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the lieutenant governor and crown officers deter.) rence with the daring spirit of the man, who mined to circulate them, resolved to counteract all was always foremost in danger.] their movements, and obtain possession of the

“His next oration was delivered March 5th, 1775. Btamped paper.

It was at his own solicitation that he was appointed “About one hundred and fifty volunteers were to the duty a second time. The fact is illustrative Boon organized and armed for the purpose; and two of his character, and wortby of remembrance.-nights after, boats being provided at Lamboll's Some British officers of the army then in Boston, bridge, on the west end of South Bay, they formed had publicly declared that it should be at the price and marched towards that place for embarkation. of the life of any man to speak of the event of From thence, they proceeded in boats across Ash. March 5, 1770, on that anniversary. Warren's soul ley river, and landed, after twelve o'clock at night, took fire at such a threat, so openly made, and be on James' Island, between Style's plantation and wished for the honor of braving it. This was reathe fort. They then proceeded towards the dily granted, for at such a time a man would pro. fort, and halting at a small distance from it, a bably find but few rivals. Many who would spurn reconnoitering party was sent forward. This par. the thought of personal fear, might be apprehenty proceeded to the draw.bridge unnoticed, or sive that they would be so far disconcerted as to challenged by sentries; and finding it down, through forget their discourse. It is easier to fight bravethe omission of the garrison, they immediately rely, than to think clearly or correctly in danger.turned and reported the same.

Passion sometimes nerves the arm to fight, but dis. "The whole body of volunteers then advanced turbs the regular current of thought. The day upon the fort; and arriving at the bridge, they cross-came, and the weather was remarkably fine. The ed it without opposition-pressed through the in- Old South meeting-house was crowded at an early per gate, which was not secured, and immediately hour. The British officers occupied the aisles, the possessed themselves of the fort. Only one sol. fight of steps to the pulpit, and several of them dier was found a wake; and before he could give the were within it. It was not precisely known whealarm, the remainder of the garrison was secured, ther this was accident or design. The orator, with except Lloyd, its commander, who bad not slept the assistance of his friends, made his entrance at there that night. The garrison were then placed the pulpit window by a ladder. The officers, seeunder a guard-the bridge was drawn up--and a ing his coolness and intrepidity, made way for him search commenced for the obnoxious stamped pa- to advance and address the audience. An awful per. This, to the great joy of the volunteers, was stillness preceded his exordium. Each man felt the at length found in one of the rooms of the barracks, palpitations of his own heart, and saw the pale but and a guard was placed over it. Preperations were determined face of his neighbour. The speaker then made for maintaining the fort against any at. began his oration in a firm tone of voice, and pro. tack which might be made upon it by the sloop of ceeded with great energy and pathos. Warren and war, when day light should arrive; and for this pur. his friends were prepared to chastise contumely, pose, the cannon on the platforms were loaded with prevent disgrace, and avenge an attempt at assasball and grape shot, matches were provided,

sination. number of men were stationed at each gun; and a

The scene was sublime; a patriot in whom the fag, sbewing a blue field, with three white cres. flush of youth, and the grace and dignity of man. cents, which the volunteers had brought with hood were combined, stood armed in the sanctuary them for the purpose, was hoisted on the flag staff of God, to animate and encourage the sons of liber. of the fort.

ty, and to hurl defiance at their oppressors. The ora

tor commenced with the early bistory of the coun-. GENERAL WARREN,

try, described the tenure by which we held our li[It is well remembered, that this ardent patriot berties and property--the affection webad constant

twice mounted the rostrum to address bis fellow ly shown the parent country, and boldly told them citizens on the subject of the massacre of the bow, and by whom these blessings of life bad 5th of March; but the occasion of bis second ap. been violated. There was in this appeal to Britain pointment for that purpose is not generally known -in this description of suffering, agony and hor

Mr. Krare, in his "biographical sketches," ror, a calm and high-souled defiance which just published, bas given the following very in- must have chilled the blood of every sensible foe. teresting explanation of it, which is in concur. Such another hour has seldom happened in the his.

and a

tory of man, and is not surpassed in the records of Gen. Washington, unwilling to relinquish the ob. nations. The thunders of Demosthenes rolled at a ject, requested major general Parsons to select & distance from Philip and his host—and Tully pour person, in whom he could confide, voluntarily to en. ed the fiercest torrent of his invective when Cata-gage in the enterprize; the latter being well acline was at a distance, and his dagger no longer to quainted with the heroic spirit, the patriotism, and be feared; but Warren's speech was made to proud the firm and steady courage of the deceased above oppressors resting on their arms, whose errand it mentioned, immediately communicated the plan and was to overawe, and whose business it was to fight the offer, wbich he accepted, observing that his life

If the deed of Brutus deserved to be commemo- was at general Wasbington's service. After pracrated by history, poetry, painting and sculpture, tising the machine, until he understood its powers should not this instance of patriotism and bravery of balancing and moving under water, a night was be held in lasting remembrance? If he,

fixed upon for the attempt. General Washington, "That struck the foremost man of all this world,' and his associates in the secret, took their stations. was hailed as the first of freemen, what honors are

upon the roof of a house in Broadway, anxiously not due to him, who, undismayed, bearded the Bri- waiting the result. Morning came and no intellitish lion, to show the world what his countrymen gence could be had of the intrepid sub-marine nedared to do in the cause of liberty? If the statue of vigator, nor could the boat who attended him, give Brutus uere placed among those of the gods, who any account of him after parting with him the first were the preservers of Roman freedom, should not

part of the night. While these anxious spectators that of Warren fill a lofty niche in the temple rear. were about to give him up as lost, several barges ed to perpetuate the rememberance of our birth as were seen to start suddenly from Governor's Island, a nation?"

(then in possession of the British), and proceed

towards some object near the Asia ship of the line, CAPTAIN EZRA LEE.

-as suddenly they were seen to put about and FROM THE COMMERCIAL ADVERTISER, Nov. 1821

steer for the Island with springing oars. In two or Died, at Lyme, (Connecticut), on the 29th ult.

three minutes an explosion took place, from the sur. Captain EZRA LEE, aged 72, a revolutionary offi

face of the water, resembling a water spout, which cer. It is not a little remarkable, that this oficer is

aroused the whole city and region; the enemy ships the only man, of which it can be said, that he fought took the alarm-signals were rapidly given the the enemy upon land-upon water and under the

ships cut their cables and proceeded to the Hook, water; the latter mode of warfare was as follows:—with all possible dispatch, sweeping their bottoms

When the British Aleet lay in the North River, op. with chains, and with difficulty prevented their afposite to the city of New-York, and while general frighted crews from leaping overboard. Washington bad possession of the city, he was very desirous to be rid of such neighbors.-- A Mr. Bush. During this scene of consternation, the deceased nell, of Saybrook, (Conn.)who had the genius of a came to the surface, opened the brass head of his Fulton, constructed a sub-marine machine, of a coni. aquatic machine; rose up and gave a signal for the cal form, bound together with iron bands, within boat to come to bim, but they could not reach bim, which one person might sit, and with cranks and until he again descended under water, to avoid the skulls, could navigate it to any depth under water. enemy's shot from the Island, who had discovered In the upper part was affixed a vertical screw for and commenced firing in bis wake. Having forced the purpose of penetrating ships bottoms, and to himself against a strong current under water until this was attached a magazine of powder, within without the reach of shot, he was taken in tow and which was a clock, which, on being set to run any landed at the battery amidst a great crowd, and regiven time, would, when run down, spring a gun-ported himself to general Washington, who express. lock, and an explosion would follow. This Marine ed his entire satisfaction, that the object was effect Turtle, so called, was examined by gen. Washing-ed, without the loss of lives. The deceased was ton, and approved; to preserve secrecy, it was ex. under the Asia's bottom more than two hours, enperimented within an inclosed yard, over twenty to deavoring to penetrate her copper, but in vain. He thirty feet water, and kept during day.light locked frequently came up under her stern galleries search. in a vessel's hold. The brother of the inventor was to ing for exposed plank, and could hear the sentinels be the person to navigate the machine into action, cry. Once he was discovered by the watch on but on sinking it the first time, he declined the ser. deck, and heard them speculate upon bim, but convice:

cluded a drifted log had paid them a visit-here. turned to ber keel and examined it fore and aft, and Upon reading the Boston reminiscence of the ter: then proceeded to some other ships; but the impos. ship, the line quoted from the old song occasioned sibility of penetrating their copper, for want of a re the whole of it to rise like an exhalation before me. sisting power, hundreds owed the safety of their

As near beauteous Boston lying, lives to this circumstance. The longest space of On the gently swelling flood, time he could remain under water was two hours.

Without jack or pendant Aying,

Three ill-fated tea-ships rode. For a particular description of this sub-marine curiosity, see Silliman's journal of arts and sciences, Just as glorious Sol was setting,

On the wharf, a numerous crew, The deceased, during the war, ever had the con

Sons of freedom, fear forgetting, fidence and esteem of the commander in chief, and Suddenly appear'd in view. was frequently employd by him on secret missions of

Arm'd with hammers, axes, chisels, importance. He fought with him at Trenton and

Weapons new for warlike deeds, Monmouth; at Brandywine the hilt of his sword was Towards the herbage freighted vessels, shot away, and his hat and coat were penetrated with

They approach'd with dreadful speed. the enemy's balls. On the return of peace, he laid Hovering o'er their heads, in mid sky, aside the habiliments of war, and returned to his

Three bright angel forms were seen;

That was Hampden, this was Sidney, farm, wbere, like Cincinnatus, be tilled his lands,

With fair liberty between. until now called by the great commander in chief to the regions above. He died without an enemy; he

Soon,' they cried, 'your foes you'll banish,

Soon your triumph will be won, was universally beloved. The suavity of bis man

'Scarce shall setting Picbus vanish, Hers--evenness of temper, and correctness of princi- •Ere the deathless deed be done.' ples, was proverbial and pleasing to all bis acquaint.

Quick as shot the ships were boarded, ance. He enjoyed the confidence of bis fellow.citi.

Hatches burst and chests display'd; zens, to an extent almost unparalleled.--His desk Axes, hammers, help afforded. was the repository of deeds, contracts and other evi.

What a glorious crash they made! dences of property, as well as the widows and or- Captains! once more hoist your streamers, phans wealth for safe keeping. He constantly read Spread your sails and plough the wave; the papers of the day, and was by many considered

Tell your masters they were dreamers,

When they thought to cheat the brave. a political prophet. His christian and moral life was sternly strict;-his Bible bis guide and rule of ac. The people of "the good old thirteen states," tion. “To do unto others, as he would they should though tbey had made up their minds to suffering do unto him," was bis universal maxim and rule of and endurance, did not enter on the contests for life. His benevolence and charity was only circum- their rights and liberties in a hasty and unadvised seribed by his means.-Contented and happy, he was manner; they had counted the cost, and, although dean example of the great blessings which flow from termined to sacrifice all that they beld dear, rather the perfect enjoyment of life, regulated by christian than to crouch as slaves, yet they sbuddered at and moral virtue. He has left a widow,(with whom being forced upon that extremity. The intelligence be bas lived 51 years), and a numerous offspring to of the battle of Lexington, the first blood that was mourn the loss of one of the best of men. drawn in the quarrel, was received with the deepest

regret; in Philadelphin the bells were muffled, and REVOLUTIONARY RECOLLECTIONS.

an expression of horror and gloom covered tbe coun

tenances of all its citizens. Nom THE RATIONAL GAZETTE, OF SEPT. 5, 1821.

Congress first sat in the building then called CarI am one of that class of your readers who are penters' hall, up the court of that name in Chesnut much pleased with the plan of the reminiscences, street. On the morning of the day that they first and wish it may be promoted, by our well-informed convened, their future secretary, the now venerable aged citizens taking the trouble to present to the Charles Thomson, who resided at that time in the public such authentic facts and information as their Northern Liberties, and who afterwards so mate. memories can furnish. It may be the means of pre- rially assisted to launch our first rate republic, bad Berving some flowers, and placing them in the chap. that morning rode into the city, and alighted in let of the historic muse, which would otherwise fall Chesnut street; he was immediately accosted by a to the ground and perish in oblivion. I offer the message from congress, that they desired to speak following

with him. He followed the messenger, and, enter.

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ing the building, has described himself as struck / when a fatal accident happened to one of the ringwith awe, upon viewing the aspects of so many greaters. Captain Palmer was president of the council and good men impressed with the weight and re. after James Logan, about the year. 1740. Some of sponsibility of their situation, on the perilous edge of his descendants are still among us.

0. which they were then advancing. He walked up the aisle, and bowing to the president, desired to


FROM WOODWORTH'S LITERARY CASKET. “Congress request your services, sir, as their se. cretary.” He took bis seat at the desk, and never

At the commencement of the revolutionary war, looked back until the vessel was securely anchored my father had attained the age when the mind in the haven of independence.

yields most easily to the passion for military glory, The first speaker, (I mean the first who rose to and he was among the first who were enrolled under speak) in that congress, was Patrick Henry, an ora. the banner of American liberty. tor undoubtedly, but not superior to many who took The sentiment of freedom was electric, and no age their seats on that day, although his biographer bas or sex was esempt from its influence. The fond ascribed to his eloquence the fulminating character mother, who bad shrunk from esposing the darling of Demosthenes. What he said on that occasion was of her bosom to the slightest personal danger, now short and practical.

bebeld, with proud satisfaction, that son decorated Peyton Randolph, first president of congress, died with the knapsack her own hand had wrought, and in October, 1775, at the seat of Henry Hill, Roxbo- carefully resigned bim to the call of patriotism. rough, near Philadelphia, where he bad accepted an Thus do the sentiments of freedom elevate the invitation to dine with other company. He fell from mind above its ordinary exertions, and call forth the bis segt in an apoplectic fit, and immediately expir. latent energies of soul, that bave immortalized a ed. His corpse was taken to Virginia for interment. Cornelia. My venerable grandsire, whom I can just

With respect to the notices of the still more re. remember as an old man with snowy locks, who used mote "olden time” in Philadelphia, William Penn, to pacify my infant clamors with tales of military at his first coming, brought over the frame of a house prowess, was often heard to boast that he led five which was set up for him in town and remained in sons to the battle of Bunker-bill. being for many years. I have also heard that the The third of these sons was he from whom I in. first mill for grinding corn was brought over in a herited that spirit of patriotism wbich has accomsimilar manner, and was placed on Ridley Creek. panied me through life. With feelings which neither

Tobacco was at first cultivated in Pennsylvania, time nor sorrow can obliterate, 1 review the scenes and was among her earliest exports. An old petition of my childbood, and while my brave parent, bending to the governor and council for a road to German with age and infirmity, is verging to the grave, a de town, mentions 'the tobacco field, (in Front street), sire to snatch bis memory from oblivion prompis me near the town.'

to record the following detail: When William Penn arrived the second time with Some of the brightest years of my existence were bis family, in 1699, be brought over a coach. In the passed in the vicinity of Bunker hill, and I was early former part of last century, Isaac Norris, senr. of taught to venerate that spot, as connected with a Fairhill, kept a coach and four-he lived out of display of that magnanimous virtue. It was to that town, and like bis worthy decendant of our time, bad spot my gallant father led his family of sprightly a large family. His cotemporary, Jonathan Dickin. boys, and, over the grave of Warren, inculcated les. son, a gentleman who had moved from Jamaica to sons of heroism and virtue. Nor was I always exPennsylvaniva, had likewise a coach and four. Acluded from the party, for though my father believ. very respectableold gentleman, who died some years ed that nature had designed me for a domestic since, has told me that he well remembered when sphere, he did not believe that an ardent love of there were but eight four-wheeled carriages in the liberty and thorough estimate of its value, as purwhole province; viz. the three above mentioned, capt. chased by the blood of my fathers, could unfit me for Anthoney Palmer's, Andrew Hamilton's, James Lo the discharge of the important duties which Provi. gan’s, judge Lloyd's, of Chester, and, I think, judge dence has assigned to a woman. Langhorne's, of Bucks.

It was a fine morning in May, and nature seemed The bells of Christ church were first tolled on ac- to have communicated her smile to the heart, and count of the death of the wife of captain Falmer, diffused a joyous serenity over all its feelings, when

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my three little brothers and myself recieved the ed was my poor drummer, who was killed pot five welcome summons to prepare to attend our parent paces from me; but the next, not at all deterred by on his morning excursion.--"Whither shall we walk?" the fate of his comrade, commenced the race, an! said be, as we sallied forth with all the eagerness of got over in safety. In like manner most of our be. childhood_"To Bunker-hill” was the spontaneous roic band succeeded, and one honest fellow, as he reply of every little voice, and to Bunker-hill my bowed to the word of command, thus addressed father led the way.

me, 'captain I see it is close dodging, but let me once Days of artless innocence, alas! ye are fled forever. get safely over, and I'll spend my heart's last drop Never can I recal the sportive hilarity with which for you, and bring you off again dead or alive, that

I will." we lightly bounded over the adjacent fields, never regain the innocent gaity and improvident lightness

“This honest fellow was a native of Ireland, and of heart, that, under present enjoyments, shut the fu. about six months previous was confined før debt in ture from my view. Yet memory, busy memory, of the prison of Salem, whence I released him on con

dition that he would enlist; and never man was bles. retards the flowery way, and, in the visions of the past, soses the sense of the present, and the anticipations sed with a more devoted friend than Murphy of the future.

M'Culloch proved to me. With that buoyancy of spirit which refuses to

"I was the last to make the adventurous attempt, yield to weariness, we climbed the ascent, and found and though the balls showered about my head, none ourselves on the summit, from whence we were pre. were permitted to touch me, and we gained the ea: sented with a view of the whole peninsula, with the trencbment, and passed into the line of battle. bay and harbor of Boston. My father pointed out “On this spot as near as I could recollect, I stood, the relative position of the armies, and entered into and endeavored to do my duty as a soldier of libera minute detail of events, which abler historians have ty. I received a ball through the calf of my leg, recorded: they will not therefore occupy a place in and another through my left shoulder, but these this narration.

were mere trifles, and stood my ground in spite of His own personal adventure, and narrow escape

them. from a living grave, are all that filial piety will jus.

“The gallant and generous Warren was on horse. tify this feeble attempt to perpetuate.

back, pressing from one end of the line to the other, “Pray papa," said my oldest brother, “was it here animating the troops to a vigorous defence, and that you received that ugly wound that had ne

every heart bailed bim with love and gratitude.

nearly cost you your life?

“He had ever distinguished me with peculiar "It was on this very spot, my son, behind this marks of friendship, and as be passed the spot breast-work-but the story is long- you must have

where I sood, he condescended to address me with patience, and let me commence at the beginning."

words of cordial recognition. I know not whether

any historian has recorded the last words of that Each little heart beat high with expectation, and

hero, but believed they were addressed to myself. mutually promising profound attention, we listened

“My young friend, (said he, as be turned to leave to the following tale.

me), do your duty, for the salvation of our country “You see that narrow speck of land yonder that depends on this day's action." unites the peninsula of Charlestown to the adjacent “He had not moved ten paces before I saw him fuł.

intry. Over that isthmus, it became my duty to at that moment a shell burst by my side, and was lead the little band under my commar.d, to join the thrown several feet into the air, and then precipitatmain army, in the intrenchment, where we now

ed violently to the ground. stand. You see how it is exposed to water-well

"A fragment of the broken skell struck me in the there lay the Glasgow frigate, which kept up a con- breast, and caused a contusion of the sternum, and tinual fire of shot and bombs across that pass, while the violent shock my whole system sustained, look several floating batteries, and the fortification on from me the power of motion. Copps' hill, endeavored to annoy the troops on the

“Blood gushed from my mouth, nose and eart, hill, and drive them from the entrenchment.

and I lay covered with dust unable to speak or “My little band had each the spirit of a Leonidas, move, but for some time perfectly conscious. and not a murmur was beard when I ordered them "I remember to have heard col. B-, who was my to attempt gaining the bill, by running singly father's friend, exclaim 'William is dead then! well, across the dangerous pasg. The først who attempt-lhe died like a soldier.'

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