The prosopography of the later Roman Empire, Том 3, Част 1

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University Press, 1971 - 1626 страници
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This is the final volume of the three-volume Prosopography which now provides a complete secular biographical dictionary for the Later Roman Empire from AD 260 to 641. This volume begins at the start of the reign of Justinian in 527 and ends at the death of Heraclius in 641. Like its predecessors, this volume has collected the surviving evidence about the personnel of the empire, about members of the senates of Rome and Constantinople and their families, about members of senatorial families still surviving and holding public office in the western lands (Gaul and Spain) no longer under Roman rule. It includes officials serving at the imperial court and in the civil and provincial administration, as well as army personnel at least of the rank of tribune and above. It also includes all persons, male and female, of the status of perfectissimus and above, whether holding office or not, and persons of learning, such as lawyers, doctors, teachers and writers. The project is intended as a tool for research works in the whole field of late empire studies.

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