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last involved him in the crime for ple's sake," to see that pretty lamb by which he was about to suffer, and your side with the rope round his which would surely bring down to beck some day. Maybe you'll praise the grave with sorrow the grey hairs the Lord for that, master !” and so of his unhappy parents, whose only saying, she stretched out her long child he was.

bony arm, and laid her hand on the “Maybe they'll have to blame shoulder of the shuddering child, and themselves for the ill deeds of their when Andrew turned to rebuke her, offspring. Maybe they'll have fallen and their eyes met, the expression of short in setting him a good example, hers struck into his heart such a senand in bringing him up in the fear of sation of strange uneasiness, as causthe Lord, and the renunciation of sined him suddenly to draw the child and Satan," sententiously observed beyond her reach; and long afterAndrew, firmly compressing his lips, wards, for many and many a day, and contracting his dark brows into and when months and years had passtheir sterbest and most awful expres- ed by, and the recollection of that sion.

scene had faded, and no particular " You're quite wrong there, mas- circumstance occurred to revive it, ter," indignantly retorted a woman, that woman's face, and that peculiar who was squeezed up close to the look, would come across him, and side of the cart, and whose hard- again strike to his heart the same favoured countenance exhibited an feeling of indefinite horror, which expression little less saturvine than impelled him, at the moment he acAndrew's; and, to use the vulgar tually encountered it, to snatch the phrase, far more “ evil.”—“ You're boy from within the evil influence of quite wrong there, any way. Better her touch. But at the time that Christians and honester folk never painful sensation was as momentary broke bread than that

lad's pa

as vivid, for all farther altercation rents; ay, and better parents too, was cut short, by the pressure of though maybe a thought too proud the living mass, among which a and fond of him, for pride will have general agitation, and a low cona downfall; and I always told 'em fused murmur took place, as it fell Joe wanted a tight hand over him; back on either side, to make way but it's too late now.—God help 'em, for the fatal cart. The woman left poor souls, I say."

off, in the midst of a volley of revil“ Amen! Mistress," quoth An- ings on Andrew's hard heartedness, drew. “ Nevertheless, punishment in her anxiety to press back in time is wholesome, for example's sake; to secure a snug place near the giband it's right guilt should suffer; and bit, where she might see all in comverily the parents of the lad, if they fort. And Andrew held his peace, be, as you say, pious Christians, and drew still closer to the road-side, should rather rejoice in their afflic as the cart came slowly on; and as tion, and praise the Lord, that he is vulgar curiosity was not one of his cut short in his wickedness.”

besetting sins-(Andrew Cleaves was " I say, ' praise the Lord ! indeed, by no means a vulgar mind, nor was that their only child should come to his character a common one)-his the gallows ! A fine thing to praise eye followed not the broad eager God on!" growled the woman-yet gaze of the multitude, but looking more indignantly. “I wonder what downward, with serious and not unsome folks' feelings are made of ? I becoming 'solemnity, he raised his sav. raise the Lord, indeed!"

head only for an instant, and as it “ Woman !" snorted Andrew; but

were involuntarily, first as the cart his expostulatory sentence was cut came abreast of his own vehicle, and short by her angry vehemence, as the wretched criminal was so near, she contiuued in a taunting key, that in the deep stillness which had

« Maybe you'll like, 'for exam. succeeded that prelusive murmur,

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the at

his short, quick, laborious respira- he did with all possible expedition, tion, broken at intervals by a con- urging on Dobbin with an energy he vulsive sob, was distinctly audible ; had never before ventured to exert and transient as was Andrew's invol- on that steep declivity. But The untary glance, the object it encoun- sound of the agitated multitude, (that tered was not one soon to be forgot- heavy, awful sound, like the swell of ten. It was a sight, indeed, to touch a distant ocean,) was still audible, a father's heart; and who could have and Andrew speeded to get beyond beheld it unmoved ?

it, and to reach C. now within The culprit, as has been said, was the distance of a few furlongs. All a mere youth. He appeared scarce- this while not a word had passed bely to bave numbered twenty sum

tween the father and son; but just A tall slim lad he was, almost before they entered the town, Aneffeminate in the transparent delicacy drew looked round upon his child, of his complexion, the profusion of who had remained, as it were, glued fair silky hair which waved in disor on to his side, both his little arms der about his blue-veined temples, fast locked round one of his father's. and the sickly whiteness of bis long He was very pale, and trembled like thin hands, one of which hung life- a leaf, and when his father spoke to lessly over the side of the cart, in him, and he tried to answer, which he sat erect and stiffened, as tempt produced only a deep choking if under the influence of some be- sob, that burst out, as if his very numbing spell, (his eyes only wan- breath had been pent up for ages; dering with a bewildered stare,) and one or two hysterical catches sucseemingly incapable of attending to ceeded, a broken word or two, the the Clergyman, who was seated by brimming eyes overflowed, and then his side, occasionally reading to him the little heart was relieved and lighta few sentences from the book of ened-Oh, would the burden of elCommon Prayer, and mildly exhort, der bosoms was as easily breathed ing him to join in some pious ejacu- out!-- And he slackened his grasp of lation, or penitential verse.

his father's arm, and began again to At such times, indeed, the wretch- breathe and prattle freely. Andrew ed boy looked for an instant towards fairly enough improved the opportuthe book of prayer, and his lips mov- nity of that awful sight they had just ed, but no articulate sound proceed- witnessed, by pointing out to his ed from them. Those quivering lips young companion, the dreadful conwere parched and deadly white, but sequences of vice, and the danger of a spot of vivid crimson burnt on his yielding to temptation, even by the hollow cheek, and the expression of most trifling deviation from moral his large blue eyes, distended to an and religious rectitude. They had unnatural roundness, was exceeding, just reached the entrance of CM, ly ghastly. Occasionally he looked so the lecture was necessarily conquickly and eagerly from side to cluded; But Andrew failed not to side, and in one of those hurried wind up his exhortation against the glances his eyes met Andrew's, and at early inroads of sin, by inveighing, that moment his frame was convuls- especially, against the particular guilt ed with a universal tremor, and he of waste and extravagance, charging faintly articulated the word “ Fa- his son to take extraordinary care of ther !” Right glad was Andrew his new clothes, not to skuff out his Cleaves when the cart with its mis- shoes by unnecessary activity and erable burden, the Sheriffs with their acts of wanton mischief, nor to attendants, and the whole dismal squander away his pocket money in train, having passed onward, the peo- idle toys and sensual indulgences. ple thronged after them to the place The latter charge was particularly of execution, and he was once more requisite, as Josiah took with him to at liberty to pursue his way, which school the capital of three sixpences

and pence.

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in silver, and was to receive the sti- ed hospitality, he was by no means pend. of twopence every Monday in hasie to get home that day. He morning. He was moreover enjoin- bad business to transact with sundry ed to keep an exact account of his corn-factors and graziers, and various expenditure, and his father presented other persons in C-, and altohim for that purpose, with a long gether found-or made, so much to narrow ledger-looking account book, detain him there, though his conceros all ruled and lined with red ink, un were wont to be more expeditiously der the heads of pounds, shillings, transacted, that it was evening before

he remounted his rumbling vehicle, Andrew's last charge was abruptly and put Dobbio in motion, and quite put an end to, by the ruinbling of his dark before he reached the door of cart wheels over the stones of the his own cottage. It was a cold eveHigh Street; and in two minutes, ning too-a cold, cheerless, bleak they had turned out of it into the March evening, and an east wiod Market-place, then through a long, and a sleety rain had been driving in narrow, back street, and at length his face all the way home; and as drew up before a tall red house, with he approached the cottage, its bright a bright green door, having on it a blazing hearth glowed invitingly large plate of resplendent brass, through the low casement, and rewhereon was engraved with sundry flected a red cheerful light on the flourishes,

half-open door, and streamed forward ThE COMMERCIAL ACADEMY FOR

like a clew of welcome along the YOUNG GENTLEMEN,

narrow gravel walk to the entrance KEPT BY THE Rev. JEREMIAH JERK.'

wicket. And yet Andrew was in no
haste to

re-enter his comfortable
All matters concerning the admission home-Some hearts may guess why
of Josiah had been settled, and re- he lingered on the cold heath--Such
settled, over and over again, between as have felt ihe pang of returning to
the careful father and the Rev. Mr. an abode, when all is as it was- ex-
Jerk, so the former had nothing more cept—that the light of life is extin-
to do, than to consigo bis precious guished--the jewel gone--the shrine
deposit into the care of that respect- left desolate.
able pedagogue, which transfer was But at last poor old Jenny came
the affair of a moment, for Andrew hurrying out at the sound of the cart-
had his private reasons for brief wheels, with her hunible welcome, and
leave-taking; so setting down his wonderment at his late return, and
son at the door of the new abode, offers of assistance in unharnessing
(when the master took the hand of Dobbin, that her master might the
his little pupil with that peculiar ten- sooner come in and warm himself.
derness of manner so insinuating to Her well-meant kindness was rather
the breaking hearts of new comers), grufily declined, so she was fain to
he laid his hand on the boy's head, retreat within doors, and leave
and with an abrupt “ God be with “ Master,” as she muttered to her-
ye, my man!" was in his seat again, self, in not the best of humours, “ to
and off

, and round the corner of the please himself his own way ;' (the street, before the tears that had been most difficult thing in the world, by swelling up into the little fellow's the by, to some folks in some moods,) eyes, had burst over their lids, and and when at last he approached the down his.pale, quivering face, in all fire-side, and she ventured a cautious that agony of grief excited by the question as to how he left the dear first trial of the heart-the first pang child ? she was snapti off with an inof the first parting.

junction to mind her own business, However cogent were the motives and not trouble him with foolish queswhich decided Andrew Cleaves to tions. So, having set down his supdecline the Rev. Mr. Jerk’s proffer- per on the small table already pre

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pared with its clean white cloth, and hearts, but perhaps not fully conceivpartaken of the meal in unsocial ed by any. silence, she was dismissed to her own It would be hard to say whether hovel, with an intimation that Au- the ensuing Saturday was more eadrew would himself put away the gerly looked forward to b y father or fragments of the repast, and had no Certain it is, that when the need of her further services that morniog of that day arrived, Audrew night.

was in vo less haste to be gone, ihan What were Andrew Cleaves's spe- when he had harnessed old Dobbin cial reasons for ridding himself so to the cart so expeditiously on the impatiently of old Jenny's company preceding Monday. But when he that evening, and what were his cogi- reached C it was still too early tations after he had locked her out, to call for his boy, for Andrew, with and himself in, and resumed his for all his impatience, would not on any mer station by the hearth and the account have anticipated the precise little supper table, we cannot exactly moment when the half-holiday comascertain, though it is to be presumed menced--so he trafficked away the they differed widely from those feels intervening time at his different ings of snug satisfaction, with which, places of call, and drew up the cart after the old lady had set by him his at the door of Mr. Jerk's Academy, pipe and his small glass of ale, he just as the "young gentlemen” had had been wont to lock her civilly risen from their Saturday's commons out, and re-seat himself in his com- of scrap-pie and stick-jaw-certain fortable corner, with the sweet con savoury preparations not enumerated sciousness, that his child was sleep in the catalogue of that scientific proing peacefully in the little adjoining fessor, Monsieur Ude, or perhaps rechamber, and that he should himself commended by the late Dr. Kitchi. lie down to rest on the same bed, ner, but quite familiar to the palate when the cuckoo flung open bis small of provincial schoolboys. Litile Jodoor in the old Duich clock, and siah, having just risen from the aforewarned him it was time to retire. said banquet, came running to the

Very different must have been his door at the sound of the cart-wheels, cogitations the night be dismissed choking with joy, and the last huge poor Jenny so impatiently-for when mouthful of tenacious compound. In the cuckoo warned, he still sat on un a moment he was up in his father's heeding, with his arms folded, his arms, and hugging him so tight round eyes fixed on the cold fireless hearth, the neck, that Andrew was fain to where no spark had glimmered for cry out, the last half hour—the pipe unlit, and “Well, well, my man! but you'll the small glass of ale still untasted. not throttle your old dad, will ye? But when the hour actually struck, Have you been a good boy, Joey ?” it aroused him from his counfortless Joey answered with a second hug, abstraction ; and starting and shiv- and the usher, who stood smirking at ering with a sensation of cold to the door, satisfactorily certified the which he had been till then insensi- same; so the boy was sent to wash ble, he hastily swallowed down his his greasy face and hands, and fetch temperate draught, and taking up the his hat and little bundle of Sunday end of the candle, uow flaring in its clothes, and then his father lifted him socket, and moving with the noise- up into the cart, and turning old less stealthy step acquired by long Dobbin, and giving him the sign of habits of carefulness for the slumbers departure, a bright cherup and a proof his little bed-fellow, he entered pelling stamp, in a few minutes they his now solitary chamber, and shut were fairly out of C-, and on bimself within it—and what were his their glad way to the cottage. What thoughts that night, his feelings, and were the boy's acclamations of dehis prayers, may be guessed by some light at the first sight of its curling

smoke, and dark brown thatch-and by for him at that evening's milking, how, in spite of all Andrew's en- and the hot oat-cake, prepared for deavours to set him right, he persist- bis especial regale. Then came the ed in miscalculating time and space time for question and answer, and and how often he fidgeted up and the father made minute ioquiry into down on the seat-and how he took all school particulars, and his brow a heap of chalk in a distant field for contracted a little, when Joey conthe

grey colt-and a flannel petticoat fessed that his three sixpences were hung out to dry, for old Jenny in gone ; yea, melted away, expended propria persona_and how his father to the last fraction; yet how, he went on pointing out the folly and could by no means explain even to unprofitableness of such crude guess- his own satisfaction, though he countes and rash assertions; and how the ed over and over again, upon his litboy went on making them thick and tle fat fingers, sundry purchases of threefold—those will be at no loss to pies, crabs, gingerbread, warbles, conceive who have ever accompa- and peanyworths of brown sugar; nied a lively urchin to his own home, the enumeration whereof by no on his first return after his first week's means tended to unknit the puckers schooling.

in his father's brow, who, for that They may also picture to them- time, however, contented himself selves ihe actual arrival-little Joey with a short lecture on prodigal ex. actually at home again-smothering penditure. But Joey's bosom laold Jenny with kisses-squeezing the boured with matter more important, cat to a thread-paper-scampering and bis little heart swelled indignantdown the garden to see if his beans ly, as, with a quivering lip, and browere come up-unbitching his hoop ken voice, he began to recount a from the nail, and flinging it away, long list of the insults and mortificato run and see whether the grey colt tions to which he had been subjectwas in the home croft-scrambling ed. He had been the butt of the upon the back of his unbroken fa- whole school, twirled about like a vourite, and racing round the field, te-totum; while one pretended to holding on by his mane, not a jot the admire the fashion of his clothes, and worse—as a finale—for being pitch- another asked if they were made by ed right into the privet hedge, from Adain's tailor; and a third, if his hat whence, half rolling, half scrambling had belonged to his great-grandfaout into the garden, he came crawl- ther; and with that, clapping it on ing up the gravel walk on all fours, the crown, till his little face was buwith that characteristic disregard of ried therein, and the broad brim seriousness and propriety, which had rested on his shoulders, they called so early evinced itself, in despite of bim little Amminadab, and bandying his father's solemn admonitions and him about thus blindfold from one to decorous example. Fortunately, on the other, bade him complain to his the present occasion, Andrew was dad, old' “ Praise-God-barebones ;'' absent unharnessing the mare, and and then the poor little boy revealthere was nothing new to Jenny in ed to the indignanteyes of his father the uncouth performance. When and Jenny, an awful fracture, which, the first ebullition of joy had subsid- in the progress of these mischievous ed, (or rather when the animal spire sports, had nearly dissevered one of its were sobered by actual exhaus- his long coat flaps, though the maid tion,) Josiah was well content to sit of the house had hastily tacked up on bis little stool beside his father, the rent when his father called for close by the bright warm hearth, him. Darker and darker Andrew's while Jenny lit the candle, and set countenance had waxed, as he listenon the kettle, and brought out the ed to the detail of these atrocities. cups and saucers, and Josiah's own Fearful was the contraction of his basin, full of the red cow's milk, set brow, the dilation of his nostril, and

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