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him to return to Acre, but he declared he would sooner perish than retreat an inch.

“The 13th of April, 1773, the army of Grand Cairo appeared in the presence of his camp. He immediately ranged his troops in order of battle. Scheik Lebi and Scheik Crim had the command of the left wing. The right he gave to Tentaoui, and placed his infantry in the center. Having made these able dispositions and exhorted the chiefs to fight valiantly, he made them convey him to his tent, for he was too weak to fit on horseback. The battle began at eleven in the morning. Both parties charged with fury, and in spite of the inferiority of Ali's troops, they at first had the advantage. Scheik Lebi and Scheik Crim gloriously repulsed the Egyptian cavalry. Tentaoui, at the head of the brave Mamalukes, overthrew every thing before him. Vićtory was declaring for Ali, when the Mograbi, those mercenary troops, invariably led by the allurement of gain, suffered themselves to be corrupted by the splendid promises of Abou Dahab, and passed over to his fide. The fortune of the day was changed. The fugitives rallied, and having now but three thousand men to contend with, they environed them on every fide, and slew a great numbcr of them. The generous Tentaoui could not survive his defeat. He precipitated himself into the middle of their squadrons, and fell, covcred with wounds, on a heap of dead, whom he had sacrificed. Scheik I ebi, the valiant son of the prince of Acre defended himself for a long time with his Arabs, and died combating. Scheik Crim, opening himself a passage through the Egyptian ranks, rode full speed to the tent of Ali, and

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- EFFECT of the PUBLIC GAMES on the CHARACTER of the , G R E E K S.

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the season of the Olympic games),
they received, bare headed, the
direct rays of the sun. And the
firm organization, acquired by per-
petual exercise, counteracted that
fatal propensity to vicious indul-
gence, too natural to their volup-
tuous climate, and produced those
inimitable models of strength and
beauty, which are so deservedly
admired in the precious remains of
Grecian statuary.
“ These corporeal advantages
were followed by a train of excel-
lencies, to which they are nearly
allied. Therc is a courage depend-
ing on nerves and blood, which was
improved to the highest pitch among
the Greeks. They delight, says
Lucian, to behold the combats of
bold and generous animals; and
their own contentions are still more
animated. In the memorable war
with Persia, they shewed thosu-
periority of their national courage;
and it is worthy of observation,
that the most fignal exploits were
performed in the field of battle by

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