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Art. X. General Observations on the former and present Geo-

logical Condition of the Countries discovered by

Captains Parry and Ross. By Professor JAMESON, 104

XI. Remarks tending to explain the Geological History

of the Earth. By Professor ESMARK,


XII. Observations on the Structure and Functions of the

Sponge. By R. E. GRANT, M.D. F.R.S.E. F.L.S.

M.W.S. Honorary Member of the Northern Insti-

tution, &c. Communicated by the Author. Con-

cluded from the preceding Volume, p. 351. With

a Plate


XIII. Enumeration of the Instruments requisite for Me-

teorological Observations; with Remarks on the

mode of conducting such Observations. By Pro-

fessor LESLIE,


XIV. Description of the Eruption of Long Lake and Mud

Lake, in Vermont, and of the desolation effected

by the rush of the waters through Barton River,

and the lower country, towards Lake Memphre-

magog, in the summer of 1810, in a Letter to Prof.

Silliman. By the Rev. S. EDWARDS Dwight.

With a Plan of the Lakes,


XV. Information regarding the Overland Arctic Expe-


XVI. On the Luminousness observed in the Eyes of Hu-

man Beings, and also in those of Cats, Dogs,

Horses, and Sheep. By Dr CHARLES LUDWIG



XVII. Account of the Habits of the Turkey Buzzard (Vul-

tur aura), particularly with the view of exploding

the opinion generally entertained of its extraordi-

nary power of Smelling. In a Letter to Professor

JAMESON, by John J. AUDUBON, Citizen of the

United States,

XVIII. List of Rare Plants which have Flowered in the

Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh, during the

last three months; with Descriptions of several

New Plants. Communicated by Dr GRAHAM, 184

XIX. Celestial Phenomena from January 1. to April 1.

1827, calculated for the Meridian of Edinburgh,

Mean Time. By Mr GEORGE INNES, Aberdeen, 188

7. Account of Libellulite found at Solenhoffen. 8. Beds

Sea-shells, nearly in a fresh state, 200 feet above the le-

vel of the Sea. 9. Green-sand formation in Sweden.

10. Coal of Hoganäs. 11. Hill of Magnetic Iron-Ore.

12. Hyæna Cave,



13. Crystallizations of Sulphate and Carbonate of Lead ob-

served by M. Hartmann. 14. Geognostic Position of

Platina in America. 15. Jet discovered in Wigtonshire.

16. Geognostical Distribution of Gold in the Uralian

Mountains. 17. Geognostic situation of the Siberian

Platina. 18. Cordierite found in Norway. 19. Magni-
ficent Crystals of Sulphate of Iron, or Green Vitriol.
20. Iserine and Iron-sand in Cheshire. 21. Bismuth
Cobalt-Ore. 22. Selenium in Red Copper-Ore, 197-201


23. Discovery of a New Substance in Sea Water. 24. Iodine

and Lithion in the Mineral Springs of Theodoreshall at

Kreutznach. 25. Thickness of Salt Water Ice, 201, 202


26. Sword Fish found in the Frith of Forth. 27. Discovery

of the Circulation of the Blood in Insects. 28. Turf-

[blocks in formation]

Art. X. On the Structure and Characters of the Octopus ven-

tricosus, Gr. (Sepia octopodia, Pent.), a rare spe-

cies of Octopus from the Firth of Forth. By R. E.

GRANT, M. D. F. R. S. E. &c. Fellow of the Royal

College of Physicians of Edinburgh, Honorary

Member of the Northern Institution, &c. Com-

municated by the Author,


XI. Meteorological Observations made in Jamaica by the

late John Lindsay, Esq. Surgeon, Jamaica. Com-

municated by W.C. TREVELYAN, Esq. M.W.S. &c. 317

XII. A Description of the genus Malesherbia of the Flora

Peruviana; with Remarks on its Affinities. By

Mr David Don, Libr. L. S.; Member of the Impe-

rial Academy Naturæ Curiosorum, of the Werne-

rian Nat. Hist. Society, &c.


XIII. Account of a Gelatinous Quartz or Siliceous Sinter,

which forms the basis of varieties of Old Red Sand-

stone. By M. T. GUILLEMIN,


XIV. Experiments to compare the specific Heat of Air un-

der a constant volume, with its specific Heat under

a constant pressure. By Mr Henry MEIKLE. Com-

municated by the Author,


XV. On the Detection of Arsenic in cases of Poisoning.



XVI. On a Chemical Composition of Zinkenite and Jame-

sonite. By H. Rose, Member of the Royal Aca-

demy of Berlin. And Description and Analysis of

Pyrochlore, a new Mineral. By F. WÖHLER, 341

XVII. The Law of the Preservation of Species, illustrated

by the Phenomena of the seed of the Stipa pennata.

By Mr John MacVicar, Lecturer on Natural His-

tory in St Andrew's. (With a Plate.) Communi-

cated by the Author,


XVIII. Account of the Observations and Experiments made

on the Diurnal Variation and Intensity of the Mag-

netic Needle, by Captain Parry, Lieutenant Foster,

and Lieutenant Ross, in Captain Parry's Third

Voyage; with Remarks and Illustrations. By Pe-

TER Barlow, F. R. S. Mem. of the Imperial Aca-

demy of St Petersburgh, &c. (With a Plate.)

Communicated by the Author,


XIX. On the Use of a Simple Syphon as a Hydrometer. By

Mr H. MEIKLE. Communicated by the Author, 366

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