners of the loan office in payment of any interest due to the said office.

Ordered, That the above resolution be published in the Maryland Gazette.

The convention resumed the election of officers. Mr. William Hyde was elected lieutenant-colonel of the upper battalion on the western shore, and Dr. John Cradock major.

For the company to be raised in St. Mary's county, Uriah Forrest was appointed captain, Wm. Bond, 1st lieutenant; Moses Tabbs 2d lieutenant, and Edward Mattinly ensign.

For the companies in Charles county, Thomas Hanson, captain ; George Dent 3d, 1st lieutenant; Samuel Jones, 2d lieutenant; and William Adams, ensign. Belain Posey, captain; Henry Boarman, 1st lieutenant; John Forbes, 2d lieutenant; and Gerard Fowke, ensign.

Calvert. John Brooke, captain; Frederick Skinner, lst lieutenant; Nathaniel Wilson, 2d lieutenant, and James Somerville, ensign.

Prince George's. John Hawkins Lowe, captain ; John Magruder Burgess, lst lieutenant; William Duvall, 2d lieutenant; and

Horatio Clagett, ensign. Robert Bowie, captain; Benjamin Brooks, Ist lieutenant; William Dent Beall, 2d lieutenant; and Colmore Beans, ensign. Alexander Howard Magruder, captain ; William Sprigg Bowie, 1st lieutenant; Benjamin Contee, 2d lieutenant; and Alexander Truman, ensign.

Anne Arundel county. Edward Norwood, captain ; Samuel Godman, Ist lieutenant; John W. Dorsey, 2d lieutenant; and Richard Talbott, ensign. Edward Tillard, captain ; Samuel Lloyd Chew, 1st lieutenant; John Sprigg Belt, 2d lieutenant; and John Gassaway, ensign. Daniel Dorsey, captain; Joseph Burgess, 1st lieutenant; John Loraḥ, 2d lieutenant; and Michael Burgess, en. sign. James Disney, captain; Henry. Ridgely, įst lieutenant; Jonathan Şellman, 2d lieutenant; and Edward Spurrier, ensign. Thomas Hammond, captain; Thomas Mayo, Ist lieutenant; Joshua Merriken, 2d lieutenant; and Andrew Hammond, ensign.

Frederick. Lower district. Edward Burgess, captain; John Gaither, lst lieutenant; Thaddeus Beall, 2d lieutenant; and Thomas Edmondson, ensign. Leonard Deakins, captain; Thomas Nowland, Ist lieutenant; Elisha Williams, 2d lieutenant; and John Griffith, ensign. Benjamin Spyker, captain; Greenbury Gaither, lst lieutenant; Richard Anderson, 2d lieutenant; and Nicholas, Scybert, ensign.

Middle District. Philip Meroney, captain ; Elisha Beall, Ist lieutenant; John Hellen, 2d lieutenant; and William Beatty, jun., ensign. Jacob Good, captain; John Baptist Thompson, 1st lieutenant; John Ghiselin, 2d lieutenant; and John Smith, ensign. Peter Mantz, captain; Adam Groth, Ist lieutenant; Peter Adams, 2d lieutenant; and John Richardson, ensign.

Upper district. Æneas Campbell, captain ; Clement Hollyday, Ist lieutenant; John Courts Jones, 2d lieutenant; and David Lynn, ensign. John Reynolds, captain; Moses Chapline, 1st lieutenant; Christian Orndorff, 2d lieutenant; and Nathan Williams, ensign. Henry Hardman, captain ; Daniel Stull, 1st lieutenant; Peter Contee Hanson, 2d lieutenant; and John Rench, ensign,

Baltimore. Zachariah Maccubbin, captain ; Thomas Yates, Ist lieutenant, John Christie, 2d lieutenant; and Thomas Lingan, ensign. John E. Howard, captain ; Thomas Lansdale, Ist lieutenant; William Riley, 2d lieutenant; and Robert Morrow, ensign. John Stevenson, captain; Edward Oldham, Ist lieutenant; James Ogleby, 2d lieutenant; and Joseph Lewis, ensign. James Young, captain; James Bond, Ist lieutenant; John Smith, 2d lieutenant ; and James Tool, ensign, Harford. Aquila Paca, captain ; John Beedle Hall, 1st lieutena

ant; Michael Gilbert, 2d lieutenant; and John Patterson, ensign. Bennet Bussey, captain ; Joshua Miles, lst lieutenant; Azabel Hitchcock, 2d lieutenant; and Aquila Amos, ensign.

Cecil. Joshua George, captain ; William Veazey, 3d, 1st lieutenant; John Stockton, 2d lieutenant; and Richard Bird, ensign. Walter Alexander, captain ; Andrew Porter, jun., 1st lieutenant; Harman Arrants, 2d lieutenant; and George Hamilton, ensign.

Kent. Isaac Perkins, captain; Abraham Falconer, Ist lieutenant, Jesse Cozden, 2d lieutenant; and James Henry, ensign. Thomas Smyth, captain; James Williamson, 1st lieutenant, Nathaniel Kinnard, 2d lieutenant; and Josiah Johnson, ensign.

Queen Anne's. John Dean, captain ; John Hawkins, 1st lieutenant; John Neville, 2d lieutenant; and Samuel Earle, ensign. John Dames, captain; Thomas Lane Emory, 1st lieutenant; Saml. Wright Thomas, 2d lieutenant; and John Jackson, ensign.

Talbot. Greenbury Goldsborough, captain; Woolman Gibson, son of John, 1st lieutenant; John Thomas, jun., 2d lieutenant; and Perry Benson, of James, ensign.

Caroline. Zabdiel Potter, captain ; Thomas Wyer Lockerman, 1st lieutenant; Levin Handy, 2d lieutenant; and Philip Casson, ensign. Philip Fiddeman, captain; Henry Downes, jun., 1st lieutenant ; John Reynolds, 2d lieutenant; and Thomas Mason, en. sign.

Dorchester. Thomas Burk, captain ; Berkit Falcon, 1st lieutenant; John Lynch, 2d lieutenant; and James Woolford Gray, 3d lieutenant.

On motion, Resolved, That a committee be appointed to examine the accounts of the supervisors of salt. petre works, and report thereon; and that Mr. T. Johnson, Mr. Rumsey, Mr. Ringgold Mr. Gilpin, Mr. Hooper, and Mr. Hooe, be a committee for that purpose.

On motion, Resolved, That so much of the former resolutions of convention as directs or empowers the council of safety to contract for the building or working a powder mill on the public account, be repealed.

On motion, Resolved, That the council of safety be authorised to advance the further sum of five thousand pounds to such persuns as they shall think proper, for the purpose of purchasing good and effective fire arms, on the terms and agreeable to such orders as they may think will best procure the same.

On reading and considering a memorial from Francis Baker of Talbot county, praying a remission of that part of the sentence pronounced against him by this convention in its session of De

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