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T. DAVISON, Lombard-street,

Whitefriars, London.

cumbe. Its consequences. The Admiralty offered to Lord

Gower. Conduct of the Court. Second conference with

the Duke of Bedford. Breaks off. .. - 34

CHAP. XXXIII. Further arrangements. Lord Chatham

regrets the loss of Lord Temple. Seized with the gout at

Bath and at Marlborough. Comes to Hampstead. Another

change meditated. General Conway wishes to resign. Lord

Northington wishes to resign. King's message to Lord

Chatham. Duke of Newcastle is very anxious to preserve

the union of the proposition. Application to Lord Rock-

ingham. Declaration of the Duke of Bedford, Lord

Temple, and Mr. Grenville. Declaration of the Duke of

Newcastle. Conference at Newcastle House. Breaks off.

Importance of the minister of the House of Commons.

America the true cause. Second conference at Newcastle

House. Anecdotes of Mr. Lowndes's Tickets, and of the

Judge's Tickets. Nabob of Arcot's Members. , Judge

Yates tampered with. Lord Rockingham waits on the

King. Lord Holland advises the King. . . 44

Chap. XXXIV. Mr. Townshend resolves to be minister.

Dies. Lord North appointed. Lord Chatham goes into

Somersetshire. The Bedford interest join the ministry.

Duke of Bedford's apology to Mr. Grenville, and Mr.

Grenville's answer. Lord Chatham returns to Hayes.

French purchase Corsica. Difference between the Duke

of Bedford and Lord Shelburne. Lord Rochfort resigns.

Lord Shelburne resigns. Fine Diamond Ring presented

to his Majesty. Lord Rochfort made Secretary of State,

with the reasons. Lord Chatham resigns. Lord Bute

goes abroad. Lord Townshend continues in Ireland. 64

CHAP. XXXV. Reconciliation between Lord Chatham and

Lord Temple. Distraction of the country. Lord Chatham's

speech on the address at the beginning of the year 1770. • 74

CHAP. XXXVI. Speeches of the Marquis of Rockingham,

the Duke of Grafton, and Lord Chatham, on the state of

the nation. Union of Lord Chatham with Lord Rocking-

ham. Duke of Grafton resigns. - - . - - 108

CHAP. XXXVII. Lord Chatham's speech on the decision of

the House of Commons on the Middlesex Election. His

speech on secret influence. On the civil list, and dismission

of Lord Camden. Fact concerning Queen Anne's civil list.

Mr. Grenville's election bill . . .


CHAP. XXXVIII. Lord Chatham's bill on the Middlesex Elec-

tion, and speech in support of the bill. Lord Chatham's

motion and speech on the King's answer to a petition from

the City of London. His motion for a dissolution of parliae

ment. Some heads of a speech on representation. His Let-

ter to Lord Temple on that subject. Anecdote on the same

subject from Lord Buchan. Goes into Somersetshire. - 156

CHAP. XXXIX. Thanks of the City of London to Lord

Chatham, and his Lordship's answer. His speech on the

seizure of Falkland's Islands. Secret and interesting history

of that memorable negotiation. Resignation of Lord

Hawke. Explanatory Note. Double Cabinet. . - 169

CHAP. XL. Lord Chatham renews the discussion of the Mid-

dlesex Election. Attacks Lord Mansfield's doctrine of

libels. Interruption of the Duke of Manchester. Violent

disturbance made by the court party. The minority secede.

Motion respecting Gibraltar. The Spanish declaration. Re-

marks by Lord Chatham. His questions intended for the

Judges. Lord Chatham's speech on the motion to rescind

the resolution concerning the Middlesex Election. Lord

Chatham's motion to address the King to dissolve the Par.

liament. His wish to go to America.

Char. XLI. Two interesting anecdotes of the origin of the

American War. Impositions upon the people of England.

(Lord Chatham's speech against quartering troops in Ameri-

ca. His speech against the Quebec Bill. - '.'239

CHAP. XLII. Lord Chatham's motion to withdraw the troops -

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