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the receipt of such accounting and reporting, the director of the budget shall provide the chairmen of the senate finance committee and the assembly ways and means committee an expected schedule repayment by fund and by source for each outstanding loan. Repayment shall be made by the comptroller by transfer of the first cash receipts of this fund.



For payment of financial assistance according to the fol

lowing schedule, net of disallowances:

General Fund
Special Revenue Funds Federal
Special Revenue Funds - Other .

8.661,941, 137 1,508,295,000


All Funds


The moneys hereby appropriated shall be available for pay

ment of aid heretofore or hereafter to accrue. Funds provided may

be suballocated to other departments and agencies to accomplish the intent of the specific appropriations.

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For general support for public schools, in

cluding support for boards of cooperative educational services and county vocational education and extension boards, pursuant to a chapter of the laws of 1992; including remaining 1991-92 school year obligations; provided, however, that such appropriation shall be reduced by

amount certified by the chairman of the New York local government assistance corporation to the

governor, the president of the senate and the speaker of the assembly as moneys available for the payment of aid to local governments and school districts from the sale of the corporation's bonds and notes

in the state's 1992-93 fiscal year For additional general support for public

schools For the purpose of making advance payments

to school districts and boards of cooperative educational services for amounts that otherwise would have been paid

paid in

in the state's 1993-94 fiscal year for the 199293 school year.

Notwithstanding any other provision of law,

moneys shall be available from this appropriation absent a certificate of availability signed by the

director of the budget For support for boards of cooperative educa

tional services bond trustee payments .. For services and expenses of the effective

schools consortia network .... For prekindergarten programs for remaining

obligations for the $47,000,000 1991-92






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Additional funds for services and expenses

of teacher resource and computer training centers for 50% of a $10,000,000 1992-93

school year program For grants to schools with specific pro

grams, $6,760,000 for programs involving literacy and basic education for public assistance recipients. The education department shall


any funds provided for herein to any school district only shall be spent pursuant to a plan developed by the school district in

consultation with the social services district that describes the school district's arrangements for serving public assistance recipients referred to the school district by the social services district and for referring appropriate public assistance recipients to the social services district's comprehensive employment program. No expenditure shall be made from this appropriation until an expenditure plan is approved by the director of the budget and copies of such certificate or any

amendment thereto filed with the state comptroller, the chairman of the senate finance committee, and the chairman of the assembly ways and

committee. Such plan shall identify

identify nonstate sources of funding, including private and federal funds, and indicate the availability of other sources of state funding for such programs. The education department shall submit to the governor and the legislature on or before February 15, 1993 a report on the expenditure of the funds provided






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... 1,973,000

herein which shall include, but not be limited to, a description of the activities undertaken, amounts of grants and number of people served by recipients and by programs and the criteria used for the selection of grantees. Payment for such programs at up to one-half of the estimated cost to be made upon approval of the program, one-quarter upon completion of one-half of the program, and the remaining portion of the actual approved costs upon

completion of the program Additional funds for services and expenses

of the workplace literacy program
For competitive grants for adult literacy/

education aid to public and private not-
for-profit agencies, including but not
limited to, 2 and 4 year colleges,
nity based organizations, libraries, and
volunteer literacy organizations

and institutions which meet quality standards promulgated by the commissioner to provide programs basic literacy, high school equivalency, and English as

a second

language to persons 16 years of age or older Additional funds are provided for services

and expenses for a $3,350,000 school year youth-at-risk/community partnership program and notwithstanding paragraph d of subdivision 3 of section 3602-a of the education law, all programs in existence

May 1, 1992 and in compliance with reporting requirements established by the commissioner for such programs shall be eligible for grant awards of up to 20 percent of their maximum allowable first year

grants Additional funds are provided for services

and expenses for a $500,000 school year youth-at-risk/community partnership pro

gram For the school lunch and breakfast program.

Subject to the limitation of funds available, funds from this appropriation may be used to reimburse sponsors of nonprofit school lunch, school breakfast or other school child feeding programs based

upon the number of federally reimbursable breakfasts and lunches served to students and pursuant to the provisions of school lunch, school breakfast


other school child feeding program agreements entered









into by the state education department and such sponsors, in accordance with either the provisions of an act of Congress titled the "National School Lunch Act" (P. L. 79396) or any amendment

amendments thereto the provisions of the Child Nutrition Act of 1966 (P. L. 89-642) or

any amendment thereto in the case of school breakfast programs to reimburse sponsors in excess of the federal rates of

reimbursement. The commissioner of education is hereby

authorized and empowered on behalf of the state or the state education department to make and sign any agreements that may

be necessary or proper for the establishment, maintenance, operation or expansion of school lunch, school breakfast, special school milk or other school child feeding programs now in effect or hereinafter established, and to provide for apportionments, and loans or advances and repayments thereof, including $5,272,000 for program of breakfasts including hot breakfasts and for a program

of free lunches for indigent pupils as defined by the commissioner of education in connection with such programs, and the commissioner is further authorized and empowered to do and perform any act that may be necessary or proper to carry out the purposes

and objectives of such programs or agreements. The department of taxation and finance shall

accept and receive any and all apportionments, allocations grants awarded to the state under or pursuant to any federal law regulation for school lunch, special school milk or other school child feeding programs. The moneys so received shall be deposited by the department of taxation and finance in a separate fund or funds and shall be used exclusively for the purposes

for which any such moneys shall be offered under or pursuant to any federal law regulation.

Such moneys shall be paid from such fund or funds under rules and regulations to be adopted by the regents upon the recommendation of the commissioner of education and subject to the approval of the director of the budget and the audit of the comptroller upon



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