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At a convention of Delegates for the province of Maryland, at the city of Annapolis, on Friday the 21st June, 1776,

PRESENT, The honorable MATTHEW TILGHMAN, Esq., President. For St. Mary's county.

Baltimore. Richard Barnes,

Jeremiah T. Chase. George Plater,

Athanasius Ford.

Robert Buchanan,

P. Letherbury,
Robert T. Hooe,

Emory Sudler,
Joseph H. Harrison.

William Sluby.

Queen Anne's.
Alexander Somerville, James Hollyday,
Edward Gantt,

Turbutt Wright, Patrick Sim Smith,

Richard T. Earle,
William Allein.

James Tilghman,
Prince George's.

Joseph Sim,

Nicholas Thomas,
Thomas Contee.

Pollard Edmondson.
Anne Arundel.

Charles Carroll, barrister, Robert Goldsborough,
Thomas Johnson, jr.

Henry Hooper, Samuel Chase.

James Murray,
Frederick. Lower district. W. Ennalls.
Henry Griffith.


William Richardson,
Charles Beatty,

Richard Mason.
Baker Johnson.


George Dasheill,
John Stull,

Gustavus Scott,
William Baird.

Peter Waters.

Thomas Bond,

Peter Chaille, Richard Dallam.

Samuel Handy,

Joseph Dasheill. A letter from the president of the congress, together with resolutions of the 1st, 3d, and 4th of June, were laid before the convention and read.

Ordered, That the same be referred to a committee, to report

their opinion thereon, and Mr. T. Johnson, Mr. Hollyday, Mr. S. Chase, Mr. Goldsborough, and Mr. Plater, were elected by ballot a committee for that purpose.

A memorial from John Weston of Baltimore county was read and ordered to lie on the table.

On motion, Resolved, That the president of the convention inform the deputies of this province in congress, that their attendance in convention is desired; and that they move congress for permission to attend here, but that they do not leave the congress without such permission, and without first having obtained an order that the consideration of the questions of independence, foreign alliance, and a further confederation of the colonies shall be postponed until deputies from this province can attend congress, which shall be as soon as possible. Adjourned till 4 o'clock.


Convention met. Mr. Veazey, Mr. Gilpin, Mr. Ewing, Mr. Thompson, Mr. Beall, Mr. Lloyd, and Mr. Jordan, appeared in the house.

A petition from William Hindman, treasurer of the eastern shore, was read and ordered to lie on the table.

A petition from Barton Tabbs, of Calvert county, praying an exemption from mustering, which was read a first and second time: Resolved, That the same be rejected.

On reading a second time the petition from William Hindman, treasurer of the eastern shore, Resolved, That Alexander Irvine, and Charles Irvine of Talbot county, be added to the signers of bills of credit. Convention adjourns till to-morrow morning, 9 o'clock.

SATURDAY, June 22, 1776. Convention met. All members present as on yesterday, except Mr. Sluby. The proceedings of yesterday were read. Mr. Ringgold appeared in the house.

A petition from Michael Cocendofer of Frederick county, for three hundred pounds, to enable him to carry on a stocking manufactory, was read and ordered to lie on the table. Convention adjourns till Monday morning, 9 o'clock.

MONDAY, June 24, 1776. Convention met. All members present as on Saturday. The proceedings of Saturday were read. Mr. Tolley, Mr. Love, Mr.

Thomas Wright, Mr. Carroll of Carollton, Mr. Reeder, and Mr. Hawkins, appeared in the house.

On motion, Resolved, That the council of safety be requested to lay before the convention the names of the several persons to whom passports have been granted to depart this province.

A petition from John M‘Fadon of Baltimore town, for a sum of money for the purpose of carrying on a linen manufactory; and a petition from William Wright, sheriff of Queen Ann's county, were read and ordered to lie on the table.

On motion, Resolved, That no passport to leave America be granted by the council of safety to any person not an inhabitant of this province, unless such person produce a passport from the assembly, convention, committee, or council of safety, of the colony where such person did last reside.

On motion, Resolved, That the council of safety be directed to grant a passport to Matthew Brown, Esq. to depart this province.

Ordered, That the clerk write to the several absent members, requiring their immediate attendance in convention. Adjourned till 3 o'clock.


Convention met. Mr. Mackall appeared in the house.

The committee for that purpose appointed, bring in and deliver to Mr. President a report on the resolutions of congress of the third day of this instant, which was read and ordered to lie on the table.

On motion, Resolved, That all questions be determined by a majority of members.

The yeas and nays being required on the above question, they were as follow:

For St. Mary's county.

Calvert county.
Mr. Jordan
aff. Mr. Mackall

aff. Mr. Barnes aff. Mr. Somerville

aff. Mr. Plater aff. Mr. Gantt

aff. Mr. Reeder aff. Mr. Smith

aff. Mr. Ford aff. Mr. Allein

aff Charles county.

Prince George's county. Mr. Hawkins

aff. Mr. Sim Mr. Hooe aff. Mr. Beall

aff. M. J. H. Harrison aff. Mr. Contee



Anne Arundel county.
Mr. Beatty

aff. Mr. Carroll, barrister aff. Mr. B. Johnson

aff. Mr. T. Johnson aff. Mr. Baird

aff. Mr. S. Chase

aff. Harford County. Mr. Carroll of Carrollton, aff. Mr. Bond

aff. Frederick County. Mr. Love

aff. Mr. Griffith aff. Mr. Dallam

aff, FOR THE NEGATIVE. Queen Anne's County.

Mr. Hooper

neg. Mr. Hollyday


Somerset County. Mr. Tur. Wright neg. Mr. G. Dashiell

neg. Mr. Tho. Wright neg. Mr. Scott

neg. Mr. Earle aff. Mr. Waters

neg. Mr. J. Tilghman


Worcester County.
Dorchester County.
Mr. Chaille

neg. Mr. Goldsborough neg:

Mr. Handy

neg. Mr. Murray

Mr. J. Dashiell

Cecil county.
Mr. Sudler

neg. Mr. Veazey

Mr. Ringgold

aff. Mr. Gilpin


Talbot county. Mr. Thompson

neg. Hon. Mr. Tilghman, Esq. aff. Mr. Ewing aff. Mr. Thomas

neg. Kent county. Mr. Edmondson

neg. Mr. Buchanan neg. Mr. Lloyd

aff. Mr. Letherbury

aff. On motion, Resolved, That the yeas and nays be taken and entered on the journal, if required by any one of the delegates.

M. Chamberlaine, Mr. Potter, Mr. Dickinson, and Mr. Moale, appeared in the house.

The letters of captain Montagu, and of Robert Eden, Esq. of this day, to the council of safety, were laid before the convention, and on consideration thereof Resloved unanimously, That the said captain Montagu, by detaining several servants belonging to the inhabitants of this province, and by refusing to deliver up a soldier who deserted from the service of this colony, hath violated the truce and acted in manifest violation of his promise to preserve the same sacred.

Ordered, That the commanding officer do not permit any baggage or effects belonging to Robert Eden, Esq. or any other person on board the Fowey, to be carried on board the said ship; and to take care that all communication with the said ship immediately cease.

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