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The worms were hallowed, that did breed the filk;
And it was dy'd in Mummey, which the skilful
Conferv'd of Maidens' hearts.

Def. Indeed! is't true?

Oth. Moft veritable, therefore look to't well.
Def. Then would to heaven that I had never feen't!
Oth. Ha? wherefore?

Def. Why do you speak so startingly, and 9 rash? Oth. Is't loft? is't gone? fpeak, is it out o' th' way ?

Def. Blefs us!

Oth. Say you


Def. It is not loft; but what, an if it were?
Oth. Ha!

Def. I fay, it is not loft.

Oth. Fetch't, let me fee't.

Def. Why, fo I can, Sir; but I will not now. This is a trick to put me from my fuit,

Pray you, let Caffio be receiv'd again.

Oth. Fetch me the handkerchief. My mind mif gives.

Def. Come, you'll ne'er meet a more fufficient man. Oth. The handkerchief

Def. I pray talk me of Caffio.

Oth. The handkerchief.

Def. A man, that, all his time,

Hath founded his good fortunes on your love;

Shar'd dangers with you.

Oth. The handkerchief

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Def. Infooth, you are to blame.

Oth. Away!

raf?] Is vehement, violent.

[Exit Othello



Manent Defdemona and Emilia.

Emil. Is not this man jealous?
Def. I ne'er faw this before.

Sure, there's fome wonder in this handkerchief::
I'm most unhappy in the lofs of it.



Emil. 'Tis not a year, or two, fhews us a man: They are all but ftomachs, and we all but food They eat us hungerly, and, when they're full, They belch us. Look you! Caffio, and my husband

Enter Iago and Caffio.

lago. There is no other way. 'Tis fhe must do't. And lo, the happiness. Go and importune her. Def. How now, good Caffio, what's the news with you?

Caf. Madam, my former fuit. I do beseech you, That by your virtuous means I may again Exift, and be a member of his love;

■ 'Tis not a year, or two, fhers us a man:] From this line it may be conjectured, that the authour intended the action of this play to be confidered as longer than is marked by any note of time. Since their arrival at Cyprus, to which they were hurried on their weddingnight, the fable feems to have been in one continual progrefs, nor can I fee any vacuity into which a year or two, or even a month or two, could be put. On

the night of Othello's arrival, a feaft was proclaimed; at that feaft Caffio was degraded, and immediately applies to Desdemona to get him restored. lago indeed advises Othello to hold him off a while, but there is no reafon to think, that he has been held off long. A little longer interval would increase the probability of the ftory, though it might violate the rules of the drama.


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Whom I, with all the duty of my heart,
Intirely honour. I would not be delay'd;
If my offence be of fuch mortal kind,
That neither service paft, nor prefent forrows,
Nor purpos'd merit in futurity

Can ranfom me into his love again;

3 But to know fo, must be my benefit.
So fhall I clothe me in a forc'd content,

* And shoot myself up in fome other course,
To fortune's alms.

Def. Alas! thrice-gentle Caffio,

My advocation is not now in tune;

My Lord is not my Lord; nor fhould I know him,
Were he in favour, as in humour, alter'd.

So help me every fpirit fanctified,

As I have spoken for you all my best;


And stood within the blank of his difpleasure,

For my free speech! You must a-while be patient;
What I can do, I will: and more I will

Than for myself I dare. Let that fuffice you.
Iago. Is my Lord angry?

Emil. He went hence but now;

And, certainly, in ftrange unquietnefs.

Iago. Can he be angry? I have seen the Cannon, When it hath blown his ranks into the air,

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And, like the Devil, from his very arm

Puft his own brother; and can he be angry? Something of moment then. I will go meet him.. There's matter in't, indeed, if he be angry. [Exit.

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Manent Desdemona, Emilia, and Caffio.

Def. I pr'ythee, do fo.--Something, fure, of State,
Either from Venice, of fome unhatch'd practice,
Made here demonftrable in Cyprus to him,
Hath puddled his clear fpirit; and, in such cases,
Men's natures wrangle with inferior things,
Tho' great ones are their object. 'Tis ev'n fo.
For let our finger ake, and it endues

Our other healthful members with a fenfe
Of pain. Nay, we must think, men are not Gods;
Nor of them look for fuch obfervance always,
As fits the bridal. Befhrew nie much, Emilia,
I was, unhandfome warrior as I am,
Arraigning his unkindnefs with my foul;
But now I find, I had fuborn'd the witnefs,
And he's indited falfely.

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9 --unhandfome WARRIOR as I am,] How this came to be fo blundered, I cannot corceive. It is plain Shakespear


-unhandfome WRANGLER as
I am.

So Antony and Cleopatra,
-fie wrangling Queen.

WARBURTON. Unhandfome warrior, is evidently unfair affailant.

Emil. Pray heaven, it be

State-matter, as you think; and no conception,
Nor jealous toy concerning you.

Def. Alas-the-day, I never gave him cause.

Emil. But jealous fouls will not be answer'd fo; They are not ever jealous for a cause ;

But jealous, for they're jealous. It's a monfter
Begot upon itself, born on itself.

Def. Heaven, keep that monster from Othello's


Emil. Lady, amen.

Def. I will go feek him. Caffio, walk hereabout If I do find him fit, I'll move your fuit,

And seek t' effect it to my uttermoft.

Caf. I humbly thank your Ladyfhip.

[Exeunt Defdemona and Emilia at one door; Caffio, at the other.



Changes to the Street before the Palace.

Re-enter Caffio, meeeting Bianca.

Bian. SAVE you, friend Caffio.

Caf. What makes you from home?

How is it with you, my moft fair Bianca ?
Indeed, sweet Love, I was coming to your houfe.
Bian. And I was going to your lodging, Caffio.
What? keep a week away? feven days and nights?
Eightscore eight hours? and lovers' abfent hours,
More tedious than the dial, eightscore times?
Oh weary reck❜ning!

Caf. Pardon me, Bianca:

I have this while with leaden thoughts been preft;

[blocks in formation]
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