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convention, it is Resolved, That the examination of such accounts lay over to the next session of conv

nvention, and that the supervi. sors be, and they are hereby directed to lay a full state of their accounts, and the success of the works under their care, before this convention at their next sitting.

The convention took into their consideration a report from the committee appointed to receive proposals relative to the establishment of manufactories within this province, and thereupon Resolved, That the sum of three hundred pounds common money, without interest till the first day of May next, be advanced to Alexander M‘Fadon, of Georgetown, in Frederick county, he giving bond with good security, to make a return or payment thereof in good linen, of such quality as this or a future convention, or in their recess, the council of safety of this province shall and may order and direct, in the proportions and at the times following, to wit: one third part thereof on or before the first day of November next, and the remainder on or before the first day of May ensuing, at such rates and prices as may be allowed by the said convention, or the council of safety, in the recess thereof.

Resolved, that the council of safety of this province be empowered to advance to Edward Parker of Cecil county, any sum of money not exceeding three hundred pounds common money, on his complying with his former contract, on the terms and conditions, and for the purposes in his said former contract mentioned, so long and as often as the said council of safety shall conceive the public exigencies shall require the same.

On reading a second time the report from the committee appointed to devise ways and means for the establishment of a paper manufactory, the convention took the same into consideration, and thereupon, Resolved, That the sum of four hundred pounds common money, be advanced to James Dorsett of Baltimore county, he giving bond with sufficient security, to repay the same within two years without interest, either in cash, or writing or cartridge paper, or in such proportions of each as this or a future convention, or council of safety in their recess, shall direct and order, that is to say, one third part thereof within twelve months, and the other two-thirds within two years from the date of said bond; he at the same time engaging to build a mill for that purpose within six months from the date of his said contract, and to sell to the inhabitants of this province any kind of paper which he may make, as cheap as the same can or shall be sold at any mill in the province of Pennsylvania.

Edward Lloyd of Talbot county, Barnaby Egan and Basil Brooke, jun., of Calvert county, William Farris and John Brewer of Anne


Arundel county, and George French and Joshua Tesstill of Frederick county, have applied to this convention to be relieved from the fine assessed on them respectively for not enrolling, and this convention not having time now fully to examine into the merits of the several applications, Resolved, That the committee forbear to levy the said fines until the end of the next session of convention, and to stay all further proceedings therein.

On motion, Resolved, That a pay-master be appointed for the eastern shore, and that he be allowed the sum of twelve dollars per month for executing the said office.

Resolved, That the said pay-master, before he enter upon the execution of his office, give bond with sufficient security, in the sum of five thousand pounds current money, payable to the honorable Matthew Tilghman and James Lloyd Chamberlaine, esqrs., for the due execution of his said office.

Resolved, That the sum of twelve dollars per month be from henceforth deducted from the salary of the pay-master of the western shore.

Mr. Robert Lloyd Nicols was elected by ballot to the said office of paymaster for the eastern shore.

Whereas, it is highly necessary that regular and methodical accounts of all public monies should be kept, that the due expenditure thereof mayat all times be readily evinced, it is Resolved, That a committee or board of two persons be appointed, who shall and may, in the recess of convention, cause a set of books to be opened, and proper accounts to be raised, entered and made up, of the expenditure, loan, or other disposition, of all public moneys by or under the authority of convention; and for that purpose, that the said committee, or board, be empowerd to appoint and employ a skilful accountant. Each of the said two persons to be allowed fourteen shillings for every day he shall be employed in the service aforesaid, and the said accountant to be allowed and paid such reasonable reward, as the said committee, or board, shall agree for with him.

Mr. Ringgold and Mr. Richardson were elected by ballot to compose the said board.

It is declared, that the captain of the company of light infantry, having an elder commission, is entitled to and hath precedence of any captain having a commission of a later date.

The convention having on motion, considered the situation of the officers and privates of captains Barnes' and Elliott's companies of militia, in Kent island, do Resolve, That the said companies be not hereafter obliged to join in battalion off the said island,

unless when the public service may require, that they should march to some other part of this province, any thing in the proceedings of the last convention, or the committee of observation for Queen Anne's county notwithstanding.

Resolved, That the said two companies meet and exercise together at such times and places, on the said island, as the field officers of the battalion to which they belong shall appoint, not oftener than once in every week, nor seldomer than once in every two months, the day of their exercising together being accounted as the day of exercise for the week.

Resolved, That captain George Noble Sweat's company of militia, in Queen Anne's county, be added to the twentieth battalion of militia of this province.

On motion, Resolved, That all petitions, applications and reports to convention this present session, and all petitions, applications, and reports to convention in their last session, whereon no final order hath been made, be referred for consideration to the next session of convention.

On motion, Resolved, That nine persons, five of whom residing on the western, and four on the eastern shore, be elected by ballot a council of safety, and be and continue such until the end of the next session of convention; and that until that time, they, or any four of them, having taken the oath prescribed to be taken by the council of safety, by a resolution of the last session of convention, shall have and exercise the like and same powers, as the present council of safety had or might exercise under the resolutions of the last sem of convention, from the time of their appointment until the of this session.

The ballots being accordingly taken, Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer, Charles Carroll, barrister, John Hall, Benjamin Rumsey, and George Plater, Esquires, of the western shore, and James Tilghman, Thomas Smyth, Thomas Bedingfield Hands, and William Hayward, Esquires, of the eastern shore, appeared to be and were declared duly elected.

Resolved, That each member of the council of safety be allowed and paid fourteen shillings common money, out of the treasury of this province, for every day such member shall sit, or be absent from home on public business.

The journal of accounts was read and assented to.

Ordered, That the treasurer of the western shore pay the several sums allowed in the same.

Ordered, That James Hollyday and Jeremiah Townley Chase, esqrs., revise the journal of the proceedings of this convention.

The convention adjourns till the first Monday in August next, to sit at this place, but the council of safety may convene the convention at any other time or place, if they shall judge it necessary. Signed by order of the convention,






The City of Annapolis, on Friday, the twenty-first of June,


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