The Slow Poisoning of America

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Paladins Press, 2003 - 226 страници
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A comprehensive text revealing the terrible history of fluoride in the drinking water, Monosodium Glutamate and Aspartame in the food supply, and the many published scientific studies that show the physical ailments these substances trigger. This is the first book ever published that reveals the connection between MSG and the epidemic of Autism. Also included are chapters on the benefit of a natural zero calorie sweetener and a natural hormone proven to reduce breast and prostate cancer. "This is some book. The thesis, as you might guess, is that we are being poisoned. What makes it potent is that every charge and detail is footnoted; this is a work of scholarship." - Piers Anthony "The problem with this book is that it is too true, and when something is too true, the public is not ready for it." - Dr. Wayne McDermott, MD, Virginia "This book is a Bible for all those who want to eat healthier and live longer lives." - Dr. Christer Johannessen, Director of Undergraduate Physics Laboratories (retired), KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden(less)

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Информация за автора (2003)

Not too many people can say they were the inspiration for a book, and even fewer could claim the piece of writing they inspired could alter the way thousands of people in North America think about what they ingest. But, Jessica Erb can. It was Jessica's diagnosis with fluorosis more than two years ago that ignited a fire under her parents, John and Michelle Erb, to identify the cause of her ailment. Now, after years of painstaking research and analysis, The Erbs have collaborated on a book, entitled The Slow Poisoning of America, that goes far beyond merely exploring the roots of fluorosis.... "Two years ago, we did a lot of research into why her teeth didn't look normal," Mr. Erb explained. Upon consulting another dentist, The Erbs learned that the blotchy white spots on Jessica's teeth was in fact the early signs of fluoride poisoning........ At that point The Erbs, .... began a personal quest, delving into Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommendations, scientific reports and analysis of various food additives. "We realized that if the government has been deceitful about fluoride, what else is out there that's harmful? And the problem is, once you open a Pandora's Box, you can't close it." The Slow Poisoning of America goes a great deal further than fluoride, and includes a significant section devoted to examining a controversial food additive - monosodium-glutamates or, as it's better known, MSG.... "We really did a lot of research in books and journal articles. What's frightening is, for 30 years, they've known how damaging MSG is," he said. "The Slow Poisoning of America" links high rates of MSG consumption to other afflictions, including the shocking increase in recent cases of autism and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) in children. The work also briefly touches on hot topics, including Aspartame, Mad Cow Disease, and methods to negate the impact of ADHD. The Erbs..., hope this book will offer the general public a doorway into scientifically supported proof that is normally only accessible to academic circles. "The disadvantage you see in most reporting, is the press will find one study and they'll talk about one study," he said. "But, when you analyze 200 studies, you get a much bigger picture and the pieces fall together.