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As came into her fancy first;
Nam'd half the rates, and lik'd the worst.
To scandal next-What awkward thing
Was that last Sunday in the ring?
I'm sorry Mopsa breaks so fast;
I said, her face would never last.
Corinna, with that youthful air,
Is thirty, and a bit to spare :
Her fondness for a certain Earl
Began when I was but a girl !
Phillis, who but a month ago
Was marry'd to the Tunbridge beau,
I saw coquetting t’other night
In public with that odious knight!

They railly'd next Vanessa's dress :
That gown was made for old queen Bess.
Dear Madam, let me fee your head :
Don't you intend to put on red?
A petticoat without a hoop!
Sure, you are not alham’d to stoop!
With handsome garters at your knees,
No inatter what a fellow fees.
Fill’d with disdain, with rage

Both of herself and sex asham’d,
The nymph stood silent out of spight,
Nor would vouchsafe to set them right.
Away the fair detractors went,
And gave by turns their cerfures vent.
She's not so handsome in my eyes :
For wit, I wonder where it lies!




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She's fair and clean, and that's the most :
But why proclaim her for a toalt ?
A baby face; no life, no airs,
But what she learn’d at country-fairs ;
Scarce knows what difference is between
Rich Flanders lace and Colberteen.
I'll undertake, my little Nancy
In flounces hath a better fancy!
With all her wit, I would not ask
Her judgement, how to buy a mask.
We begg’d her but to patch her face,
She never hit one proper place;
Which every girl at five

years old
Can do as soon as she is told.
I own, that out-of-fashion stuff
Becomes the creature well enough.
The girl might pass, if we could get her
To know the world a little better.
(To know the world! a moclurn phrase
For visits, ombre, balls, and plays.)

Thus, to the world's perpetual shame,
The Queen of Beauty lost her aim;
Too late with grief the understood,
Pallas had done more harın than good ;.
For great examples are but vain,
Where ignorance begets disdain.
Both sexes, arm'd with guilt and spite,
Against Vaneffa's


unite : To copy her, few nymphs aspir’d ; Her virtues fewer swains admir'd.







So stars beyond a certain height
Give mortals neither heat nor light.

Yet some of either sex, endow'd
With gifts superior to the croud,
With virtue, knowledge, taste, and wit,
She condescended to admit :
With pleating arts she could reduce
Mens talents to their proper use ;
And with address each genius held
To that wherein it moft excell'd;
Thus, making others' wisdom known,
Could please them, and improve her own.
A modest youth said something new;
She plac'd it in the strongest view.
All humble worth the strove to raise ;
Would not be prais’d, yet lov’d to praise.
The learned met with free approach,
Although they came not in a coach :
Some clergy too she would allow,
Nor quarreld at their awkward bow;
But this was for Cadenus' sake,
A gownman of a different make;
Whom Pallas, once VanesTa's tutor,
Had fix'd on for her coadjutor.

But Cupid, full of mischief, longs
To vindicate his mother's wrongs.
On Pallas all attempts are vain :
One way he knows to give her pain ;
Vows on Vanessa's heart to take
Due vengeance, for her patron's sake.






Those early seeds by Venus sown,
In spite of Pallas, now were grown;
And Cupid hop'd, they would improve
By time, and ripen into love.

The boy made use of all his craft,
In vain discharging many a shaft,
Pointed at colonels, lords, and beaux :
Cadenus warded off the blows;
For, placing still fome book betwixt,
The darts were in the cover fix'd,
Or, often blunted and recoil'd,
On Plutarch's Morals struck, were spoil'd.

The Queen of Wisdom could foresee, But not prevent, the Fates' decree :

485 And human caution tries in vain To break that adamantine chain. Vanessa, though by Pallas taught, By Love invulnerable thought, Searching in books for wisdom's aid,

490 Was, in the very search, betray’d.

Cupid, though all his darts were lost,
Yet still resolv'd to spare no cost :
He could not answer to his fame
The triumphs of that stubborn dame,
A nymph so hard to be subdued,
Who neither was coquette nor prude.
I find, said he, she wants a doctor,
Both to adore her, and instruct her:
I'll give her what she most admires,

500 Among those venerable fires.



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Cadenus is a fubject fit,
Grown old in politicks and wit,
Caress’d by ministers of State,
Of half mankind the dread and hate.
Whate’er vexations love attend,
She need no rivals apprehende
Her fex, with universal voice,
Must laugh at her capricious choice.

Cadenus many things had writ:
Vanessa much esteem'd his wit,
And calld for his poetic works :
Mean time the boy in secret lurks;
And, while the book was in her hand,
The urchin from his private stand
Took aim, and shot with all his strength
A dart of such prodigious length,
It pierc'd the feeble volume through,
And deep transfix'd her bosom too.
Some lines, more moving than the rest,
Stuck to the point that pierc'd her breast,
And, borne directly to the heart,
With pains unknown, increas'd her smart.

Vanessa, not in years a score,
Dreams of a gown of forty-four;
Imaginary charms can find
In eyes with reading almoit blind :
Cadenus now no more appears
Declin'd in health, advanc'd in years.
She fancies musick in his tongue;
Nor farther looks, but thinks him young.





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