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The gen’ral fav’rite, as the gen’ral friend;
Such age there is, and who could wish its end ? :

Yet ev’n on this her load Misfortune fings,
To press the weary minutes flagging wings:
New sorrow rises as the day returns,
A sister sickens, or a daughter mourns.
Now kindred Merit fills the sable bier,
Now lacerated friendship claims a tear.
Year chases year, decay pursues decay,
Still drops some joy from with’ring life away ;
New forms arise, and diff'rent views engage,
Superfluous lags the vetran on the stage,
'Till pitying Nature signs the last release,
And bids afflicted worth retire to peace.

But few there are whom hours like these await,
Who set unclouded in the gulphs of Fate.
From Lydia's monarch should the search descend,
By Solon caution’d to regard his end,
In life's last scene what prodigies surprise,
Fears of the brave, and follies of the wise?
From Marlb'rough's eyes the streams of dotage flow,
And Swift expires a driv'ler and a show.

The " teeming mother, anxious for her race,
Begs for each birth the fortune of a face:
Ver. 289 — 345.




Yet Vane could tell what ills from beauty spring; 1.1.
And Sedley curs’d the form that pleas'd a king.'
Ye nymphs of rosy lips and radiant eyes,
Whom Pleasure keeps too busy to be wise, iri
Whom Joys with soft varieties invite,
By day the frolic, and the dance by night,
Who frown with vanity, who smile with art, :.
And ask the latent fashion of the heart,

What care, what rules your heedless charms shall save,
Each nymph your rival, and each youth your fave?
Against your fame with fondness hate combines,
The rival bacters, and the lover minès.
With distant voice neglected Virtue calls,
Less heard and less, the faint remonftrance falls;
Tir'd with contempt, she quits the Nippory reign, **
And Pride and Prudence take her seat in vain.
In crowd at once, where none the pass defend, "
The harmless Freedom, and the private Friend.
The guardians yield, by force fuperior ply'd; 'ti?
By Int’rest, Prudence; and by Flatt'ry, Pride.
Now beauty falls betray'd, despis’d, distress’d, ");
And hisling Infamy proclaims the rest.

I Where ° then shall Hope and Fear their objects find Must dull Suspence corrupt the stagnant mind? • Ver. 346 — 366.


Must helpless man, in ignorance sedate,
Roll darkling down the torrent of his fate? "
Must no dislike alarm, no wishes rise,
No cries attempt the mercies of the skies ?
· Enquirer, cease, petitions yet remain,
Which heav'n may hear, nor deem religion vain. "
Still raise for good the supplicating voice,
But leave to heay'n the measure and the choice..
Safe in his pow'r, whose eyes discern afar
The secret ambush of a specious pray’r.
Implore his aid, in his decisions rest,
Secure whate’er he gives, he gives the best.
Yet when the sense of facred presence fires,
And strong devotion to the skies aspires,
Pour forth thy fervours for a healthful mind,
Obedient passions, and a will resign'd;
For love, which scarce collective man can fill;
For patience, sov'reign o'er transmuted ill;
For faith, that panting for a happier seat,
Counts death kind Nature's signal to retreat :
These goods for man the laws of heav'n ordain,
These goods he grants, who grants the pow'r to gain;
With these celestial Wisdom calms the mind,
And makes the happiness she does not find.

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T ED by the jocund train of vernal hours

L. And vernal airs, uprose the gentle May; · Blushing she rose, and blushing rose the flow'rs

That sprung spontaneous in the genial ray.


Her locks with heav'n's ambrosial dews were bright,

And an'rous zephyrs Autter'd on her breast': With every shifting gleam of morning light

The colours shifted of her rainbow vest.

Imperial ensigns grac'd her smiling form,

A golden key, and golden wand she bore; is This charms to peace each sullen eastern storm,

And that unlocks the Summer's copious store.

Onward in conscious majesty she came,

The grateful honours of mankind to taste; To gather fairest wreaths of future fame,,

And blend fresh triumphs with her glories pasti


Vain hope ! no more in choral bands unite

Her virgin vot'ries, and at early dawn, Sacred to May and Love's mysterious rite,

Brush the light dew-drops * from the spangled lawn. To her no more Augusta's wealthy pride

Pour's the full tribute from Potofi's mine ;
Nor fresh-blown garlands village maids provide,

A purer off'ring, at her ruftic shrine.
No more the Maypole’s verdant height around

To Valour's games th' ambitious youth advance : No merry bells and tabors' sprightlier found

Wake the loud carol, and the sportive dance. Sudden in pensive sadness droop'd her head,

Faint on her cheeks the blushing crimson dy'd . “ O! chaste victorious triumphs, whither Aled ?

“ My maiden honours, whither gone ?" she cry'd. Ah! once to fame and bright dominion born, ..

The Earth and smiling Ocean saw me rife, With time coeval and the star of morn,

The first, the fairest daughter of the skies.

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? Alluding to the country custom of gathering May-dew. • The plate garlands of London.


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