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cover, from those which have hi-
the to come under our considera-
tion, any solid advantage delived
to the public from the examination
iven to them by the auditor of the
imprest; and for that reason, we have
suggefied the propriety of exempting
them from his jurisdiction, and the
urgent necessity of relieving the
nation from so heavy, and, to all
appearance, so unneceiiary an ex-
* The account of the fees and gra-
tuities claimed by him, and his of
ficers and clerks, and his certificate
of the accounts depending in his
office, transmitted every half year
to the king’s remembrancer of the
exchequer, exhibit a number, and
variety of other accounts, subjećt
to his cognizance, to which our
inquiry his not yet been extended;
and therefore, how far the security
of the public my require the in-
tervention of he auditor, to esła-
blish the truth and accuracy of those
accouns, we can form no judg-
men: ; but we have proceeded far
eno, gh to warrant our opinion
upon the proprie y and necessity of
introducing into this office the re-
gulation we have so frequently had
occasion to enforce in relation to
other o’ces.
I he office before us is an office
of control ; it is initituted as a
che, k upon the public accounts :
the allowance of the auditor being
ne, essary to cvery article both of
the receipt and expenditure, the
state of the account, as between the
public and the a countant, most
co, tinue unknown until the balance
is ascertained by the auditor at the
completion of his cyamination; and
conscq e.tly, that balance, how-
ever great it may be, if in fav ur
of the public, remains with the ac-
countant; it in favour of the ac-
countant, remains with the Public,

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OR 18,000 men, including 362o marines, at 41. A. s. d.

per man per month MARch 2.

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For the ordinary of the navy, including half pay to

the sea and marine officers

For building, rebuilding, and repairing ships of

war, &c.

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Ó R D N A N C E. - MARch 7. For the charges of the office of ordnance for land

service in 1786 - - 28:,096 17 F
For completing the old works at Portsmouth and
Plymouth - - 56,781 o 'o

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PEB. 7. To pay off exchequer ...? 3,500,-oo o o MARCH 30. Towards the reduction of the national debt 1,000, cco o 9 APRIL 3.

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