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Containing an impartial relation of all transactions, foreign and domestick: with a Chronological diary of all the remarkable occurrences, viz. births, marriages, deaths, removals, promotions, etc. that happened throughout the year: together with the characters and parentage of persons deceased on the eminent rank ...

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Страница 202 - And if it thus continues, wherein will it differ from the standing armies of those countries which have already submitted their necks to the yoke? We are now come to the Rubicon; our army is now to be reduced, or...
Страница 201 - Sir, I talk not of imaginary things ; I talk of what has happened to an English House of Commons, and from an English army ; not only from an English army, but an army that was raised by that very House of Commons, an army that was paid by them, and an army that was commanded by generals appointed by them.
Страница 200 - Sir, are already enslaved, and have been enslaved by those very means : by means of their standing armies they have every one lost their liberties : it is indeed impossible that the liberties of the people can be preserved in any country where a numerous standing army is kept up.
Страница 202 - Caesars at Rome did pretty well, and found means to keep their armies in tolerable subjection, because the generals and officers were all their own creatures. But how did it fare with their successors?
Страница 202 - ... any number of years, or any number of months ? How long have we already continued our army from year to year ? And if it thus continues...
Страница 181 - Truft for them ; which was received and read a firft Time, and ordered to be read a fecond Time.
Страница 290 - Of all the taxes I ever could think of, there is not one more general nor one less felt, than that of the duty upon salt. The duty upon salt is a tax that every man in the nation contributes to according to his circumstances and condition in life...
Страница 200 - I have a very good opinion of many gentlemen now in the army ; I believe they would not join in any such measures. But their lives are uncertain : nor can we be sure how long they may be continued in command. They may be all dismissed in a moment and proper tools of power put in their room.
Страница 201 - Where was there ever an army that had served their country more faithfully ? That army was commanded generally by the best citizens of Rome, by men of great fortune and figure in their country ; yet that army enslaved their country. The affections of the soldiers...
Страница 181 - A<5b for ciaking more effectual the Laws in Being for difabling Perfons from being chofen Members of, or fitting or voting in the Houfe of Commons, who have any...