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*** If such a fight as this can please ye,
6. Good madam Pallas, pray be easy,
-“ To Neptune speak, and he 'll consent;
66 But he'll come back the knave he went.

The goddess, who conceiv'd an hope,
That Horte was destin'd to a rope,
Believ'd it best to condescend :
To spare a foe, to fave a friend :
But, fearing Berkeley might be fcard,
She left him Virtue for a guard.

O DE ON SCIENCE. OH, heavenly-born! in deepest dells

If faireft science ever dwells Beneath the mossy cave; Indulge the verdure of the woods : With azure beauty gild the foods,

And flowery carpets lave.,
For melancholy ever reigns
Delighted in the sylvan scenes

With fcientific light;
While Dian, huntress of the vales,
Seeks lulling sounds and fanning gales

Though wrapt from mortal fight.
Yet, goddess, yet the way explore
With magic rites and heathen lore
Obstructed and depress'd :

I Till Wisdom give the sacred Nine, L'ntaught, not uninspir’d, to laine, By Reason's power redress'd.


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When Solon and Lycurgus taught,
To moralize the human thought

Of mad opinion's maze,
To erring zeal they gave new laws.
Thy charms, O Liberty, the cause

That blends congenial rays.
Bid bright Aftræa gild the morn,
Or bid a hundred suns be born,
To hecatomb the

year ; Without thy aid, in vain the poles, In vain the zodiac system rolls,

In vain the lunar sphere. Come, faire ft princess of the throng, Bring sweet Philofophy along

In metaphysic dreams; While raptur'd bards no more behold A vernal age of purer gold

In Heliconian streams.
Drive Thraldom with malignant hand,
To curfe some other deftin'd land

By Folly led astray :
Jerne bear on azure wing ;
Energic let her foar, and fing

Thy univerfal fway.
So, when Amphion bade the lyre
To more majestic sound aspire,

Behold the madding throng,
In wonder and oblivion drown'd,
To fculpture turn'd by magic found
And petrifying fong.

C ο Ν Τ Ε Ν Τ s.



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