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Nardac, 80.

Restoration, the, 120.
Newton, 99.

Reynolds, 109.

Richardson, 93.
Orrery, 120.

Robertson, 121.
Osborne, 79.

Roundheads, 84.
Oxford, 72.

Royal Academy, the, 108.

Royal touch, the, 70.
Pamphleteers, 86.

Rude even to ferocity, 79.
Pembroke College, 72.
Petrarch's works, 71.

Sacheverell, 81.
Poet who made Hector quote Savage, Richard, 87.
Aristotle, the, 101.

Scarcely a Teutonic language,
Politian, 75.

Polonius, 105.

Secretary of state, 77.
Pomposo, 105

Sejanus, 90.
Pope, 73.

Senate of Lilliput, 80.
Porter's knot, 78.

Services of no very honourable
Pretty creature, 77.

kind to Pope, 121.
Prince Frederic, 93.

Sheridan, 120.
Printer's devil or the sheriff's Sheridan, Mrs., 101.
officer, the, 102.

Ship money, 83.
Prior, 123.

Sir Roger, etc., 94.
Presbyterian polity and ritual, Skinner, 98.

Societies where he was treated
Psalmanazar, George, 87.

with courtesy and kindness,
Public Schools of England, 71.

Pulteney, William, 81.

Somersets, 102.
Purity of the English tongue, Sophocles, 107.
the, 94.

Southwark, 115.

Sovereigns in possession, 69.
Queensberrys, 75.

Sprugs, 80.

Squire Bluster, etc., 94.
Rasselas, 98.

Staffordshire, 69.

Steele, 92.

Versification of Irene, the, 92.
Streatham Common, 115. Virgilian, 73.
Subterranean ordinaries, 78.
Swift, 120.

Warburton, 88.

Webster, 107.
T'atler, the, 92.

Which she accepted with but
Taxation no Tyranny, 119.

little gratitude, 94.
The attempt failed, 85.

Whig policy in eighteenth cen-
The feeling described, etc., 122. tury. Dissenters, etc., 84.
Thomson, 77.

Whitfield, 114.
Thrales, the, 115.

Wilhelm Meister, 106.
Titty, his, 75.

Wilkes, 113.
Tom Tempest, 82.

Williams, Mrs., 115.
Too dim to cheer him, 74.

Wilson, 120.
Topham Beauclerk, 109.

Windham, 123.
To torment him and to live upon Wits of Button, the, 120.
him, 116.

Wolsey, 89.
Trunk maker and the pastry Worcestershire, 69.
cook, the, 108.

Wyndhams, 102.
Two pictures, the, 122.

Young, 93.
Usher of a grammar school, 75.



25 Cents Each

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Mass. Carlyle's Essay on Burns, with Selections. Edited by WILLARD C.

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