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Years ago.

. 264




On Precious Stones

Once a Week . 1 Foreign Notes

Our Exchanges . . 196

The Spectral Rout, by Frances P. Cobbe Shilling Magazine . 5 Ave Maria

Wife's Litany, etc. 197


The Spectator 12 France, the United States, and Mexico. London Review .

Who was Frederick Robertson?

Christian World 14 A Blue-Coat Boy's Story

Chambers's Journal 199

More of “Our Dogg”.

Dr. John Brown 17 The Book of Perfumes

London Society .


Our Brown Passenger, by Henry Kingsley Once a Week. 18 Authors' Rights and Gains in France The Athenceum.

An Apology for the Nerves,

The Argosy

25 Club-Life in London

The Eraminer

28 Belgian Bone Caves

Sand-Martins, by Jean Ingelow


The Reader

29 Mr. Tupper's Work as a Poet.

The Fenians of Bally bogmucky, by F. P. Cobbe“


The Spectator

An Essay on an Old Subject, by A. Smith

34 Underground Perils

Fortnightly Review 212

A Night in the Coliseum

Shilling Magazine. 37 | Traits of Republican Life

All the Year Round 216

Hero-Worship in Extremis

Saturday Review 39 | The Fair Fanariote

Sixpenny Mayazine 221

Fast and Firm : & Romance at Marseilles London Society. 41 | Foreign Notes

Our Exchanges. 222

Engraving with a Sunbeam.

London Review. 46 The Gypsies' Song

Once a Week.


George Crabbe, by Mrs. S. C. Hall Art Journal

48 | An Elizabethan Valentine

London Society.


The Maroons of Jamaica

Once a week.

50 The Swindler as Artist

The Spectator 225

Uncle Jacob's Wife

Chambers's Journal 52 The Watch-Tower

Once a Week,


The Times

Brigandage in Greece.

57 | John Gibson.


London Review

Stapleford Grange.

AU the Year Round 58 Real Brigands

All the Year Round 232

Gustave Doré

London Review . 60 A Deed of Darkness, by J. Rufini

The Argosy.


From Year's End to Year's End

Once a Week, 62 My Countrymen, by Matthew Arnold The Cornhill Mag. 240


The Atheneum. 68 Dreams of the Two Emperors



Days of Derry

Fraser's Magazine 69 | Foreign Notes

Our Exchanges. 249

Birds in Winter.

Illustrated News 76 My Vis-d-Vis, by F. 4. White. English Paper


Charles Dickens

The Reader

79 Who shall deliver Me? by Christina G.

Christmas in a Summer-House

Once a Week

80 Rossetti

The Argosy


Foreign Notes

Our Exchanges. 83 Fra Giacamo, by Robert Buchanan Temple Bar



Temple Bar

85 On a Song in “The Princess"

Shilling Magazine 254

Boston Portraits in French Setting Revue des Deux Mondes 85 Spirit-Rapping a Hundred and Fifty

A Hidden Treasure, by Mrs. Oliphant

The Argosy


Fortnightly Review 255

“Peace on Earth," by Thomas Hughes. Macmillan's Mag.. 91 On Forming Opinions of Books, by Mat-

A Question of Minutes

Good Words

95 thew Browne

The Argosy

. 261

Parisian Female Extravagance

London Society. 100 | Under the Snow

Science Gossip .

Her Majesty's Mint

St. James's Mag. 104 The Old Yeomanry Weeks, by the Au-

William Cowper

Fortnightly Review 106 thor of “Citoyenne Jacqueline" Good Words


Science and Arts

Chambers's Journal 109 Parliamentary Oratory

London Review 273

Eugénie de Guérin

London Review. . 110 Supposed to be Haunted

St. James's Mag. 274

The Earl о' Quarterdeck

The Argosy · · · 112 Thyrsis, a New Poem, by Matthew Ar-

Curious Kings

London Review. 113


From Advance Sheets 278

Daddy Dodd.

All the Year Round 114 My Experience in a Greek Quarantine The Cornhill Mag. 281

Colloquial Fallacics

Saturday Review 119 Stuck Fast

All the Year Round 286

The Operations of Lawrence Reeve London Society 121 An Alpine Storm

Fraser's Magazine 288

Lightning Photographed .

The Reader

126 A Visit to a Lucifer-Match Manufactory The Working Man 291

The Confessions of Puff

The Atheneum.

What was it?

All the Year Round 293

Cigars from Elsinore

St. James's Mag. A Chinese Lying-in-State

Sixpenny Magazine 297

A Cup of Coffee, by Baron Liebig Popular Science Rev. 135 What I saw of the Pearl-Fishery. The Leisure Hour 299

A Royal Poet

All the Year Round 137

Spiders, by Adam White (late of the Brit-

Foreign Notes

Our Exchanges 138 ish Museum).

Good Words

Naughty Nelly, by Arthur Munby Shilling Magazine 140 A Century of Potting .

Pall Mall Gazette. 305

Civitas Dei, by William Allingham

The Aryosy

140 Foreign Notes

Our Exchanges. 306

Shadows of the Old Booksellers

The Spectator

141 Gone to the Trunkmaker's

New Monthly Mag. 309

A Night in a Workhouse

Pall Mall Gazette. 142 La Sonnambula .

St. James's Mag. 311

Popular Toys

London Review . 149 Periodic Phenomena

Science Gossip 315

Aboard the Promised Land

All the Year Round 151 The Senior Wrangler .

London Society. 316

An Old Graveyard

The Times . 158 Ballads from the Spanish, by Ed. Head Fraser's Magazine 320

Recent Italian Literature

T'emple Bar . 159 Cherbourg, after Théophile Gautier Bentley's Miscellany 321

Victor Hugo's New Volume of Poems Le Temps .

165 The Good Ship Shooting Star

All the Year Round 325

Foreign Notes

Our Erchanges. 166 Modern Eccentrics.

Temple Bar


Symbols of Victory.

Poems of the Inner Life 168 A German Athletic Festival

London Society 334

A Shakespeare Annual in Germany Blutter fur Literarische Mary Anerley, by Arthur J. Munby. Macmillan's Mag.. 336

Unterhaltung . 169 Sondet, hy Sydney Dobell

The Argosy


My Nile Boat

Once a Week. 170 Mr. Bancroft as the “ Young Columbian" The Spectator 337

The Paternity of Anecdotes .

London Review , 173 The Law of Borough English. A Law-

Boulton and Watt

The Times

yer's Story

St. James's Mag. , 839

A Comfortable Doctrine

Pall Mall Gazette . 178 A Lost Art

Chambers's Journal 344


All the Year Round 179 The Brooch of Bruce

Gentleman's Mag. 346

Sir Heory Mullory's Story, by H. Kingsley The Argosy 182 The Minister's Sandy and Jess

Fraser's Magazine 348

A Visit to the Soene of Comus

Once a Week. 188 Manuscript Hunting in England . Book-Worm


In Jeopardy.

All the Year Round 192 | An Old Scandal in a New Light

English Paper



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