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Страница 31 - Fire lives in the death of earth, and air lives in the death of fire ; water lives in the death of air, and earth in that of water.
Страница 308 - This is an admirable book. It lacks no quality that a biography ought to have. Its method is excellent, its theme is profoundly interesting...
Страница 33 - God is day and night, winter and summer, war and peace, satiety and hunger...
Страница 303 - Contributions to the History of the Development of the Human Race. Lectures and Dissertations. By LAZARUS GEIGER. Translated from the German by D. ASHER. 6s. Creed of Christendom (The). Its Foundations contrasted with its Superstructure.
Страница 67 - Yes, and if oxen and horses or lions had hands, and could paint with their hands and produce works of art as men do, horses would paint the forms of the gods like horses, and oxen like oxen, and make their bodies in the image of their several kinds.
Страница 308 - It is to Lessing that an Englishman would turn with readiest affection. We cannot but wonder that more of this man is not known amongst us.
Страница 237 - TRANSLATION. 1. All things were together, infinite both in number and in smallness ; for the small also was infinite. And when they were all together, nothing was clear and distinct because of their smallness; for air and aether comprehended all things, both being infinite; for these are present in everything, and are greatest both as to number and as to greatness.
Страница 301 - TIELE, Dr. Theol., Professor of the History of Religions in the University of Leiden. Translated from the Dutch by J. ESTLIN CARPENTER, MA...
Страница 29 - This order, the same for all things, no one of gods or men has made, but it always was, and is, and ever shall be, an ever-living fire, kindling according to fixed measure, and extinguished according to fixed measure.
Страница 41 - For to souls it is death to become water, and for water it is death to become earth ; but water is formed from earth, and from water, soul.