Agricultural utilization of urban and industrial by-products: proceedings of a symposium sponsored by Divisions S-6 and S-7 of the Soil Science Society of America and A-5 of the American Society of Agronomy in Cincinnati, Ohio, 7-12 Nov. 1993

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American Society of Agronomy, 1995 - 295 страници
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Social, Political, and educational factors involved in facilitating municipal waste utilizaion. United states environmental protection agency's roles in waste utilization: the need for partnership. Economic, scientific, and infrastructure basis for using municipal composts in agriculture. Strategies for encouraging the use for organic wastes in agriculture. Mineralogy of high calcium/sulfur-containing coal combustion by-products and their effect on soil surface sealing. Utilization of coal combustion by-products in agriculture and horticulture. Coal combustion by-product use on acid soil: effects on maize growth and soil pH and eletrical conductivity. Improved water and nutrient uptake from subsurface layers of gypsum-amended soils. Environmental consideraions in land application of by-product gypsum. The alkaline stabilization with accelerated drying process (N-viro): an advanced technology to convert sewage sludge into a soil product terry. Issues affecting application of noncomposted organic waste to agricultural land. Hindering hardpan reformation with cellulose waste. Revegetating bentonite mine spoils with sawmill by-products and gypsum. Application of municipal sewage sludge to forest and degraded land.

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Social Political and Educational Factors Involved
United States Environmental Protection Agencys Roles
Economic Scientific and Infrastructure Basis for Using
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