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A PILGRIMAGE. [It is said that the mother of Thomas-a-Becket was a Saracen woman, who “ fell in love,” as the phrase goes, with one of the noblest of the English chivalry, at least one of the earliest of the crusaders, and who, after his deparure to his native country, followed him thither-alone -on foot, -though not only unacquainted with all the English, except the knight alluded to, but without knowledge of the language spoken in the country, saving only the Christian name of the warrior, and “ London," the place of his residence.". She was baptized, and the rest may be guessed easily.]

HER feet have been upon those sands, where "prickles, thorn, and briar,"
Pain not the fainting frame so much, as doth their breath of fire,
No cloud upon that scorching sky~no parched herb to tell
Of gushing founts, that hope foretold—no welcome camel's well.
She shrunk not then,—she trembled not, though “stifling, hot Simoom,"
Came o'er the waste, in dread array, in clouds of direst gloom :
She past them all untiringly ;-she won her fearful way
To where the crowded haunts of men showed perils fierce as they!
She bore the cruel mockery which shameless ones have thrown
Forever on those breasts, which bear souls nobler than their own.
Her eyes flashed fire one moment, then rushed out her woman's fears ;
But, scoffed at and despised, yet upon her path she bears !
And sometimes, when those snowy feet were torn and bleeding fast,
And nature told, in bursting sighs, that this could never last,"
Some hearts there were—some eyes not blind to beauty's speechless charm
Some hands which scrupled not to pour the oil and healing balm.
Then, from those cold and quivering lips, such honey accents broke,
That they who listened well might deem a very angel spoke ;
They know not of that stranger tongue—nor of words which start,-
They only feel their sinking down, “ like kindness on the heart !"
She passed o'er the ocean stream”-over the deep blue sea,
Girdling those proudly tall white cliffs, which Albion's boast

She reached the wide and open shore, where lands and waters kiss
Then, only then, she fainted there—this was such happiness !
But onward by a smoother path—a sweeter-still she goes,
For only on one distant breast her heart may find repose.
And what were perils overcome, what countless deserts past,
If not upon that worshipped breast she sank in peace at last !
She stands within the laughing town, mid thousand joyous throngs,
Where sun-light falls, and gleam of gold, and din of reckless songs ;
Each face is strange unto her heart, so is that revelry;
Oh say! when shall she meet that one whom she has bled to see ?
Wild is the wonder of the throng,-how ardently they gaze
On her, who sought to steal unseen along that peopled maze;
With flushed cheek, one word alone, to all around she gave
The name of him who stood alone, the bravest of the brave!
And there came riding by in pomp, old England's chivalry,
And rang the heavens, as on they passed, with clamours deep and high.
And midst his peers, the proudest there, one lordly, warrior came-
That one dear word her lip might speak—it was his cherished name !
He might have mingled with the throngs all Europe could have shown,
And, by the world, unrecked, unmarked, but not by one unknown !
He may but spring one little step, then never farther roam;
His ready arms have opened now-her dearly purchased home!
Her tale was not long time untold, the millions' thunder cry,
Rose up in honor of her name, whose fame shall never die;
And blessings loaded every breath, and every passing gale,
“Oh! woman's love, and woman's faith, when were they known to fail ?"




I SAILED from Liverpool for Ja- when we left, which reduced to nine

maica, and after a pleasant voyage the number capable of performing arrived at my destination, and dis- duty. I imagined that putting to sea charged ny cargo. My vessel was was the best plan. I could adopt to called the Lively Charlotte, a tight afford the sick a chance of recovery, brig, well found for trading, and na- and retard the spreading of the disvigated by thirteen hands. I re- order among such as remained in loaded with sugar and rum for Hali- health. But I was deceived. I care fax, intending to freight from that ried the contagion with me, and ou place for England before the setting the evening of the day on wbich we in of winter. This object I could lost sight of land, another band died, only achieve by using double dili- and three more were taken ill. Still gence, allowing a reasonable time I congratulated myself I was au for accidental obstacles. My brig worse off, since other vessels had was built sharp for sailing fast, and I lost half their crews while iu Port did not trouble myself about convoy, Royal, and some in much less time (it was during war,) as I could ruu a than we had renained there. We fair race with a common privateer, sailed prosperously through the windand we trusted to manœuvring four ward passage, so close to Cuba that heavy carronades, and a formidable we could plainly distinguish the trees show of painted ports and quakers,* and shrubs growing upon it, and then for escaping capture by any enemy shaped our course north-easterly, to pot possessing such an overwhelming clear the Bahamas, and gain the great superiority of force as would give ocean. him confidence to run boldly close We had seen and lost sight of alongside, and find out what were Crooked Island three days, when it really our means of defence. I became all at once a dead calo; speedily shipped what provisious and even the undulation of the sea, comnecessaries I wanted, and set sail. mooly called the ground swell, subA breeze scarcely sufficient to fill the sided ; the sails hung slackened from canvass carried us out of Port Royal the yards ; the vessel slept like a turharbour. The weather was insuffer- tle on the ocean, which became as ably hot; the air seemed full of fire, smooth as a summer mill-pond. The and the redness of the hemisphere, atmosphere could not have sustained not long before sunset, glared as in. a feather; cloudless and clear, the tensely as the flame of a burning blue serene above and the water becity. Jamaica was very sickly; the low were alike spotless, shadowless, yellow fever had destroyed numbers and stagnant. Disappointinent and of the inhabitants, and three-fourths impatience were exhibited by us all, of all new comers speedily became while the sun faring from the burnits victims. I had been fortunate ing sky, melted the pitch in the rigenough to lose only two men during ging till it ran down on the decks, my stay of three or four weeks, (Jack and a beefsteak might have been Wilson and Tom Waring,) but they broiled on the anchor-fluke. We were the two most sturdy and healthy could not pace the planks without seamea in the brig: the first died in blistering our feet, until I ordered an thirty-nine hours after he was attacke awning over the deck for our protec. ed, and the secoud on the fourth tion : but still the languor we expeday. Two hands besides were ill rienced was overpowering.

* Woodon guns : so called by seamen bocause they will not fight.

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A dead calm is always viewed with was more than the firinest nerves an uneasy sensation by seamen, but could sustain without yielding to desin the present case it was more than pair. Sleep filed far from me; I usually unwelcome; to the sick it paced the deck at night, gazing upon denied the freshness of the breeze ihe remnant of my crew in silence, that would have mitigated in some and they upon me, hopeless and degree their agonies; and it gave a speechless. I looked at the brilliant predisposition to the healthy to im- stars that shone in tropical glory, bibe the contagion, lassitude and des- with feverish and impatient feelings, pondency being its powerful auxilia- wishing I were anjong them, or bereft ries. Assisted by the great heat, the of consciousness, or were anything fever appeared to decompose the but a man. A heavy presentiment very substance of the blood; and its of increasing evil bore down my spi. progress was so rapid, that no medic rits. I regarded the unruffled sea, cine could operate before death dark and glassy, and the reflection of closed the scene of suffering. I had the heavens in it, as a singer would no surgeon on board, but from a me. have contemplated the mouth of hell. dicine-chest I in va administered The scene, so beautiful at any other the common remedies : but what re- time, was terrible under my circummedies could be expected to act with stances. I was overwhelmed with efficacy, where the disease destroyed present and anticipated misery: . life almost as quickly as the current Thirty years I had been accustomed of life circulated! I had now but to a sea-life, but I had never coutemfive men able to do duty, and never plated that so horrible a situation as can I forget my feelings when three mine was possible ; I had never imof these were taken ill on the fourth agined any state half so frightful day of our unhappy inactivity. One could exist, though storms had often of the sick expired, as I stood by his placed my life in jeopardy, and I cot, in horrible convulsions. His had been twice shipwrecked. In skin was of a deep saffron hue ; wa- the last misfortune mind and body tery blood oozed from every pore, were actively employed, and I had and from the corners of his eyes- no leisure to brood over the future. he seemed dissolving into blood, li- To be passive, as I now was, with quefying into death. Another man destruction creeping towards me inch rushed

upon deck in a fit of delirium, by inch, to perceive the most horriand sprang over the ship's side into ble fate advancing slowly upon me, the very jaws of the numerous sharks and be obliged to await its approach, that hovered ravenous around us, and pinioned, fixed to the spot, powerseemed to be aware of the havoc less, unable to keep the hope of dedeath was making

liverance alive by exertion —such a I had now the dreadful prospect situation was the extreme of mortal of seeing all that remained perish, suffering, a pain of mind language is and prayed to God I might not be inadequate to describe, and I endurlast; for I should then become an ed in silence the full weight of its inocean solitary, dragging on a life of fiction. bours in


secoud. A day's My mate and cabin-boy were now space must then be an age of misery. taken with the disease; and on the There was still no appearance of a evening of the fifth day Will Stokes, breeze springing up; the horrible the oldest seaman on board, breathed calm appeared as if it would endure his last, just at the going down of the forever. A storm would have been sup. At midnight another died. welcome. The irritating indolence, By the light of the stars we committhe frightful loneliness and tranquil. ed them to the ocean, though while lity that reigned around, united with wrapping the hammock round the the frequent presence of human dis- body of the last, the effluvia from the solution, thinning our scanty number, rapid putrefaction was so overpow

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ering and nauseous, that it was with kept my eye coldly upon it, as if it difficulty got upon deck and Aung in- had been the most indifferent object to its unfathomable grave. The dull upon earth; for I was as insensible plash of the carcass, as it plunged, I to emotion as a statue would have shall never forget, raising lucid cir- been. This insensibility enabled cles on the dark unruffled water, and me to undertake any office for the breaking the obstinate silence of the sick, and to drag the bodies of the time ; it struck my heart with a dead to the ship's side and fling them thrilling chilluess ; a rush of inde- overboard; for at last no one else scribable feeling came

was left to do it. All, save myself, Even now this sepulchral sound were attacked with the disorder, and strikes at times on my ear during one by one died before the ninth sleep, in its loneliness of horror, and day was completed, save James RobI fancy I am again in the ship. son, the least athletic man I had, Thèse mournful entombments were and who, judging from constitution, viewed by us at last with that uncon was but little likely to have survived. cern which is shown by men render. The disorder left him weak as a ed desperate rom circumstances. child; I gave him the most nourishDisease and dissolution were become ing things I could find; I carried every-day matters to us, and the fear him, a mere skeleton, into my cabin, of death had lost its power : nay, we and placed him on a fresh bed, flingrather trembled at the thought of ing his own and all the other's oversurviving ; thus does habitude fit us board. I valued him as the only for the most terrible situations. The living thing' with me in the vessel, last precaution I took was to remove though had he died, I should at the the sick to the deck, under the shel- time have felt little additional pain. ter of a wet sail, to afford them cool. I regarded him as one brute animal

The next that died was my would have looked at another in old townsman, Job Watson. Just af- such a situation. ter I had seen him expire, about ten How the ship was to be navigated o'clock in the evening, when all by one man, and what means I posaround was like the stillness in a sessed of keeping her afloat in case dead world, I was leaning over the blowing weather should come on, taffril and looking upon the ocean's gave me no apprehension ; I was too face, that from its placidity and at- much proof against the fear of the traction to the eye was, to me and future, or any danger that it might mine, like an angel of destruction bring. Robson could give me no clothed in beauty, when, on a sud- assistance; I had therefore to rely den, I became free from anxiety, on my own exertion for every thing. obdurate, reckless of every thing. I If the vessel ever moved again, I imagined I had taken leave of hope must hand and steer—though, from forever, and an apathy came upon the continuation of the calm, it did me little removed from despair. I not seem likely I should be soon was ready for my destiny, come called upon to do either. when it might. I got rid of a load watch at night upon deck, and could of anxiety that I could not have car- sleep, either by day or night, only ried much longer, so that even when by short snatches, extended at full the rising moon showed me the body length near the helm. On the tenth of the mate, which we had thrown night, while the sea was yet in the into the water, floating on its back, repose of the grave around me, I fell half disenveloped from its bamınock into a doze, and was assailed with --when I distinctly saw its livid and horrible dreams that precluded my ghastly features covered only by an receiving refreshment from rest, I inch of transparent sea, and a huge aroused myself, and the silence on shark preparing his hungry jaws to every side seemed more terrible than prey upon it, I drew not back, but ever. Clouds were rising over the

I kept


distant sea-line and obscuring the coherent fits did not produce the stars; and the ocean put on a gloomy same debilitating effect. “Where is aspect. Millions of living things, the mate?” he wildly asked me ; which had ascended from the cav " Why am I in your cabin, captain ? erns of the deep, or been engendered -Have they fung Waring overboard from the stagnation and heat, played yet?” I contented myself with in snaky antics on its surface. No giving him general answers, which sailor was now pacing the deck on appeared to satisfy him. I feared to his accustomed watch. The want tell him we were the only survivors; of motion in the ship, and her power for the truth, had he chanced to comless sails hanging in festoons amid prehend it in its full force, might the diminishing starlight, added to have been fatal. On returning upon the solitary feeling which, in spite of the deck, I observed that clouds my apathy, I experienced. I thought were slowly formning, while the air myself cut off from mankind for ever, became doubly oppressive and suland that my ship, beyond where try. The intensity of the sun's rays winds ever blew, would lie and rot was exchanged for a closer and even upon the corrupting sea, I forgot more suffocating heat, that indicated the melancholy fate of my crew at an alteration of some kind in the atthis moment, and thought, with com- mosphere. Hope suddenly awoke parative unconcern, that the time in my bosom again : a breeze might must soon come when the last draught spring up, and I might get free from of water being finished, “I too must my horrible captivity. I took an

Then, half slumbering, a observation, and found that I was thousand strange images would come clear of the rocks and shoals of the before

my sight; the countenance of Bahamas, towards which I feared a my late mate, or some one of the current might have insensibly borne crew, was frequently among them, me; all I could do, therefore, in distorted, and fitted upon uncouth case the wind blew, was to hang out bodies. I felt feverish and unwell a signal of distress, and try to keep on awaking. One moment I fan- the sea until I fell in with some cied I saw a vessel pass the ship un- friendly vessel. der full sail and with a stiff breeze, I immediately took measures for and then a second, while no ruffle navigating the ship by myself. I appeared on the ocean near mine, fastened a rope to secure the helm and I hailed them in vain. Now I in any position I might find needful, heard the tramp of feet upon the so that I might venture to leave it a deck, and the whisper of voices, as few moments when occasion requirof persons walking near me, whom I ed. I went aloft, and cut away the uselessly challenged; this was fol. topsails which I could not reef, and lowed by the usual obdurate silence. reduced the canvass all over the ship I felt no fear; for nature had no visi. as much as possible, leaving only tation for mortal man more appalling one or two of the lower sails set : for than I had already encountered : and if it blew fresh, I could not have to the ultimate of evils with social taken them in, and the ship might man, as I have before observed, I perish; while by doing this, I had was insensible-for what weight could some chance of keeping her alive. social ideas of good or evil have I now anxiously watched the clouds with me at such a moment ?

which seemed to be in motion, and The morning of the eleventh day the sight was a cordial to me. At of my suffering I went down into the last the sea began to heave with gencabin, to take some refreshment to tle undulations ; a slight ripple suc. Robson. Though at intervals in the ceeded, and bore new life with it. I full possession of his senses, the wept for joy, and then laughed, as I shortest rational conversation ex saw it shake the sails and gradually hausted him ; while talking in his in- fill them; and when at length the 10 ATHENEUM, VOL. 9, 2d series.

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