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Sudden, plump, he sinks beneath them
Does to ruthless waves bequeath them.
Name or title, what has he?
Is he regent of the sea ?
From the difficulty free us,
Buffon, Banks, or sage Linnæus!
With his wondrous attributes
Say—what appellation suits ?
By his bulk and by his size,
By his oily qualities,
This, or else my eye-sight fails,
This should be the Prince of Whales.

Adieu to sweet Mary for ever!

From her I must quickly depart:
Though the fates us from each other sever,

Still her image shall dwell in my heart.
The flame that within my breast burns

Is unlike what in lovers' hearts glows; The love which for Mary I feel

Is far purer than Cupid bestows. I wish not your peace to disturb,

I wish not your joys to molest; Mistake not my passion for love,

'T is your friendship alone I request. Not ten thousand lovers could feel

The friendship my bosom contains; It will ever within my heart dwell,

While the warm blood flows through my veins. May the Ruler of Heaven look down,

And my Mary from evil defend !
May she ne'er know adversity's frown!

May her happiness ne'er have an end!
Once more, my sweet Mary, adieu !

Farewell! I with anguish repeat; For ever I'll think upon you,

While this heart in my bosom shall beat.


(Written in a Lady's Scrap-Book.)
I am not in youth, nor in manhood, nor age,

But in infancy ever am known;
I'm a stranger alike to the fool and the sage,
And though I'm distinguish'd in history's page,

I always am greatest alone.
I am not in earth, nor the sun, nor the moon;

You may search all the sky-I'm not there:
In the morning and evening-though not in the noon,
You may plainly perceive me-for, like a balloon,

I am midway suspended in air.
I am always in riches, and yet I am told

Wealth ne'er did my presence desire;
I dwell with the miser, but not with his gold,
And sometimes I stand in his chimney so cold,

Though I serve as a part of the fire.
I often am met in political life-

In my absence no kingdom can be;
And they say there can neither be friendship nor strife,
No one can live single, no one take a wife,

Without interfering with me.
My brethren are many, and of my whole race

Not one is more slender and tall;
And though not the eldest, I hold the first place,
And even in dishonour, despair, and disgrace,

I boldly appear 'mong them all.
Though disease may possess me, and sickness and pain,

I am never in sorrow or gloom; Though in wit and in wisdom I equally reign, I'm the heart of all sin, and have long lived in vain,

Yet I ne'er shall be found in the tomb.

I HEARD thy fate without a tear,

Thy loss with scarce a sigh;
And yet thou wert surpassing dear-

Too loved of all to die.
I know not what hath sear'd mine eye:

The tears refuse to start;
But every drop its lids deny

Falls dreary on my heart.
Yes--deep and heavy, one by one,

They sink, and turn to care;
As cavern'd waters wear the stone,

Yet, dropping, harden there.
They cannot petrify more fast

Than feelings sunk remain,
Which, coldly fix'd, regard the past,

But never melt again.



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conversazioni, 316 n. The he! promptu on her taking a villa
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to, 823, 833.
by the, 61.

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his monument,' 848.
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rather too warmly drawn,' 27. Birch, Alderman, 183 n.

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vising Lord Byron to mix more - dead inhabit the forms of, 222. 131, 154.
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Narrative of



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cord's torches,' 774.
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Richard the First' sold to line!
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magne,’ 64 n.

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874. The Triptolemus of the Bri- | theory, 724.

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tish farmer,' 573. His exclama- Briareus, 683.

music, 254.
tion on the loss of his old guard, Bride of Abydos; a Turkish Tale, Burns, Robert, 62. What would
724. His character, 115, 116 n. 210, 660 n.

he have been, if a patrician?'
592, 593n. 'Ode to,'868. 'Lines Bridge of Sighs, 127, 147.

61 n. His youthful pranks, 645.
on his escape from Elba,' 873. Brig of Balgounie,' 720 n.

His rank among poets, 830. Often
Boniface VIII., 158.

* Bright be the place of thy soul!'846. coarse, but never vulgar,' 841.
Bonn, 724.
Brighton, Pavilion at, 758.

His • Elegy on Maillie, 848!..
* Bonne fortune,' 757.

Brissot de Warville, 592, 593 n. Burun, Ralph de, xi. n. 3.
Bonnivard, François de, account of,

Busby, Thomas, Mus. Doct., 192."
Bristol, Earl of, 190 n.

His monologue on the opening of
Bons-mots, 751.
• British Critic,' 781.

Drury Lane Theatre, 863 r. Pa-1
Booby, Lady, €74.

* British Review,' "The Old Girl's rody on his monologue,' 863. i
Boon, Daniel, the Kentuckian backa Review,' 344. “My Grandmo- . But once I dared to lift my eyes,
woodsman, 703.

ther's Review,' 511 n., 614. Its 904.
Bores,' 750.

abuse of 'Don Juan,' 782. Lord Bute, Lord, 404.
Borghese, villa, 167.

Byron's "Letter to the Editor of,' Butler, Dr. (head master at Ha-
Borghetto, 162, 163.


row), 10n., 64n. Reconciliatise
Borgia, Lucretia, xxiii.

Brocken, superstition of the, 490. between Lord Byron and, 10 ..
Born in a garret, in a kitchen bred,'| Bronze wolf of Rome described, 145, Lines on his being appointed!

head master at Harrow,' 10.
Borysthenes, the, 318.

Brougham, Henry, esq. (afterwards Portrait of, 31 n.
Boscan, Almogavà, 603.

| Lord Brougham and Vaux), xv. By the rivers of Babylon,' 259.
Bosphorus, the, 662.

45, 57.

| Byng, Admiral, his court martial,
· Bosquet de Julie,' 121 n. 123 n., Broughton, the regicide, his monu 74 n.
Boswell, 410 n. "Life of Johnson'l ment at Vevay, 121 n.

Byron, Sir John, the Little, with
quoted, 186 n.

Brown, Dr. Thomas, his Paradise the great beard, 3 R. 28 ..
Bosworth, battle of, xi. n. 3 n. of Coquettes,' 803.

Byron, two of the family of, at the
* Bosworth Field,'Lord Byron's pro- Browne, Sir Thomas, his Religio siege of Calais, and the batde of
jected epic entitled, xv.n.

Medici' quoted, 212 n. His en Cressy, xi. n. 3 n.
Botany Bay, 645.

comium on sleep, 651 n. Byron, Sir John, created (1643)
Bourbon, Duke of, Constable of Bruce, Abyssinian, bis description Baron Byron of Rochdale; some
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of a simoom, 199 n.

account of, 3, 4 n.
Bouts-rimés, 773.

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by Lord Clarendon, 3.
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